Video Coaching- How to Pick the Right Casino Mentor

Finding the right gambling mentor can profoundly impact your success if you’re new to casino or sports betting. Having an experienced guide makes the learning curve so much less intimidating.

First, you will need a clear idea of what you want to learn. Do you want to master certain games like poker or blackjack? Understand betting strategies and odds calculations? