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January 4

Ghostbusters: Afterlife: When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather, an original Ghostbuster, left behind. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 1)

Ida Red: Crime boss Ida “Red” Walker (Oscar-winner Melissa Leo) turns to her son, Wyatt (Josh Hartnett), to pull off one last heist to get out of prison. But with the FBI closing in, Wyatt must choose between family and freedom. (DVD release: January 4)

King Richard: Driven by a clear vision of their future and using unconventional methods, Richard Williams (Will Smith) has a plan that will take Venus and Serena Williams from the streets of Compton, California to the global stage as legendary icons. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 8)

Last Night In Soho: An aspiring fashion designer is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s, where she encounters a dazzling wannabe singer. But the glamour is not all it appears to be, and the dreams of the past start to crack and splinter into something far darker. (DVD, Blu-ray release: January 18)

A Mouthful of Air: Julie Davis (Amanda Seyfried) writes bestselling children’s books about unlocking your fears, but has yet to unlock her own. When her daughter is born, that trauma is brought to the fore, and with it, a crushing battle to survive. (Digital, VOD only)

January 7

See for Me: When blind former skier Sophie cat-sits in a secluded mansion, three thieves invade the house, looking for a hidden safe. Sophie’s only defense is army veteran Kelly, who helps her defend herself against the invaders via a self-help app. (Digital, VOD only)

January 11

Algren: This documentary is a journey through the gritty world, brilliant mind, and noble heart of Nelson Algren. Exploding onto the national scene in 1950 after winning the first-ever National Book Award for The Man with the Golden Arm, Algren defined post-war American urban fiction with his gritty, brilliant depiction of working class Chicago. (VOD only)

Amityville Uprising: A chemical blast at a military base sets off a supernatural disaster that unleashes a toxic acid rain that dissolves the flesh of anyone trapped in it. Even worse, it causes the dead to rise again and attack the living. (DVD release: Day & date)

Dawn Raid: The rise, fall and spiritual rebirth of the most iconic and influential music label in Pacific history, Dawn Raid Entertainment. (Digital, VOD only)

January 12

Eternals: Marvel adventure follows a group of ancient heroes from beyond the stars who had protected Earth since the dawn of man. When monstrous creatures called Deviants, long thought lost to history, mysteriously return, the Eternals are forced to reunite in order to defend humanity once again. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 15)

January 18

The Jack in the Box: Awakening: When a vintage Jack-in-the-box is opened by a dying woman, she enters into a deal with the demon within that would see her illness cured in return for helping it claim six innocent victims. (DVD release: Day & date)

Live or Let Die: Because of an outbreak of a virus, the human race has come near to extinction. Lone wolf Nick and reckless John wander through the destroyed land, following a map, their last chance for hope to find a safer sanctuary. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 8)

Nocturna: Side A – The Great Old Man’s Night/Nocturna: Side B – Where Elephants Go to Die: “Nocturna: Side A” follows a nearly 100-year-old man who, on his final night on earth, fights for redemption from his life’s misdeeds. “Nocturna: Side B” is an aesthetically opposite experimental twist of the same story: a woman narrates the 100-year-old man’s final night. (DVD: Day & date)

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City: Latest in the Resident Evil franchise. Raccoon City, which was once a booming home of pharmaceutical giant Umbrella Corporation, is now a dying Midwestern town. The company’s exodus left the city a wasteland…with great evil brewing below the surface. When that evil is unleashed, a group of survivors must work together to uncover the truth behind Umbrella and make it through the night. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 8)

Roommate Wanted: After two college students unintentionally sublease their extra bedroom to a violent escaped mental patient with multiple personalities, they find themselves battling for survival against the many faces of white male rage that manifest and threaten them in their home. (Digital, VOD only)

January 21

Stop-Zemlia: Navigating the emotional turmoil of waiting for life to begin while hanging around with classmates – a radical, authentic, and sensitive insight into the unsettling feeling of being young and an inside perspective on Ukrainian youth. (VOD only)

WarHunt: A military commander (Mickey Rourke) dispatches an elite team of American soldiers on a deadly rescue mission after a WWII plane crashes. Trapped behind enemy lines in Germany’s Black Forest, the men are confronted by a coven of witches. (VOD)

January 25

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes: A cafe owner discovers that the TV in his cafe suddenly shows images from the future, but only two minutes into the future. (Digital, VOD only)

Birds Like Us: Trapped in a village ruled by the meddling Kondor (voice of Jeremy Irons), Huppu the bird (Alicia Vikander) dreams of having the freedom to hatch her own egg. Suddenly, she, Kondor, and their friends are blasted to a distant land, and they must trust in a wise, eccentric bat to guide them on a strange, dazzling odyssey back to the tree they call home. (DVD release: Day & date)

Death of a Telemarketer: Ace telemarketer Kasey is in a close sales contest with newbie employee Barry and must score a big sale by midnight or he’ll lose the largest commission. Out of desperation, Kasey finds the Do Not Call list and though he thinks he’s found the perfect mark, he instead finds himself held hostage and at the mercy of Asa (Jackie Earle Haley). (Digital, VOD)

Golden Voices: Victor and Raya Frenkel were the golden voices of the Soviet film dubbing for decades; all the western movies that reached Soviet screens were dubbed by them. In 1990, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Frenkels immigrate to Israel, but there’s no need in Israel for Russian speaking dubbing artists, and Victor’s and Raya’s attempts to use their talent cause bizarre and unexpected events. (DVD release: Day & date)

The Great Postal Heist: Documentary follows director Jay Galione’s father, a 30-year US Post Office clerk, who was harassed, threatened, and fired for standing up for his colleagues. A moving indictment of the toxic culture and push to downsize, the documentary chronicles the journey of postal workers, experts, and advocates who experienced firsthand the abuses in the oldest federal agency in America and stood up against the USPS’s notoriously violent work environment. (DVD release: Day & date)

The Matrix Resurrections: From visionary filmmaker Lana Wachowski comes “The Matrix Resurrections,” the newest film in the groundbreaking franchise that redefined a genre, which reunites original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made famous, Neo and Trinity. Return to a world of two realities: one, everyday life; the other, what lies behind it. To find out if his reality is a physical or mental construct, to truly know himself, Mr. Anderson (Neo) will have to choose to follow the white rabbit once more. (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 8)

The Midnight Swim: Spirit Lake is unusually deep and when Dr. Amelia Brooks disappears during a deep-water dive, her three daughters travel home to settle her affairs. They find themselves unable to let go of their mother and become drawn into the mysteries of the lake. (Blu-ray release: February 22)

Salt in My Soul: Based on the bestselling posthumously published memoir of the same name, this is a documentary and classic coming of age story about a young woman figuring out how to live while dying. Mallory Smith was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of three. In her twenty five-year battle with the deadly disease, she carved out a life that most of us don’t come close to. (VOD only)

Two Deaths of Henry Baker: Contemporary western centered around a treacherous rivalry between two brothers and their gold. (DVD release: Day & date)

January 26

Encanto: A young Colombian girl has to face the frustration of being the only member of her family without magical powers in this animated family tale with new songs by award-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 8

January 28

Rifkin’s Festival: A married American couple go to the San Sebastian Festival and get caught up in the magic of the event, the beauty and charm of the city and the fantasy of movies. She has a slip with a brilliant French film director, while he falls in love with a young Spanish resident. Woody Allen’s latest. (Digital only)

The 355: When a top-secret weapon falls into mercenary hands, a wild card CIA agent joins forces with three international agents on a lethal mission to retrieve it, while staying a step ahead of a mysterious woman who’s tracking their every move. (VOD only)

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February 1:

Nightmare Alley: When charismatic but down-on-his-luck Stanton Carlisle endears himself to clairvoyant Zeena and her has-been mentalist husband Pete at a traveling carnival, he crafts a golden ticket to success, using this newly acquired knowledge to grift the wealthy elite of 1940s New York society. (Streaming on HBO Max, Hulu only)

They/Them/Us: Charlie and Lisa, two divorced parents in their 40’s, find themselves at a midlife crossroads. Both are single parents and they have to handle four complicated teenagers … while trying to juggle an adult sexual relationship. (Digital, VOD only)

February 2:

City of Vultures 2: Sequel picks up as a rash of murders engulfs the Chicago streets. Richard Steele (Marcus Carothers), commonly known as “G”, positions himself as the centerpiece of criminal activity on the city’s Southside. (VOD only)

February 4:

American Underdog: Based on the Book “All Things Possible” by Kurt Warner and Michael Silver, the film tells the inspirational true story of Kurt Warner (Zachary Levi), who went from a stockboy at a grocery store to a two-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl champion, and Hall of Fame quarterback. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 22)

The Requin: A couple on a romantic getaway find themselves stranded at sea when a tropical storm sweeps away their villa. In order to survive, they are forced to fight the elements, while sharks circle below. (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 29)

February 8

Alter Ego: A reclusive paranoid genius author spends a night in his isolated mansion waiting for his creation to come and destroy him. (VOD only)

Belfast: A poignant story of love, laughter and loss in one boy’s childhood amid the music and social tumult of the late 1960s. Buddy’s family lives in a largely Protestant district with a few Catholic families, but one day his community and everything he thought he understood about life is suddenly turned upside down. Buddy’s family gets caught in the mayhem and must decide to stay or leave the only place they have ever called home. Through it all, his passionate parents and quick-witted grandparents keep the joy alive through music and the magic of movies. (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 1)

National Champions: Three days before the college football national championship game, star quarterback LeMarcus James and teammate Emmett Sunday ignite a player’s strike declaring they won’t compete until all student-athletes are fairly compensated. With billions of dollars at risk and legacies on the line, the stakes could not be higher. (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 8)

