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News and Information

Many of these orgaizations are out of business; I've deleted the links but kept the information for the benefit of home video hgistorians.

Cash Backers is a U.K. guide to getting the cheapest DVDs on the Net. The site compares DVD prices from all the major websites to allow you to make an informed buying choice. The site lists the top 10 current searches, and also provides an e-mail newsletter to keep you aware of the latest releases, free vouchers, special offers, etc.
Cheap DVD Guide is a comprehensive guide to getting the best prices for DVDs on the Web. The site scours the Web and comparison shops for the best DVD deals. Cheap DVD Guide also lists upcoming DVDs, posts reviews, offers coupons, has a DVD player guide and highlights DVD player reviews.
The Cinema Laser
Cinemacom is dedicated to providing a lasting resource for the best in films and movie poster art. They also sell DVDs of good films not commercially available on DVD to help support the site.
DVD Aficionado
DVD File is the premiere site for information on all upcoming DVDs.
DVD-HQ is a portal that links to all manner of sites specializing in coverage of the world of DVD, from cheap DVDs to rentals, from downloads to software, from Easter eggs to release dates, from news to reviews. Clicking on a topic takes users to a page with links to sites for a specific topic; a nice touch is that a screen shot of the site's home page illustrates the link.
DVD Review
DVD Spin Doctor offers DVD reviews, home video news, info on upcoming DVDs, HD DVD reviews, plus the latest industry buzz -- from bleary-eyed L.A. entertainment writer Glenn Abel.
DVD Town
The Digital Bits
Image Entertainment
ImportaDisc is a highly useful guide to collecting and importing DVD movies, allowing movie fans to get films not released in their country, to get different versions of the same film or versions with more extras. Informative information and links to sources. Also operates Cheap DVD Reviews (see above).
SonicSwap is a community of legal swapping for DVDs, CDs and games
TV Shows on DVD is the premier site for everything TV on DVD. The site allows you to vote for shows you'd buy on DVD, and how you'd want to buy them. It also maintains a database of thousands of TV DVDs that have already been released: old, new, classic and cancelled shows. They also provide a release schedule that breaks down new releases by month. And there's news, reviews and articles to boot. Check it out.
3D Hollywood in Hi-Def
Widescreen Review

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DVD Sales

All About Movies Largest online DVD/Video database catalog in Australia, offering over 55,000 titles on both VHS and DVD along with a unique out of print service for those hard to get titles.
Blah! Cheap DVDs, Movies & Music (U.K.)
CD WOW! bills itself as one of Europe's largest online entertainment retailers. They operate 14 domains covering the key entertainment territories around the world including U.K., Europe, U.S., Asia and Australasia, and offer a range of music, movies, games, books and more, all with free worldwide delivery. The U.S. site is located at www.cdwow.us/movies.
Cinemacom sells DVDs of good films not commercially available on DVD to help support the site.
DVD Empire
DVD Wave
Film Movement Provides easy access to award-winning independent and foreign films. Many small but deserving films get squeezed out of theaters by Hollywood blockbusters and face skyrocketing marketing costs that make it impossible to reach appreciative audiences. Film Movement was created to address this problem.
Indieflix A well-designed site for buying and streaming indi films.
Laser Blazer
The Video Beat Rare 1950s & 1960s rock n roll and youth culture on DVD: Rock 'n' Roll movies, JD, Bad Girl & Hot Rod movies, Teen, Beach & Hippie movies, Rock 'n' Roll TV shows, music documentaries and performance footage, miscellaneous Mod & Cool. According to the site: "All rock n roll DVDs are filled 2-hours complete and are jam-packed full of fun! Yeah Daddy-O! From the opening trailers, to the main feature, to the swell bonus stuff we toss on the end, you're guaranteed a real gone, rock n roll fun fest in front of your TV set!"

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DVD Easter Eggs

DVD Easter Eggs
The Easter Egg Archives

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Are you a collector of DVDs or Laser Discs and have you wanted to create an inventory of your collection? Have you wanted to build an inventory without the need to enter a lot of data? If your answer is yes, then DVD-Register may be the software solution for you. Using the catalog number, the universal produce code (UPC), or the DVD title, you can select from the company's reference database of all of the discs (with over 23,800 DVDs and 16,800 Laser Discs issued in the United States from 1979-2002) and then move the matching records to a database of your discs. Because you don't have to enter the data about the titles yourself, large collections can be cataloged with much less time and effort. Once you have cataloged your collection, you can print standard reports or create your own custom formatted reports. You can use compact lists to avoid buying duplicates and comprehensive reports to list the movies available in your home theatre. Other features include a list of publishers and studios with mailing addresses; context sensitive help; 20 standard reports to list and summarize disc collections; custom report formats; user defined fields for special data attributes such as for custom filing systems; and flexible searching, filtering, and sorting of records for both displays and reports. The program is compatible with Windows '95, Windows '98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP.

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