Popular Shows to Watch on ABC

One of the most common dilemmas that we face when it comes to watching TV is when we can’t figure out what to watch. Depending on your TV service, there are numerous channels to select from and the choice keeps getting harder and harder. To put that to ease, one of the channels that you should consider watching is ABC.

Some Cable TV Service providers also have ABC included in their channel lineup. You can pick one of the best, when it comes to channel lineups with Xfinity TV that not only features ABC but many in-demand channels such as the CW, FOC,NBC, PBS, Lifetime, and truTV.

With that in check, you can tune in to ABC, and check out some of the most popular shows that you should have on your list to watch:

Grey’s Anatomy

One of the longest-running shows on ABC. Grey’s Anatomy is about a doctor named Meredith Grey who initially starts off as an intern at the Seattle Grace Hospital. The show emphasizes the theme where she has to struggle to find a balance between her work and her personal life.

At the start, we see Dr. Grey as she has to compete with her fellow interns for recognition and how eventually she starts making her way up. She even falls in love with one of her colleagues named Derek Shepherd and she struggles to form a relationship with him and retain it later.

Grey’s Anatomy has a lot of life lessons for people as it teaches them how to deal with loss and how you should grieve if you lose a loved one. That is because numerous characters die in the show and that leaves quite an effect on the people who had to deal with their loss.

Since the show is based on a medical theme, it also gives viewers a sense of interest in how the human body works and what could possibly go wrong with it. It also gives us insight into the stress that doctors have to face daily.

The Good Doctor

How hard could it possibly be to have autism and be a doctor at the same time? Well, for Dr. Shaun Murphy, it isn’t easy at all. While Dr. Murphy has autism, he also has a very rare syndrome called “Savant Syndrome” which makes him unusually intelligent.

With this gift, Dr. Murphy can retain information through photographic memory and he deals with stressful medical situations with ease. However, the only problem Shaun has is when he has to communicate with other people and his autism acts as a barrier.

Shaun’s story is also very inspirational as he has to deal with loss very early in life and he is left entirely on his own until a doctor named Aaron Glassman takes him under his wing. The two create a bond like no other and no one knows Shaun as well as Dr. Glassman does. The show is very emotional and is most certainly a tear-jerker. One of the best things about this show is how brilliantly Freddie Highmore has played Dr. Murphy’s character where he resonates with all of us.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is the kind of show potential entrepreneurs all over the world should watch. In this show, potential entrepreneurs come and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges who also happen to be investors. If their ideas are convincing enough, the judges might invest in their business. However, if their business pitch and model fail, then the investors point out the flaws in their ideas and don’t end up investing, giving the entrepreneurs room for further improvement.

While some of the judges are polite and subtle, some of them are very brutal with their reviews, which gives you an idea about how investors might act in real life too if you were to pitch your business idea to them. Shark Tank opens up a lot of perspectives for people who wish to start their own business and it helps them in crafting a successful business model. Until now, Shark Tank has 15 seasons and you can watch the latest one on ABC.


Based on the famous books by Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters is based on The Mortal Instruments. The story is about Clary Fray and how she discovers just as she turns 18 that she is not normal like other people and she belongs to a family of people who are actually hybrids of humans and angels called Shadowhunters.

The purpose of these Shadowhunters is to hunt down demons and protect mankind. One of the best things about Shadowhunters is that not only has the book been turned into a TV Show but The Mortal Instruments has also been turned into a movie that you can watch before you start the show.

Wrapping Up

The next time you turn on your TV and are flipping between channels, be sure to watch all of these shows on ABC because all these shows are bound to have you hooked to your TV screen.

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