Rose: A Love Story: Gripped by a violent, terrifying illness — a vampiric, parasitic thirst for blood — Rose lives in seclusion with her husband, but the arrival of a stranger shatters the fragile refuge they have built. (Digital, VOD only)

Student Body: A distressing incident compels childhood best friends Jane and Merritt to take action against their high school math teacher, driving their splintered relationship into further turmoil and provoking deadly consequences. (Digital only)

February 15

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn: Emi, a school teacher, finds her career and reputation under threat after a personal sex tape is leaked on the Internet. Forced to meet the parents demanding her dismissal, Emi refuses to surrender to their pressure. (Digital, VOD only)

Flee the Light: Sisters Andra and Delfi travel to a remote town after Delfi insists she was once a witch and they must visit the sacred place of her coven. While there, Andra’s infected with an evil force and now it’s up to Delfi to save her sister from a fate worse than death. (Digital, VOD only)

Gun & Run: After leaving a life of crime and violence, Ray is a reformed good guy, enjoying a quiet family life in the ‘burbs. But when his past is discovered, Ray is blackmailed into one last job to collect a mysterious package. After a deadly double-cross, he finds himself wounded and on the run. (DVD, VOD release: March 1)

Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter: A mythical lone-wolf fighter, known as The Red Ghost, roams the Russian forests in 1941, sniping and killing Nazis one by one. He’s so destructive that a special unit of the Nazis’ Wehrmacht is ordered to search for and kill him. (Digital, VOD only)

Somewhere With No Bridges: Twenty years after a beloved local fisherman, Richie Madeiras, goes missing off the shores of Martha’s Vineyard, a distant cousin locates Richie’s kind, indelible spirit in the stories of family, friends, and the sweeping sea which indelible spirit in the stories of family, friends, and the sweeping sea which has defined their lives. (VOD only)

February 18

A Banquet: Widowed mother Holly is radically tested when her teenage daughter Betsey experiences a profound enlightenment and insists that her body is no longer her own, but is in service to a higher power. Bound to her newfound faith, Betsey refuses to eat but loses no weight. (Digital, VOD only)

The King’s Man: Set during WWI, this is the origin story of Kingsman, the world’s very first independent intelligence agency. As a collection of history’s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions across the globe, one man must race against time to stop them. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 22)

The Ledge: A climber trapped on the face of a mountain fights off four killers on an overhanging ledge twenty feet above her. (Digital, VOD only)

Parallel Mothers: Two women coincide in a hospital room where they are going to give birth. Both are single and became pregnant by accident. The few words they exchange in these hours will create a very close link between the two, which by chance develops and complicates, and changes their lives in a decisive way. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 5)

February 22

Hard Hit: VIP Bank Manager Sung-Gyu drives his daughter and son to school one morning. Along the way, a phone rings from the glove-box. It’s an anonymous caller claiming there’s a bomb under Sung-gyu’s seat and if anyone exits the car, it will explode unless Sung-gyu can pay a ransom. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

House of Gucci: Inspired by the shocking true story of the family behind the Italian fashion empire. When Patrizia Reggiani, an outsider from humble beginnings, marries into the Gucci family, her unbridled ambition begins to unravel the family legacy and triggers a reckless spiral of betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ultimately…murder. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 22)

A Journal for Jordan: Based on the true story of First Sergeant Charles Monroe King, a soldier deployed to Iraq who begins to keep a journal of love and advice for his infant son. (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 8)

February 25

Desperate Riders: Trace Adkins, Tom Berenger, and Drew Waters star in this Western that follows a loner hero and a pretty sharpshooter who help a boy rescue his mother, who’s been taken by an outlaw. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 5)

My Best Part: Nicolas Maury (Netflix’s “Call My Agent!”) stars in this Cannes Official Competition coming-of-age dramedy from France as Jérémie, a hypersensitive struggling actor with an uncontrollable green-eyed monster on his back. Grappling with personal loss, a love life in shambles, and a faltering career, Jérémie turns to his clear-headed mother for support (Nathalie Baye). (Digital, VOD only)

Strawberry Mansion: In a future where the government records dreams and taxes them, a dream auditor gets caught up in the dreams of an aging eccentric. (Digital, VOD only)

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March 1

After the Pandemic: Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a global airborne pandemic has wiped out 90% of the Earth’s population and only the young and immune have endured as scavengers. For Ellie and Quinn, the daily challenges to stay alive are compounded when they become hunted by the merciless STALKERS. Their perilous journey culminates with a sacrifice, death, and redemption. (Digital, VOD only)

Citizen Ashe: Explores the enduring legacy of tennis legend and humanitarian Arthur Ashe. The elegant and poignant feature documentary charts Ashe’s personal evolution from Grand Slam champion to global activist against a tumultuous backdrop that included the civil rights movement, South African apartheid, and the AIDS epidemic. (VOD only)

Licorice Pizza: The story of Alana Kane (Alana Haim of the musical group Haim) and Gary Valentine (debut of Cooper Hoffman, son of Philip Seymour Hoffman) growing up, running around and going through the treacherous navigation of first love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973. (DVD, Blu-ray release: May 17)

Red Rocket: Mikey Saber is back home in small-town Texas after burning bridges and flaming out all over Los Angeles. A hustler, operator, and charismatic con man, Mikey quickly learns that no one wants him back. When he meets a teenager working at the local donut shop, he sees his ticket back to the big time, in this darkly funny, live-wire film from acclaimed writer-director Sean Baker (“The Florida Project”). (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 15)

Scream: Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a terrifying new killer resurrects the Ghostface mask. As the deaths mount, Woodsboro’s new targets must seek help from the survivors of the original Ghostface attacks. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 5)

Sing 2: Buster Moon and his friends must persuade reclusive rock star Clay Calloway to join them for the opening of a new show in this animated sequel. (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 29)

March 2

West Side Story (2021): An adaptation of the 1957 musical, “West Side Story” explores forbidden love and the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds. The plot of West Side Story is based on the 1957 stage musical of the same name, and is loosely-based around the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 15)

March 4

Take Back the Night: Finding herself the victim of a violent monster attack, a young woman launches a vigilante campaign to hunt the beast that tried to kill her. (Digital, VOD only)

March 8

Adventures in Success: A sex-cult settles in the Catskills to build community and spread knowledge, led by their mystical female founder. Their mission is to prioritize pleasure through a ritual called Jilling Off, which they believe will heal Mother Earth. (VOD only)

Invincible: At a secret military site, injured soldier Brock is treated with advanced nanotechnology that turns him into an uncontrollable killing machine. Sent to stop the threat, security agent Cam is badly injured in a battle with Brock – but, to save his life, Cam must be implanted with the same technology that turned Brock psychotic and invincible. (DVD release: Day & date)

Nightmare Alley: An ambitious carny with a talent for manipulating people with a few well-chosen words hooks up with a female psychiatrist who is even more dangerous than he is in Guillermo del Toro’s remake of the 1947 film. (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 22)

A Writer’s Odyssey: After the disappearance of his daughter, Guan Ning has descended into despair. With nothing left to lose in his life, he is approached by a powerful corporation who hires him for a dark task – to kill the young author of a fantasy novel. But the author’s work is no ordinary book … for its fantastic world is somehow impacting and merging with the real one. China, 2021. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

March 11

Ultrasound: After his car breaks down, Glen spends one hell of an odd night with a married couple, setting into motion a chain of events that alter their lives plus those of several random strangers. (VOD only)

March 13

Marry Me: A heartbroken pop star (Jennifer Lopez), slated to marry her pop star fiancé (Maluma) on stage, instead marries a stranger from the audience – a high school math teacher (Owen Wilson). Against the odds, their relationship develops into something real … but can their love survive the limelight? (DVD, Blu-ray release: March 29)

March 15

The Humans: Set inside a duplex in downtown Manhattan, the drama follows the course of an evening in which the Blake family gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving. As darkness falls outside the crumbling building, mysterious things start to go bump in the night and family tensions reach a boiling point. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 19)

The Last Mountain: Documentary explores the forces that drove two mountaineers to their untimely deaths – a quarter of a century apart. One a mother; the other her son. It’s the compelling true story of 30-year-old climber Tom Ballard who disappeared on one of the Himalayas’ most deadly mountains, Nanga Parbat, in February 2019. (Digital, VOD only)

The Last Tourist: Documentary examines the history of modern tourism and offers a critique on its current state of affairs. It explores important issues including animals suffering for entertainment, orphaned children exploited for profit, and developing economies strained under the massive weight of foreign-owned hotel chains. (Digital only)

Mother Schmuckers: Issachar and Zabulon, two brothers in their twenties, are supremely stupid and never bored, as madness is part of their daily lives. When they lose their mother’s beloved dog, they have 24 hours to find it – or she will kick them out. (Digital only)

Spider-Man: No Way Home: For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, his identity is revealed, bringing his Super Hero responsibilities into conflict with his normal life and putting those he cares about most at risk. When he enlists Doctor Strange’s help to restore his secret, the spell tears a hole in their world, releasing the most powerful villains who’ve ever fought a Spider-Man in any universe. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 12)

March 22

Dreaming Hollywood: A deranged ex-con seeks revenge when he discovers that his screenplay has been stolen. (DVD release: Day & date)

Parallel Mothers: Two women coincide in a hospital room where they are going to give birth. Both are single and became pregnant by accident. The few words they exchange in these hours will create a very close link between the two, which by chance develops and complicates, and changes their lives in a decisive way. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 5)

