Video Games That Are Good for Your Brain

While in the past, video games were considered to be for kids only, nowadays many adults love them. Indeed, the majority of customers in gamer shops are adults who buy things for themselves, albeit many people still look askance at video games, saying that they are a complete waste of time and money.

Many of us also reckon that these types of games don’t let a person grow intellectually. Some of us may say that they are designed to make the brain relax and not to think at all. However, this is rather a misconception than a cogent argument. In reality, video games might become an excellent exercise for one’s cognitive abilities.

In this article, you’ll find a list of games that are excellent for your brain. So, stay tuned.

Strategy Games

Many experts and bloggers, such as That Video Game Blog, put strategy games on top of the list when it comes to the development of human cognitive abilities. Rarely in our life do we have the opportunity to exercise our strategic thinking. Therefore, when it comes to a real-life conundrum when a wise decision is needed, sometimes it isn’t easy to take action.

The video games where you have to develop your own strategy are a perfect way to improve your strategic thinking. Therefore, in real life, it may be easier to find a solution to the most difficult situations.

These types of games teach you always to be flexible and alert, be ready to change tactics if needed, and observe the changes in the environment around you. It helps you develop the skill of making decisions very fast, even if you don’t have enough information to do it.

Our life gives us the opportunities to use strategies every day: completing a task at work, making a person you like to like you back, buying a car for a lower price, or many others. Once your strategic skills are well-developed, the way you act in various life situations will be more successful.

Action Role-Playing Games

In many jobs, the ability to work in a team is a must. But how to develop this skill? Your employer doesn’t have to know about it, but video games are a perfect way to learn to work as a member of a group.

Multiplayers action games teach you the importance of your task to the success of the whole group. You will understand that only if the team works agreeably and coherently will they win. Each member of the team should try their utmost in order to achieve victory.

The role-play video games also teach you to analyze the behavior of other members of your team. To know their weaknesses and strengths, to help them and ask for help if needed.

You might get surprised, but work in an office requires these abilities a lot. Spending time at your workplace may not be as exciting as playing video games, but the skill to be a good team player will be very handy here too.

Puzzle Games

This type of game is not the most common, but it’s very beneficial to our cognitive abilities. Our brain is not a muscle, but it needs a lot of exercises as if it was. Games that include riddles and puzzles are a perfect way to keep our mind ‘fit.’

Usually, in order to win or complete a certain task, a player has to solve intricate problems under time pressure or figure out patterns using logical thinking. Most puzzle games can be played on your phone or laptop.

Therefore, you can dedicate a couple of minutes daily to the brain exercise via games. You can do it before going to sleep, or while commuting to work, depending on your lifestyle.

But don’t trick yourself with super easy time-consuming puzzle games. Very often, we play them in order to kill time, but not to make our cognitive abilities develop. Choose the ones that need some time and effort to solve, but don’t go with the games that do nothing but take your precious time.

The Last Thing

If you think that video games are bad for you, you are not totally right. There are many of them that are necessary for developing our cognitive skills. Learn to draw a clear line between the games that only consume your time and don’t bring anything beneficial to your life, and the ones that actually help you. If chosen properly, the video game can help you think more strategically, become a perfect team member, and develop logical thinking.

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