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OnVideo'scomplete guide to online and mail-order video sales has separate pages for online and mail order sources of general release, foreign, cult, animation, special interest, TV, rare/nostalgia, classics/silents and more; links to other neat online video resources; and links to home video distributors (the studios).

Before you jump to any of the resource listings, you might want to read our tips on finding videos online and by mail.

Tips for Finding Videos

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IF you're looking for a film and you're not sure it's on video yet, your first stop should be the latest edition of the VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever, a plump 2,000+ pages of listings of movies on video (we estimate somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000). It's our first stop when we're doing research for people or answering E-mail queries. We also arm ourselves with the indispensable catalogs from MoviesUnlimited, which pretty much covers mainstream movies from the silent era to the present day (and is the official "catalog" for Turner Classic Movies).

On the net the best choice for tracking down information on videos is the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). This is an incredible source for finding information on virtually every film ever released, with plot reviews, cast and crew credits and bios, filmographies, consumer ratings, and much much more. The Database also lets you know if the film is available on video.

Now that you know your film is out there, where do you get it? The main sources for finding videos: Amazon and Movies Unlimited for new; and and Second Spin for used. For bargain-priced used videos, try CloseoutVideo. Or check other companies listed in the Guide to General Release Videos.

For foreign or cult films start out with Facets Video, an incredible source of virtually every foreign film ever put on video.

Tracking that elusive video using OnVideo's Resource Guide to Online Video and Mail Order Sources:

In general, check out the General Releases page first. That foreign film or 1950s film noir movie you're looking for may in fact be on hand at Facets or even a giant outfit such as Movies Unlimited or Amazon.

Failing the larger services, move on to the more specialized, or smaller outfits. For off-the-beaten path movies try our pages for Art and Culture or Misc. Video Oyster, for example, is an excellent source of rare, hard-find and out-of-print videos. Finally, if all else fails, turn to the Professional Searchers. And good luck. Or leave us an E-mail message and we'll try our best to help you; because of the volume of E-mail we receive, it may be several days before we respond, but we do answer every message (unless we get incorrect return addresses, which seem to be on the rise).

A note about online searching: Some online sources have fairly easy search mechanisms: type in the title, actor, etc., wait a few seconds and a your query is answered. Other online sources require you to scroll through lists broken out by genre, actor, or alphabet, and that, at times can be tedious.

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