March 25

King Otto: In the summer of 2004, audiences looked on in disbelief as the Greek National Football Team, a country that had never previously won a single match in a major tournament, took down the giants of world football to become the unlikeliest of European Champions. The architect behind this unprecedented triumph was legendary German football coach ‘King’ Otto Rehhagel. (Digital, VOD only)

March 29

Death on the Nile: While on vacation on the Nile, Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot must investigate the murder of a young heiress. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 5)

jackass forever: Johnny Knoxville and the crew come together with new friends and celebrity guests for a whole lot of stunts, pranks, and bad ideas. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 19)

Jockey: An aging jockey (Clifton Collins Jr.) hopes to win one last title for his longtime trainer (Molly Parker), who has acquired what appears to be a championship horse. But the years – and injuries – have taken a toll on his body, throwing into question his ability to continue his lifelong passion. And the arrival of a young rookie rider (Moises Arias), who claims to be his son, and whom he takes under his wing, further complicates the path to fulfilling his dream. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 5)
Jump, Darling: A rookie drag queen, reeling from a break-up, escapes to the country, where he finds his grandmother (Cloris Leachman) in steep decline yet desperate to avoid the local nursing home. (DVD release: Day & date)
Royalty Free: The Music of Kevin Macleod: Documentary tells the story of the internet legend whose music has become the soundtrack of the digital world. Composer Kevin MacLeod released thousands of his songs for free and unwittingly became one of the most heard composers in the world, with his work ending up in millions of videos, thousands of films, and more than a few odd places – such as theme parks and rocket launches. (DVD release: Day & date)

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April 1

Let the Wrong One In: A young supermarket worker discovers his older brother is a vampire and has to choose whether to help him or slay him. (Digital only)

Moonfall: A mysterious force knocks the moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it. But the moon is not what it seems. (VOD, DVD, Blu-ray release: April 26)

April 5

Cyrano: Too self-conscious to woo his beloved Roxanne himself, wordsmith Cyrano de Bergerac helps young Christian nab her heart through love letters. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 19)

The King’s Daughter: King Louis XIV’s quest for immortality leads him to capture and steal a mermaid’s life force, a move that is further complicated by his illegitimate daughter’s discovery of the creature. (DVD, Blu-ray release: April 19)

Prototype: In the near future, life-like androids with artificial intelligence have been created to help people with menial household tasks. The prototype, One, proves to be popular but flawed. A new model, Two, whose improved features show promise of its super-human abilities, is created, but the androids malfunction. (VOD only)

April 8

Agent Game: A CIA officer finds himself the target of a rendition operation after being scapegoated for the death of an interrogation subject. (DVD, Blu-ray release: May 24)

Poppy Field: Romanian drama follows the struggle of a young Romanian gendarme, Cristi, who tries to find the balance between two apparently opposing parts of his identity: that of a man working in a macho hierarchical environment and that of a closeted gay person who tries to keep his personal life a secret. (Digital, VOD only)

Umma: Umma, which is the Korean word for “mother,” follows Amanda (Sandra Oh) and her daughter (Fivel Stewart) living a quiet life on an American farm. When the remains of her estranged mother arrive from Korea, Amanda becomes haunted by the fear of turning into her. (VOD only)

April 12

Father of Flies: When a young boy’s mother is pushed out of the family home and replaced by his father’s girlfriend, he finds himself confronting terrifying supernatural forces. Have they always been there, or have they hitched a ride with the new resident? (Digital, VOD only)

Infinite: A race against time in the fight between good and evil through spectacular visuals and nuanced characters who must use memories and skills from past lives to protect the future of humanity. Stars Mark Wahlberg and Chiwetel Ejiofor. (DVD, Blu-ray release: May 17)

Italian Studies: A writer loses her memory. Adrift in NYC, she connects with a group of teenagers – in conversations both real and imagined – and searches for a way home. (Digital only)

Reed’s Point: A vehicle crash in the Pine Barrens leads to a missing teen which raises conspiracy theories about the infamous Jersey Devil legend. On the anniversary of the crash, Sarah Franklin, convinced her cousin Kelsey is alive, goes out to the crash site with Alex, Kelsey’s boyfriend, to investigate. Things go downhill quickly as Sarah and Alex uncover what really lurks in the woods. (DVD release: Day & date)

Reign of Chaos: When the world is gripped by a plague unleashed by the evil lord Chaos, and humans are turned into rabid creatures, mankind can only be saved by three young women, descendants of a Goddess, with the power to stop Chaos’ evil. (VOD only)

April 14

X: In 1979, a group of actors set out to make an adult film in rural Texas under the noses of their reclusive hosts — an elderly couple with a farm and boarding house for rent. But when the couple catches their young guests in the act, the cast finds themselves in a desperate fight for their lives. (DVD, Blu-ray release: May 24)

April 15

Good Life: Olive Pappadopoulous, a thirtysomething oral hygienist flees Cape Town for Greece to outwit a broken heart. On arrival she encounters hostility from the local villagers and is befriended by a seven-year-old Albanian refugee who becomes her guide, negotiator and friend, teaching Olive how to live the “Good Life”. (VOD only)

Room 203: Based on the Japanese horror-thriller. Two best friends and roommates are terrified by the vengeful spirits dwelling in their apartment. (VOD only)

April 18

The Batman: When the Riddler, a sadistic serial killer, begins murdering key political figures in Gotham, Batman (Robert Pattinson) is forced to investigate the city’s hidden corruption and question his family’s involvement. (DVD, Blu-ray release: May 24)

April 19

Blacklight: Travis Block (Liam Neeson) is a government operative coming to terms with his shadowy past. When he discovers a plot targeting U.S. citizens, Block finds himself in the crosshairs of the FBI director he once helped protect. (DVD, Blu-ray release: May 3)

Vinyl Nation: Documentary digs into the resurgence of vinyl records, the diversification of vinyl fans and what this all means for America today. Just in time for Record Store Day, April 23. (VOD only)

April 22

Sexual Drive: An unconventional triptych – equal parts thriller, sex comedy, and gastronomy – following the seemingly unconnected lives of three people around Japan and their appetites, both culinary and carnal. (Digital, VOD only)

April 26

Uncharted: Street-smart Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is recruited by seasoned treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to recover a fortune amassed by Ferdinand Magellan, and lost 500 years ago by the House of Moncada. (DVD, Blu-ray release: May 10)

April 28

Ambulance: When their bank heist goes spectacularly wrong, two adoptive brothers hijack an ambulance with a wounded cop clinging to life and ace EMT Cam Thompson onboard. In a high-speed pursuit that never stops, the pair must evade a massive, city-wide law enforcement response, keep their hostages alive, and somehow try not to kill each other, all while executing the most insane escape L.A. has ever seen. (Digital, VOD only)

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May 3

Belle: Suzu is a shy, everyday high school student living in a rural village. For years, she has only been a shadow of herself. But when she enters “U,” a massive virtual world, she escapes into the online persona of Belle, a gorgeous and globally-beloved singer. One day, her concert is interrupted by a monstrous creature chased by vigilantes. As their hunt escalates, Suzu embarks on an emotional and epic quest to uncover the identity of this mysterious “beast.” (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Dinosaur World: When a group of contestants come together to take part in a competition held in a virtual reality realm ruled by dinosaurs, shifting alliances and jockeying for victory become secondary to the ultimate goal: to survive at all costs. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Poupelle of Chimney Town: A factory town is covered by chimney smoke, and as the townspeople haven’t seen the sky in centuries, they no longer believe that stars exist. A chimney sweep and a friendly monster named Poupelle decide to prove that stars are real. (Digital release: May 17; Blu-ray/DVD release: May 31)

The Rose Maker: Artisanal horticulturist Eve Vernet honors her father’s legacy by continuing the family business, breeding and growing unique roses that compete in showcases all over France. But Eve’s approach struggles to compete with the mass market production from her corporate rivals. With the business facing imminent bankruptcy or liquidation, Eve’s trusted secretary makes a last-ditch effort to turn things around by hiring three new employees from a prison rehabilitation program. (DVD release: May 24)

May 5

Fortress: Sniper’s Eye: Retired CIA agent Robert Carter Michaels and his son Paul have committed themselves to rebuilding their relationship after their last encounter protecting the highly secure secret base: the Fortress. When Paul’s wife is abducted, they embark on a deadly journey through the rugged mountains in hopes of saving her before time runs out. (DVD, Blu-ray release: June 7)

May 6

Escape the Field: Stripped of their possessions, six strangers are left with only six items: a gun with a single bullet, matches, a lantern, a knife, a compass, and a flask of water. As mysterious sirens blare in the distance and traps appear at every turn, the group realizes it’s been plunged into a cat-and-mouse game with an unseen evil. (Digital, VOD only)

May 10

Adieu Lacan: After two miscarriages and — in her own words — “losing” her husband, a Brazilian woman goes to Paris to see Jacques Lacan, reputedly “the most controversial psychoanalyst since Freud.” (VOD only)

Exposure 36: A troubled New York City photographer goes searching for a missing person three days before the world is set to end. (VOD only)

Lockdown: Chaos reigns in Los Angeles when three criminals, led by a psychotic mastermind, takes over a police station and threaten to kill everyone in it unless a large ransom is paid. FBI special agent Roger Kinkaid (Michael Pare) uses his extensive knowledge in a bid to outwit the criminals and save the hostages. (DVD release: Day & date)

The Lost City: A reclusive romance novelist (Sandra Bullock) on a book tour with her cover model (Channing Tatum) gets swept up in a kidnapping attempt that lands them both in a cutthroat jungle adventure. (DVD, Blu-ray release: July 26)

Playground: (2021 — Belgium) When Nora witnesses Abel being bullied by other kids on the playground, she rushes to protect him. But Abel forces her to remain silent. Caught in a conflict of loyalty, Nora tries to find her place, torn between children’s and adult’s worlds. (DVD release: Day & date)

May 12

The Bad Guys: After a lifetime of pulling legendary heists, five notorious bad guys–Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula–attempt their most challenging job yet…going good. Nobody has ever failed so hard at trying to be good as The Bad Guys. HERE (DVD, Blu-ray release: June 21)

The Norman: After witnessing firsthand the murder of his father, a Viking prince (Alexander Skarsgård) devotes his life to avenge his father’s death, save his mother and reclaim his kingdom. (DVD, Blu-ray release: June 7)

May 13

Castro’s Spies: The thrilling story of an elite group of Cuban spies sent undercover to the US in the 1990s. From their recruitment, training and eventual capture on US soil; this film peers into a secret world of false identities, love affairs and betrayal. Uses never seen before footage from the Cuban Film Institute’s archive and first-hand testimony from the people at the heart of this story. (Digital only)

The Night Caller: Telephone psychic Clementine Carter is pulled into a complex web of mystery when she receives a call from a serial killer. Predicting his murders before he commits them puts her into a terrifying game of cat and mouse. (Digital, VOD only)

Private Property: Kathryn, a struggling actress and unfulfilled housewife, becomes involved with her new gardener, Ben. As he gives her the attention and sensitivity she craves, they start to fall for each other. But Ben is not what he seems. (Digital, VOD only)

May 17

Morbius: Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead. (DVD, Blu-ray release: June 14)

Sunken Roads: Don McCarthy was 20 years old on D-Day, when his infantry division landed on Omaha Beach. Don and the other veterans who survived D-Day will someday soon have passed into memory and legend. This realization inspires 20-year-old filmmaker Charlotte Juergens to join Don and seven other D-Day vets on a journey to France – a commemorative pilgrimage to Omaha Beach for the 70th anniversary of the invasion. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

May 23

Ambulance: Veteran Will Sharp, desperate for money, turns to his adoptive brother Danny for help. A career criminal, Danny instead offers him a huge score. But when their heist goes awry, the desperate brothers hijack an ambulance with a wounded cop and paramedic onboard. and embark on the most insane escape LA has ever seen. (DVD, Blu-ray release: June 14)

May 24

Human Factors: At the advertising agency they co-own, French-German couple Nina and Jan have signed a new politically charged client, forcing them to confront their clashing priorities. To escape mounting tensions at work, they whisk their kids, Max and Emma, away to their seaside vacation home. But what’s meant to be an idyllic off-season retreat turns sinister when a mysterious home invasion sets everything off balance. (Digital only)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: After settling in Green Hills, Sonic is eager to prove he has what it takes to be a true hero. His test comes when Dr. Robotnik returns, this time with a new partner, Knuckles, in search of an emerald that has the power to destroy civilizations. Sonic teams up with his own sidekick, Tails, and together they embark on a globe-trotting journey to find the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands. (DVD, Blu-ray release: August 9)

May 30

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore: Professor Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) knows the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald (Mads Mikkelsen) is moving to seize control of the wizarding world. Unable to stop him alone, he entrusts Magizoologist Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) to lead an intrepid team of wizards, witches and one brave Muggle baker on a dangerous mission. (DVD, Blu-ray release: June 28)

May 31

Father Stu: Follows the life of Father Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption. (DVD, Blu-ray release: June 14)

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June 3

Firebird: Drama follows a handsome, soulful young soldier who embarks on a clandestine sexual affair with a charismatic fighter pilot on a Soviet Air Force Base at the height of 1970’s Communist rule. Based on a true story. (Digital, VOD only)

June 7

Baloney: Follows San Francisco’s wildly popular Gay All-Male Burlesque show over 18 months as the group rehearses for New Year’s Eve 2020. Told through the eyes of the group’s co-founders, as well as the larger ensemble, the film contemplates the struggles that come with being a performing artist in San Francisco, the most expensive city in North America. (Digital, VOD only)

Compartment No. 6: A young Finnish woman escapes an enigmatic love affair in Moscow by boarding a train to the arctic port of Murmansk. Forced to share the long ride and a tiny sleeping car with a Russian miner, the unexpected encounter leads them to face the truth about their own yearning for human connection. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Eraser: Reborn: Reboot of the blockbuster hit “Eraser” (1996) that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. U.S. Marshal Mason Pollard specializes in “erasing” people – faking the deaths of high-risk witnesses. It’s just another day at the office when he’s assigned to Rina Kimura, a crime boss’ wife who’s decided to turn state’s evidence. As the two flee to Cape Town, South Africa, with a team of merciless assassins on their trail, Pollard discovers he’s been set up. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Everything Everywhere All at Once: When an interdimensional rupture unravels reality, an unlikely hero (Michelle Yeoh) must channel her newfound powers to fight bizarre and bewildering dangers. (DVD, Blu-ray release: July 5)

Keeping Company: A fateful chain of events begins to unravel after two brash insurance salesmen go knocking on the wrong door and find themselves trapped inside of a serial killer’s basement, putting their lives and their jobs on the line. (VOD only)

The Prey: Legend of Karnoctus: A group of mercenaries and a platoon of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan searching for Taliban become trapped in a cave and are hunted down by a deadly creature. (VOD: June 7, Digital: July 7)

Rondo and Bob: Robert A. Burns, art director on the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, was obsessed with actor Rondo Hatton aka the Creeper. Burns was average looking but brimming with odd creativity. Hatton, who suffered from acromegaly, had a strangely unique appearance, but was a regular guy. In Rondo and Bob their two stories intersect. (Digital only)

The Siege of Robin Hood: When the Sheriff of Nottingham’s soldiers brutally attack his family, a young man named Robin vows bloody revenge on the men responsible. He recruits a team of outcasts, mavericks, and fugitive warriors; each has a grudge to settle with the Sheriff and an extreme fighting skill to match. Together they devise a plan to exact revenge. (Digital only)

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent : Nicolas Cage plays … Nick Cage. Creatively unfulfilled and facing financial ruin, the fictionalized version of Cage accepts a million-dollar offer to attend the birthday of a dangerous superfan. Things take an unexpected turn when Cage is recruited by an CIA operative and he must use his legendary acting skills to become a real-life action hero. (DVD, Blu-ray release: June 21)

June 9

Downton Abbey: A New Era: The much-anticipated cinematic return of Downton Abbey follows the Crawleys and their staff as they welcome a movie crew and their glamorous stars to Downton for the filming of a new silent movie, while other members of the family go on a grand adventure to a villa in the south of France to uncover a mystery about the Dowager Countess and her past. (DVD, Blu-ray release: July 5)

June 10

Lux Aterna: Two actresses, Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg, are on a film set telling stories about witches – but that’s not all. The buzzed-about “Lux Æterna” from wild director Gaspar Noé, using split screens, is also an essay on cinema, the love of film, and on-set hysterics. (Digital only)

June 12

Firestarter (2021): Remake of the classic 1984 film starring Drew Barrymore in which a a girl with extraordinary pyrokinetic powers fights to protect her family from sinister forces seeking to capture her. (DVD, Blu-ray release: June 28)

June 14

End of the Line: Establishing the vital economic importance and grandeur of New York City’s historic subway system, the documentary dives into its dire modern-day troubles picking up in the late 2010s when flooding, overcrowding, power failures, and derailments have become commonplace. (Digital, VOD only)

Fatherhood: Kevin Hart stars in a heartwarming true story about a widowed dad who copes with doubts, fears, heartache and dirty diapers as he sets out to raise his daughter on his own. Based on Matt Logelin’s 2011 best-selling memoir, “Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love.” (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

The Nanny’s Night: The story of the coolest babysitter in town, who is revealed to be a member of a malevolent satanic sect who needs to sacrifice a virgin — but whose plans go amiss. (DVD release: Day & date)

Shadow of the Cat: Gato lives with his teenage daughter Emma and a small group of people, including Sombra (Trejo), on an isolated farm without telephones or internet. But Emma, tempted by curiosity, runs away into town one day to attend a carnival and gets her hands on a mobile phone, setting off mysteries and broken trust. (DVD release: Day & date)

June 17

Cocoon: A young girl discovers first love in the summer streets of Berlin in this coming-of-age LGBTQ drama. (Digital, VOD only)

Guidance: In a world rebuilt after WWIII, a young couple, on a trip to the country, use “Guidance,” a pill made to create enlightened people. But, as time passes, they subvert Guidance to manipulate and lie– hoping to save what they are afraid of losing the most: each other. (VOD only)

Mid-Century: A husband and wife’s weekend in a mid-century modern vacation rental turns deadly when the husband discovers the owner is a psychopath with a backyard of buried secrets and designs on his wife. (DVD, Blu-ray release: July 26)

A Town Full of Ghosts: A couple moves into a forgotten ghost town with big plans to restore it, but soon discovers the town has an evil secret. (Digital only)

June 20

Doula: After the sudden death of their midwife, an L.A. couple hire her son to be their live-in doula. (Digital, VOD only)

June 21

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: The long-running and beloved series about the real-life Nelson family arrives for the first time ever on digital platforms. (DVD release: Day & date)

After Yang: When his young daughter’s beloved companion — an android named Yang — malfunctions, Jake (Colin Farrell) searches for a way to repair him. In the process, Jake discovers the life that has been passing in front of him, reconnecting with his wife (Turner-Smith) and daughter across a distance he didn’t know was there. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Cinderella: A musically driven new take on the classic fairytale. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Marlene: Canadian film about a woman who fights to exonerate her husband from a crime he did not commit. Based on a true story. (Digital, VOD only)

Memory: An assassin-for-hire (Liam Neeson) finds that he’s become a target after he refuses to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization. Weak remake of the 2003 Belgian film “The Memory of a Killer.” (DVD, Blu-ray release: July 5)

The Story Won’t Die: An inspiring, timely look at a young generation of Syrian artists who use their work to protest and process the world’s largest and longest displacement of people since World War II. (VOD only)

You Are Not My Mother: A week before Halloween, Char’s mother Angela mysteriously goes missing. When she returns, her behavior becomes increasingly strange, and Char begins to suspect that something more sinister has taken hold of her mother. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

June 22

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Doctor Strange teams up with a mysterious teenage girl from his dreams who can travel across multiverses, to battle multiple threats, including other-universe versions of himself, which threaten to wipe out millions across the multiverse. They seek help from Wanda the Scarlet Witch, Wong and others. (Disney+ only)

June 24

Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes: A couple spend eternity in a castle until their reality starts to shift, as the unknown moves into their lives. Things aren’t as they seem in this genre-bending film, that shifts between different story layers in unpredictable ways. It is a love letter to European cinema of the sixties and seventies that will leave viewers guessing what will happen next. (Digital only)

June 28

Down With the King: A famous rapper (Freddie Gibbs), disillusioned with the music industry and the pressures of being a celebrity, leaves the city and his career behind to find himself in a small-town farming community. (Digital only)

Family Camp: The comedy follows two families competing for the coveted camp trophy while the dads try to keep their families and marriages together. (DVD release: Day & date)

Love You Anyway: The evolving formats of home video chronicle Mackenzie’s life from birth to womanhood as she experiences its highs and lows alongside her childhood best friend, Lucas. Over the years, Mackenzie’s struggle with depression worsens and she is forced to find the will to keep fighting alongside the people who love her most. (Digital, VOD only)

Mothering Sunday: A maid living in post-World War I England secretly plans to meet with the man she loves before he leaves to marry another woman. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

We Burn Like This: When 22 year-old Rae, a descendant of Holocaust survivors, is targeted by Neo-Nazis in Billings, Montana, her ancestors’ trauma becomes real. Inspired by true events, this coming-of-age drama shows the inherited effects of historical trauma and the strength of survival and healing. (Digital, VOD only)

Where the Scary Things Are: The horror begins as a group high school friends discover a hideous, semi-human mutant. They keep it prisoner while shooting repulsive viral videos, with the gang’s hunger for “likes” driving them to film the beast performing murderous acts. (DVD: Day & date)

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July 5

American Werewolves: American Werewolves, an all-new documentary from Small Town Monsters, asks the question do real werewolves exist? (Digital, VOD only)

The Eden Theory: After his best friend disappears, Tom Edwards’ world unravels when he’s investigated relentlessly by a dogged detective. Almost all signs point to Tom as the prime suspect, except for the strange and unexplainable events that follow him. Is there really something sinister out in the woods surrounding their quiet town, or is Tom covering for an unspeakable crime? (DVD release: May 24)

18 1/2: In 1974, a White House transcriber is thrust into the Watergate scandal when she obtains the only copy of the infamous 18½ minute gap in Nixon’s tapes. (Digital, VOD only)

Final Caller: Roland Bennett, an obnoxious late-night radio personality specializing in the supernatural, is not having a good night. A visit from his soon-to-be ex-wife brings divorce papers to the station, a boss is listening-in due to complaints, and a call from self proclaimed serial killer “The Outsider” threatens to kill a woman live on the air. (DVD release: Day & date)

Instant Karma: A young man hits rock bottom as a rideshare driver when his car breaks down — but a good deed changes his life when he magically gets new things every day in his car. If he can only figure out what’s causing it. (VOD only)

July 12

The Bob’s Burgers Movie: The Belchers try to save the restaurant from closing as a sinkhole forms in front of it, while the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family’s restaurant. (DVD, Blu-ray release: July 19)

The Silent Party: A few hours before celebrating her wedding at her father’s ranch, bride-to-be Laura goes for a walk alone and stumbles upon an unusual party at a young neighbor’s house. The music and the atmosphere take her away from her own tensions for a moment until a violent act drastically changes the course of the night. (Digital only)

July 14

Bowen’s Heart: A deeply vulnerable view of how chronic illness impacts an entire family. This feature length documentary film follows a then eight-year-old Bowen through his third major open-heart surgery as his parents struggle with the hope that the surgery could make his life better and the knowledge that it could make things much worse. (Digital only)

Jurassic World Dominion: This latest in the franchise takes place four years after Isla Nublar has been destroyed. Dinosaurs now live—and hunt—alongside humans all over the world. This fragile balance will reshape the future and determine, once and for all, whether human beings are to remain the apex predators on a planet they now share with history’s most fearsome creatures. (DVD, Blu-ray Release: August 16)

July 15

American Carnage: After a governor issues an executive order to arrest the children of undocumented immigrants, the newly detained youth are offered an opportunity to have their charges dropped by volunteering to provide care to the elderly. Once inside the eldercare facility, the volunteers discover a horrifyingly depraved conspiracy that endangers the young and the old in this twisted thriller-comedy. (DVD, Blu-ray release: August 30)

Gateway: Mike is a low-level drug dealer in debt to a ruthless supplier. When he and his gang set up shop in an abandoned house, he thinks his problems are solved. But there’s a mysterious locked door inside the house and the men are lured one by one into the room and there are confronted by the evil world that lies within themselves. (Digital only)

Karmalink: Conceived as a way to interrogate processes of neo-colonialism, and highlighting the alienating effects of technological progress, the film is a mind-bending tale of reincarnation, artificial consciousness, and the search for enlightenment in a near-future Cambodia. (VOD only)

July 19

Men: In visionary filmmaker Alex Garland’s (“Ex Machina,” “Annihilation”) feverish, shape-shifting new horror film, Harper retreats alone to the beautiful English countryside in the aftermath of her ex-husband’s death, hoping to have found a place to heal. But someone or something from the surrounding woods appears to be stalking her. What begins as simmering dread becomes a fully-formed nightmare, inhabited by her darkest memories and fears. (DVD, Blu-ray release: August 9)

Orders From Above: Fifteen years after the end of World War II, Israeli police officer Avner Less interrogates Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann — one of the architects of the Final Solution — who was finally captured and brought to Israel to stand trial. (Digital only)

July 26

The Duke: In 1961, Kempton Bunton, a 60 year old taxi driver, steals Goya’s portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story: This soulful and heartfelt celebration of 50 years of the funky and fabulous New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival invites viewers to bliss out on New Orleans’ unique culture, featuring Jimmy Buffett, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Pitbull, Al Green, Herbie Hancock, Aaron Neville, Earth, Wind & Fire, and many others. (DVD, Blu-ray release: August 9)

One Moment: Middle-age siblings struggle to manage their lives while caring for their recently widowed aging father. Welcome to the “sandwich generation.” (DVD release: Day & date)

July 29

How to Please a Woman: When her all-male house-cleaning business gets out of control, a mature woman must embrace her own sexuality, if she is to make a new life for herself. (VOD only)

The Moderator: When the senseless murder of her friends is left unsolved, a covert assassin decides to take justice into her own hands. Discovering the crimes were just the latest in a long streak of sadistic murders by an underground crime syndicate, she takes no prisoners in her blood-soaked mission for revenge as she hunts them down, one target at a time. (Digital, VOD only)

My Tree: Follows Jason Sherman’s journey to find the tree that was planted in his name in Israel many years earlier. When he discovers that it stands on the remains of a Palestinian village that was destroyed in 1967, he embarks on another journey — to determine his responsibility in helping to cover up the destruction. (Digital, VOD only)

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August 2

All Must Die: A Norwegian take on the slasher genre, the film follows a group of women on a bachelorette party weekend. When they decide to play a horror role-playing game, things take a turn for deadly when they begin being picked off one-by-one. (Digital, VOD only)

Shalom Taiwan: The heartwarming, joyous, and uplifting dramady follows the misadventures of a Rabbi who travels the world in search of donations to save his synagogue. (DVD release: Day & date)

The Skunk Ape Experiments: First three films of the live-action, graphic-novel series that follows OutKast Paranormal, a rag-tag group of Florida Men, as they tackle the most insane experiments in hopes of finding proof of a Florida Bigfoot AKA Skunk Ape. (Digital, VOD only)

August 3

Lightyear: While spending years attempting to return home, marooned Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear encounters an army of ruthless robots commanded by Zurg who are attempting to steal his fuel source. (DVD, Blu-ray release: September 13)

August 9

Elvis: The life of American music icon Elvis Presley, from his childhood to becoming a rock and movie star in the 1950s while maintaining a complex relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. (DVD, Blu-ray release: September 13)

My Favorite Girlfriend: A charmingly offbeat, romantic comedy about a mismatched couple and the multiple personalities that come between them. Into Conrad’s meticulously ordered life comes total chaos. His new girlfriend Molly shares headspace with five or six other women, each with distinct traits Conrad finds loveable. (Digital only)

The Roundup: Geumcheon Police’s Major Crimes Unit is given a mission to repatriate a fugitive who fled to Vietnam. Beast cop Ma Seok-do and Capt. Jeon Il-man intuitively realize that there’s something wrong with the suspect’s willingness to turn himself in and uncover crimes committed by a terrifying killer named Kang Hae-sang.. (Digital, VOD only)

August 12

The Black Phone: After being abducted by a child killer and locked in a soundproof basement, a 13-year-old boy starts receiving calls on a disconnected phone from the killer’s previous victims. (DVD, Blu-ray release: August 16)

August 16

Bliss: In a world where their femininity is considered a commodity, two sex workers fall in love with each other. Together – and yet each on her own – they experience the one moment when happiness seems possible – but their love is threatened by different ideas of life and their own abysses. (Digital only)

Camping Trip: In the summer of 2020, two couples decide to go on a COVID era camping trip after months of being in lockdown. The freedom of nature and the company of their best friends offer the group a rare sense of normality, but though secluded, they’re not alone, and what started as a fun-filled vacation quickly turns into a test of loyalty and survival. (Digital only)

Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank: In this family adventure, hard-on-his-luck hound named Hank (Michael Cera) finds himself in a town full of cats who need a hero to defend them from a ruthless villain’s (Ricky Gervais) evil plot to wipe their village off the map. With help from a reluctant teacher, the underdog must assume the role of town samurai and team up with the villagers to save the day. The only problem … cats hate dogs. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 18)

The Phantom of the Open: The heartwarming true story of Maurice Flitcroft, a dreamer and unrelenting optimist. This humble crane operator from Barrow-in-Furness managed to gain entry to The British Open Golf Championship qualifying in 1976, despite never playing a round of golf before. He shot the worst round in Open history and drew the ire of the golfing elite, but became a folk hero in the process (DVD, Blu-ray release: August 30)

August 19

Bullet Proof: After stealing millions in cash from sadistic mob boss Temple’s drug-dealing hideout, a thief finds a stowaway in his getaway car: Temple’s pregnant wife, Mia. Desperate to reclaim his cash, and his unborn son, Temple sends out a squad of hit men and bounty hunters to bring in Mia and the thief. (DVD, Blu-ray release: September 27)

I Dream of a Psychopomp : A widower haunted by the distressed ghost of his recently deceased wife is visited in his dreams by a psychopomp who teaches him about the spirit world and soul guiding through stories of death and the supernatural. (Digital only)

The Legend of Molly Johnson: In 1893 on an isolated property, a heavily pregnant woman named Molly Johnson (Leah Purcell) and her children struggle to survive the harsh Australian landscape. (Digital Only)

Movers Ultimate: Two best bros must get off work in time to make it to their 10 year high school reunion and reconnect with the girls that got away. (Digital only)

August 23

DC League of Super-Pets: Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are inseparable best friends, sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime side by side in Metropolis. However, Krypto must master his own powers for a rescue mission when Superman is kidnapped. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 4)

Top Gun: Maverick: After more than 30 years of service as a top naval aviator, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot. Yet, Maverick must confront the ghosts of his past when he returns to train a group of elite graduates and comes face-to-face with Lt. Bradshaw (Miles Teller), the son of his former wingman, “Goose”. Bitter rivalries ignite as the pilots prepare for a specialized mission, which will require the ultimate sacrifice from those chosen to fly it. (DVD, Blu-ray release: November 1)

August 26

The Ghost Lights: A journalist returns home after the death of her father and discovers a cassette tape describing mysterious lights appearing in the skies of West Texas. She sets out on a cross-state road trip to discover the truth. (Digital only)

Into the Deep: A young woman desperate for an escape, meets a mysterious and attractive stranger who promises a romantic trip on his boat. What follows is deceit, mistrust, and violence. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 4)

Nope: After random objects falling from the sky result in the death of their father, ranch-owning siblings OJ and Emerald Haywood attempt to capture video evidence of an unidentified flying object with the help of tech salesman Angel Torres and documentarian Antlers Holst. (DVD, Blu-ray release: TBA)

August 30

Explorer: Sir Ranulph Fiennes is credited with the sensational title of being the World’s Greatest Living Explorer. Amongst his extraordinary achievements, he was the first to circumnavigate the world from pole to pole, crossed the Antarctic on foot, broke countless world records and discovered a lost city in Arabia. (Digital, VOD only)

The Gravedigger: Set in 1700s Bavaria, the film follows Kurt Volkera, a lonely gravedigger who stumbles upon a scared, violent man hiding in the graveyard. After taking him in, Volkera’s past comes back to haunt him after learning that the man is actually the creation of a young Victor Frankenstein for whom he had been collecting body parts a year earlier. (DVD: Day & date)

Minions: The Rise of Gru: The untold story of one twelve-year-old’s dream to become the world’s greatest supervillain. (DVD, Blu-ray release: September 6)

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September 1

Mack & Rita: When 30-year-old self-proclaimed homebody Mack Martin (Elizabeth Lail) reluctantly joins a Palm Springs bachelorette trip for her best friend Carla (Taylour Paige), her inner 70-year-old is released — literally. The frustrated writer and influencer magically transforms into her future self: “Aunt Rita” (Diane Keaton). (Digital, VOD only)

September 2

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris: A widowed cleaning lady in 1950s London falls madly in love with a couture Dior dress, and decides that she must have one of her own. (DVD, Blu-ray release: September 6)
Wire Room: Action legend Bruce Willis comes out with guns blazing as Shane Mueller, a Homeland Security agent who runs the Wire Room, a high-tech command center surveilling the most dangerous criminals. New recruit Justin Rosa (Kevin Dillon) must monitor arms-smuggling cartel member Eddie Flynn — and keep him alive at all costs. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 11)

September 6

Our American Family: An honest, unfiltered look at a close-knit Philadelphia family dealing with generational substance abuse. (VOD only)

Maika: The Girl From Another Galaxy: After losing his mother to illness and his best friend to an unexpected move, a young boy discovers a crashed spaceship and makes a new friend with awesome powers (although she does need a little help with her earthly social skills). Together, they embark on a zany, fun-filled adventure while taking on the bad guys and helping Maika find her way home (Digital only)

Poughkeepsie Is For Lovers: Tells the story of how a weekend getaway spells disaster for an already strained relationship. In the near future, Charles and Eve practice their escape plan from New York City in case of nuclear attack. Their flight to safety takes them to an even less safe place. (Digital, VOD only)

Something in the Woods: A woman kidnaps a reporter who she blames for the fall of her family and her lost inheritance. Dragging the reporter out into the woods, they find they both have to deal with “something.” (DVD release: Day & date)

We Are As Gods: Offers a deep dive into the many sides of Stewart Brand — the creator of The Whole Earth Catalog, an influential member of Ken Kesey’s “The Merry Pranksters,” and an early activist in the modern environmental movement. Brand, in his guise as cyber-utopian, coined the phrase “personal computer” and influenced many in Silicon Valley, including Steve Jobs, who have gone on to shape our modern world. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Digital, VOD only)

Where the Crawdads Sing: From the best-selling novel comes this captivating mystery about a young woman who raised herself in the marshes of the deep South and who becomes a suspect in the murder of a man she was once involved with. (DVD, Blu-ray release: September 13)

September 8

Thor: Love and Thunder: The God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) goes on a journey unlike anything he’s ever faced – one of self-discovery. But his efforts are interrupted by a galactic killer known as Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale), who seeks the extinction of the gods. To combat the threat, Thor enlists the help of King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Korg (Taika Waititi) and ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who – to Thor’s surprise – inexplicably wields his magical hammer, Mjolnir, as the Mighty Thor. (DVD, Blu-ray release: September 27)

Pinocchio: Robert Zemeckis directs this live action and CGI retelling of the beloved tale of a wooden puppet who embarks on a thrilling adventure to become a real boy. Tom Hanks stars as Geppetto, the woodcarver who builds and treats Pinocchio as if he were his real son. (Disney+ only)

September 9

Margaux: . As a group of seniors celebrate their final college days at a smart house, the house’s highly advanced AI system, Margaux, begins to take on a deadly presence of her own. (Digital, VOD only)

September 13

The Alternate: Upon unlocking a portal to an alternate dimension where all his dreams have come true, struggling filmmaker Jake is forced to confront his idealized self. (DVD release: Day & date)

Carp-E-Diem: What could go wrong when drifters Natasha and Vern find a room for the night by invading a rural home? After accidentally killing the owners, they find a closet full of cocaine. Seeing a way to make easy money, Natasha and Vern steal Martha and Bob’s identities and take over the drug business. However, things start to go awry when the drug kingpin’s son arrives to keep an eye on things, a nosy neighbor sees more than he should, and the DEA is closing in. (Digital, VOD only)

The Take Out Movie: When a shadowy figure instructs two different men to take out the same woman, they both end up at her home at the same time, fighting each other and the absurd situation to be the one to complete the assignment. (VOD only)

September 15

How Dark They Prey: Four dark tales about the haunting nature of man and the unknown from WWII to Alien investigation, finding the occult, and kidnap with torture. (Digital only)

September 20

Bitterbrush: Documentary follows Hollyn Patterson and Colie Moline, range riders who are spending their last summer herding cattle in remote Idaho. Totally off the grid with only their dogs as companions, Hollyn and Colie brave inclement weather and perilous work conditions while pondering their futures. (Digital only)

Nope: After random objects falling from the sky result in the death of their father, ranch-owning siblings OJ and Emerald Haywood attempt to capture video evidence of an unidentified flying object with the help of tech salesman Angel Torres and documentarian Antlers Holst. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 25)

September 23

Carmen: In a small Mediterranean village, Carmen has looked after her brother, the local priest, for her entire life. When the Church abandons Carmen, she is mistaken for the new priest. Carmen begins to see the world, and herself, in a new light. (Digital only)

The Infernal Machine: Reclusive and controversial author Bruce Cogburn (Guy Pearce) is drawn out of hiding by an obsessive fan, forcing the novelist to confront a past that he thought he could escape, and to account for events set in motion by his bestseller decades earlier. (Digital only)

September 27

Bodies Bodies Bodies: When a group of 20-somethings get stuck at a remote family mansion during a hurricane, a party game ends with a dead body on the ground and fingers pointed everywhere. As they try to find the killer among them, fake friends and real enemies have to learn who to trust — and how to survive — in this horror-comedy Gen-Z meltdown. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 18)

Bullet Train: Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug, an unlucky assassin determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails. Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug’s latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe —all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives — on the world’s fastest train. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 18)

Control: A mother locked inside a stark room is tasked by an unknown voice to complete increasingly difficult challenges if she wants to save her daughter’s life. As the frequency and intensity of the tasks threaten to overwhelm her, she must piece together half-remembered chapters of her life before imprisonment if she wants to secure her freedom, rescue her child, and escape this waking nightmare. (Digital, VOD only)

Fall: For best friends Becky and Hunter, life is all about conquering fears and pushing limits. But after they climb 2,000 feet to the top of a remote, abandoned radio tower, they find themselves stranded with no way down. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 18)

Nix: A family finds themselves on a dark, scary journey into their own self-created madness when a mysterious entity manifests itself after a tragedy at a mysterious lake. (Digital only)

September 30

The Wild Man: The skunk ape, also known as the Florida Bigfoot has been rumored to be responsible for several murders in South Florida. A documentary crew sets out to uncover the truth. (Digital only)

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October 4

Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Inc. has cracked the case to top all cases. They’ve tracked down Coco Diablo, the head of a notorious costume crime syndicate. Suddenly, menacing doppelgänger ghosts of the Scooby crew and favorite classic foes show up in Coolsville to threaten Halloween. Now it’s up to the meddling kids to unmask the latest scoundrel and save Halloween. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 18)

October 7

Beast: A father and his two teenage daughters find themselves hunted by a massive rogue lion intent on proving that the Savanna has but one apex predator. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 11)

Hinterland: When an ex-prisoner of the Great War returns home and finds his comrades brutally murdered, he decides to bring the serial-killer to justice. (Digital, VOD only)

October 11

Addict Named Hal: Amy is sent unwillingly to a recovery house by her mom, where she meets Hal, a recently incarcerated heroin addict. This film explores the everyday struggles, joys, and horrors of getting clean. (VOD only)

Clerks III: Following a massive heart attack, Randal enlists his friends and fellow clerks Dante, Elias, Jay, and Silent Bob to make a movie immortalizing his life at the convenience store that started it all. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 6)

Ghoster: Family adventure. Elizabeth and her father inherit a nearby estate — but find it haunted by a kindly young phantom named Ghoster. He begs for Elizabeth’s help undoing an ancient dragon’s curse that has trapped him in the manor. Joined by the caretaker’s handsome son Mateo, they must enter a magical painting and solve dangerous puzzles to undo the hex and free the trapped souls. (DVD release: Day & date)

Guardians of Time: When a group of kids discover a magical book in the family manor, it opens a hidden door into the forest of Keoherus in this family adventure. (DVD release: Day & date)

HALLELUJAH: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song: This feature-length documentary explores the life of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen as seen through the prism of his internationally renowned hymn, Hallelujah. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Kratt: Children are left at grandma’s house without their smartphones. Real life seems boring until they find instructions for kratt – a magical creature who will do whatever its master says. All they need now is to buy a soul from the devil. (VOD only)

Project Legion: Feral creatures that prey on humans have descended upon the city. A furious fight for survival begins as the outside world descends into chaos and a former Marine (UFC superstar Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone), barricaded inside his apartment, prepares to come out fighting. (Digital, VOD only)

Sawed Off: Two hunters, friends for years and vying for the affections of the same woman, find themselves on cursed land and keep killing each other and coming back to life. (DVD release: Day & date)

October 14

Game of Love: Vivien accompanies her partner Roy to his childhood home to prepare for the sale of the family estate. Their relationship is put into jeopardy when secrets from Roy’s past are revealed. (VOD only)

Piggy: With the summer sun beating down on her rural Spanish town, Sara hides away in her parent’s butcher shop. A teenager whose excess weight makes her the target of incessant bullying, she flees a clique of capricious girls who torment her at the town pool, only to stumble upon them being brutally kidnapped by a stranger, who drives off with them in his van. When the police begin asking questions, Sara keeps quiet. (VOD only)

October 18

The Book Keepers: Follows the uplifting journey of a husband who keeps his wife’s dream alive by becoming the spokesperson for her book after her death. (DVD release: November 22)

The Good House: Sigourney Weaver delivers a stellar performance as Hildy Good, a realtor in an idyllic New England town, whose wickedly funny tongue and seeming success mask her life’s one dark truth: She enjoys her wine a bit too much. But Hildy’s good at keeping it together – until, that is, a rekindled romance with high school flame Frank Getchell (Kevin Kline) sets in motion a chain of events that forces a decades-in-the-making confrontation with Hildy’s buried past. (DVD, Blu-ray release: November 22)

The Invitation: After the death of her mother and having no other known relatives, Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) takes a DNA test and discovers a long-lost cousin she never knew she had. Invited by her newfound family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, she’s at first seduced by the sexy aristocrat host but is soon thrust into a nightmare of survival as she uncovers twisted secrets in her family’s history and the unsettling intentions behind their sinful generosity. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 25)

Kingslayer: With his kingdom on the brink of chaos, Richard the Lionheart must decide whether to fight for his crown … or for his love for a commoner. Days away from his coronation, a secret meeting with the woman he loves turns into a life-or-death fight for survival for the future King of England. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

The Loneliest Boy in the World: When the sheltered and unsocialized Oliver is tasked with making new friends after the sudden death of his mother, he discovers that his newly acquired friends have mysteriously come to life overnight, launching them all into a series of misadventures as they try to keep their secret safe from neighbors, classmates and social workers alike. (VOD only)

My Old School: In 1993, 16-year-old Brandon Lee enrolled at Bearsden Academy, a secondary school in a well-to-do suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. What followed over the next two years became the stuff of legend as the preternaturally bright student surprised teachers by blazing toward his goal of entering medical school, displaying a wealth of knowledge beyond his years. (VOD only)

The Possessed: Exorcist Jacob Chandler is summoned to uncover the layers of demonic deception at play by his nephew’s new girlfriend, Atalie Carlisle. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Three Wishes for Cinderella: Norwegian updating of the Cinderella story. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

October 21

Bros: The first romantic comedy from a major Americsn studio story follows two gay men with commitment problems who are stumbling towards love. (DVD, Blu-ray release: November 22)

SINPHONY: A Clubhouse Horror Anthology: Anthology of shocking stories that include: an innkeeper’s growing concern about his secretive new guests; a contractor who inhales mold spores that lead to murder; a couple confronting the fact that one of them is a ghost; a witch protecting her child from a killer; a dance craze that has dire consequences, and much more. (Digital, VOD only)

October 25

Barbarian: A woman staying at an Airbnb discovers that the house she has rented is not what it seems. (Digital only)

Blue Island: The large-scale 2019 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and the subsequent crackdown on freedoms provide the urgent anchoring point for this remarkable vision from HK filmmaker Chan Tze Woon, a genre-defying plunge (mixing documentary footage and fictional recreations) into the political morass that has been ever-widening between the former colony and the controlling Chinese state. (DVD release: Day & date)

A Decent Home: Billionaires like Warren Buffet and Wall Street now control the mobile home industry in the U.S. where tens of thousands of Americans are at the mercy of these owners and lenders who are squeezing profits from people who face the housing crisis and see mobile home parks as the last resort. The award-winning new documentary film A Decent Home brings the crisis to life through mobile home park residents fighting to save their homes (Streaming only)

The Guest Room: The morning Stella decides to take her own life, a stranger knocks at her door claiming the guest room he booked for the night. Surprised but charmed by this man who seems to know her very well, Stella decides to let him in. But when Sandro, the man who broke Stella’s heart, joins them at home, this odd situation turns immediately into chaos. (Streaming only)

Lovers in a Dangerous Time: A man attempts to break off an affair he’s been having with an unstable woman while his fiancée has been away sheltering with her family during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now as the restrictions are lifting, his time is running out and this woman is getting more and more volatile. (DVD release: Day & date)

Medieval: The story of fifteenth century Czech icon and warlord Jan Zizka, who defeated armies of the Teutonic Order and the Holy Roman Empire. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 6)

Waking Up Dead: Beautiful and self-destructive, hot-shot actor Danny Maldonado was once about to conquer Hollywood. Now, just a few years later, his career has flatlined, his boyfriend has dumped him and his long-estranged drug addict mother is dying. But when he’s called in to audition for the lead role in the most talked-about new series in Hollywood, Danny vows to clean up his act, win his ex back and give the greatest audition of his life. What could go wrong? (DVD: Day & date)

October 26

The Murder Podcast: Two amateur podcasters start investigating a murder in their hometown only to become wrapped up in a terrifying adventure full of supernatural threats. (Streaming only)

October 28

American Murderer: Based on the true story of Jason Derek Brown – a charismatic con man turned party king who bankrolls his luxurious lifestyle through a series of scams. When his funds run low and his past catches up with him, he plots his most elaborate scheme yet and, in the process, becomes the FBI’s most unlikely – and elusive – top ten fugitive. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 13)

Demons at Dawn: A retired hitman is blackmailed into taking one last job. During his mission, he uncovers an elite Satanic cult that use human sacrifice to summon Demons. (VOD only)

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November 1

Deborah: During a weekend-long engagement party, a group of childhood friends discovers a seemingly harmless AI device that allows them to manipulate time in small increments. As the weekend goes on, everyone in the house starts exploiting the device to say and do things that they otherwise wouldn’t do – settling old scores and indulging in their worst behavior – but their are consequences. (Digital, VOD only)

See How They Run: In the West End of 1950s London, plans for a movie version of a smash-hit play come to an abrupt halt after a pivotal member of the crew is murdered. (Streaming Only)

November 4

Girl at the Window: Amy (Ella Newton) and her mother (Radha Mitchell) move to a new home. Amy sees weird activity – her neighbor comes and goes at strange hours and she hears screams. Is her new neighbor and her mother’s new love interest the serial killer that’s killing her classmates? (Digital, VOD only)

The Minute You Wake Up Dead: After a shady small-town stock broker begins dating a shy waitress, a shocking murder takes place — and one of them may be responsible. As word spreads that there’s money behind the killing, every criminal in town wants their share of the cash. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 13)

Soft & Quiet: The thriller, which plays out in real time, follows a single afternoon in the life of an elementary school teacher as she organizes a mixer of like-minded women. When the group heads home, the teacher encounters a woman from her past, leading to a volatile chain of events. (VOD only)

November 8

I Love My Dad: A hopelessly estranged father catfishes his son in an attempt to reconnect. (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Shadow Master: Slain during a ferocious fight and reborn with supernatural powers, one man stands between demonic forces bent on hastening the Apocalypse and a ragtag group of apartment dwellers protecting their children from certain peril. (Digital, VOD only)

Ticket to Paradise: A divorced couple teams up and travels to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago. (Digital, VOD only)

November 11

Amsterdam: In the 1930s, three friends witness a murder, are framed for it, and uncover one of the most outrageous plots in American history. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 6)

The Castle: On their wedding day Michael and Catherine break down in the middle of nowhere. They walk for several miles when they discover an old castle. Against her better judgement Catherine is convinced by Michael to spend the night. Once she enters the castle, she feels like something is watching her. (Digital, VOD only)

The Human Trial: In 2011, Lisa Hepner and her husband Guy Mossman heard about a radical stem cell treatment for diabetes, a disease that shockingly kills more than five million people each year. Driven by a desire to cure Lisa of her own type 1 diabetes (T1D), the filmmakers were given unprecedented, real-time access to a clinical trial — only the sixth-ever embryonic stem cell trial in the world. What follows is an intimate journey with the patients and scientists who put themselves on the line to be first. (Digital, VOD only)

Paradise City: Movie icons and “Pulp Fiction” co-stars Bruce Willis and John Travolta face off in this action-packed thriller about a son seeking revenge for the murder of his bounty-hunter father. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 20)

November 15

Christmas in Paradise: Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hurley, and Billy Ray Cyrus star in this tropical tale. Three quirky sisters chase their estranged dad (Grammer) down to his beachside pad in the Caribbean and enjoy a little fun in the sun. But why did he disappear to the islands? (DVD, Blu-ray release: Day & date)

Halloween Ends: The terrifying “Halloween” finale as Laurie Strode faces off for the last time against the embodiment of evil, Michael Myers. Michael hasn’t been seen for four years after the events of “Halloween Kills,” and Laurie lives with her granddaughter Allyson and has chosen to liberate herself from fear and rage and embrace life. When a young man is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, a cascade of violence and terror is ignited with a final confrontation between Laurie and Michael. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 27)

The Nutcracker and the Magic Flute: New twist on the holiday tale follows Marie as she makes a wish and becomes the same size as her toy nutcracker, who is really a prince under a spell, and they must travel to the magical Land of Flowers to save the world from the rat people. (Digital only)

Shadows: Alma and Alex, two teenage sisters, are survivors of a catastrophic event. They live deep in the woods with their Mother, a strict, overprotective woman who has sheltered them from ominous presences, the Shadows, which live in the daylight and infest the world beyond the river. (Digital, VOD only)

Smile: After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter starts experiencing frightening occurrences that she can’t explain. Rose must confront her troubling past in order to survive and escape her horrifying new reality. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 13)

November 18

A Christmas Karen: Karen is an entitled middle-aged woman whose demanding nature has alienated her neighbors and family. After a series of instances displaying her privilege and prejudice, Karen receives an “intervention” by some unconventional Christmas spirits. (Digital, VOD only)

Missing: Depressed and in debt following the death of his wife, Santoshi tells his young daughter he has found a way out. Pointing to a reward note, he vows to find the infamous serial killer “No Name” and cash in. His daughter doesn’t take him seriously, but when he goes missing without a trace, she starts to fear the worst — and must begin looking for him. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 6)

November 22

My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving: A zombie-obsessed, special needs adult searches for his absent mom while a Korean family and gang compete to be his family. (Digital, VOD only)

Lyle, Lyle Crocodile: When the Primm family moves to New York City, their young son Josh struggles to adapt to his new school and new friends. All of that changes when he discovers Lyle – a singing crocodile who loves baths, caviar and great music – living in the attic of his new home. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 13)

The Woman King: The remarkable story of the Agojie, the all-female unit of warriors who protected the African Kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s with skills and a fierceness unlike anything the world has ever seen. Inspired by true events. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 13)

November 29

Dash: An adulterous rideshare driver navigating the nighttime streets of Hollywood goes to great lengths to take his troubling double-life to the grave … only to dig a grave for himself. (Digital only)

Summertime Dropouts: Dave and his pop-punk band Summertime Dropouts are clean-cut, straight-edge kids looking for their big break. At a battle of the bands, Dave runs into his old high school crush Amy, and her own rockin’ trio. (DVD release: Day & date)

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December 2

What Remains: Follows a recently paroled convict who returns to the small town where he murdered the wife of the local pastor, who is forced to reconcile his pain and anger with forgiveness, while the local sheriff investigates another mysterious homicide which may be related.(Digital, VOD only)

December 5

Mister Creep: Three college students stumble upon a lost television broadcast of a deceased serial killer and search for its location. They discover a nightmarish cover-up of a clown-faced man who killed hundreds and may still be around long after his death. (Digital only)

December 6

Call Jane: A married woman with an unwanted pregnancy lives in a time in America where she can’t get a legal abortion and works with a group of suburban women to find help. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 13)

Homebody: Young Johnny discovers a YouTube video that teaches him how to send his spirit out of his body and into his beloved babysitter Melanie. The pressures of pretending to be someone else can stack up fast: in her body Johnny can see through her eyes and operate her from the inside out. Johnny-as-Melanie plays dress-up, buys obscene amounts of candy, and has awkward run-ins with her friends, clients and partners. (Digital only)

Renegades: When a retired Green Beret soldier is murdered by an international drug gang in London, four of his veteran SAS comrades set out to avenge him, dispensing their own brand of justice on the streets of London. (Digital, VOD only)

The Scottish Play: A successful actress accepts the role of Lady Macbeth at a small New England theater, where she begins a flirtation with her charmingly awkward young director, and finds herself haunted by the ghost of William Shakespeare – who’s keen to do some rewrites. (Digital only)

December 9

#Float: When a vlogger and her crew embark on their annual river float to commemorate the untimely loss of their friend, they are plunged into a life and death battle with a mysterious local, a sinister paranormal force, and their own fears. (Digital, VOD only)

Ticket to Paradise: A divorced couple teams up and travels to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 13)

December 13

The Banshees of Inisherin: Two lifelong friends find themselves at an impasse when one abruptly ends their relationship, with alarming consequences for both of them. (DVD, Blu-ray release: December 20)

Dragon Eats Eagle: Two low-level but immoral government workers follow orders from their absurd superiors that will determine the fate of their country in a film that fans fictions existing around the origins of the coronavirus in a funny but morbid way. (Digital only)

The Fabelmans: Growing up in post-World War II era Arizona, young Sammy Fabelman aspires to become a filmmaker as he reaches adolescence, but soon discovers a shattering family secret and explores how the power of films can help him see the truth. A semi-autobiography based on Steven Spielberg’s own childhood growing up in Arizona, from age seven to eighteen. (Digital, VOD only)

Pray for the Devil: A nun prepares to perform an exorcism and comes face to face with a demonic force with mysterious ties to her past. (DVD, Blu-ray release: January 3)

Riotsville, U.S.A.: Welcome to Riotsville, a fictional town built by the US military. Using all archival footage, the film explores the militarization of the police and creates a counter-narrative to the nation’s reaction to the uprisings of the late ’60s.s (DVD release: Day & date)

Who Is Christmas Eve?: Eve was abandoned as a baby at Christmas. When she is unable to move on with her life because of the mystery, her boyfriend hires a private investigator to find her parents. (Digital, VOD only)

December 16

The Almond and the Seahorse: What happens when you’re ambushed by time? An archaeologist and an architect fight to re-imagine a future after traumatic brain injury leaves them adrift from the people they love. (Digital only)

December 20

The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales: Abigail Disney looks at America’s dysfunctional and unequal economy and asks why the American Dream has worked for the wealthy, yet is a nightmare for people born with less. As a way to imagine a more equitable future, Disney uses her family’s story to explore how this systemic injustice took hold. (DVD: Day & date)

Violent Night: When a team of mercenaries breaks into a wealthy family compound on Christmas Eve, taking everyone inside hostage, the team isn’t prepared for a surprise combatant: Santa Claus (David Harbour) is on the grounds, and he’s about to show why this Nick is no saint. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 28)

December 22

The Inspection: A young, gay Black man, rejected by his mother and with few options for his future, decides to join the Marines, doing whatever it takes to succeed in a system that would cast him aside. (Digital, VOD only)

December 23

Strange World: Animated family film introduces a legendary family of explorers, the Clades, as they attempt to navigate an uncharted, treacherous land. (DVD, Blu-ray release: February 14)

December 30

White Noise: College professor Jack Gladney and his family’s comfortable suburban life is upended when a nearby chemical leak causes “The Airborne Toxic Event,” releasing a noxious black cloud over the region that forces the Gladney family to evacuate. adapted from the 1985 novel of the same name by Don DeLillo. (Netflix only)

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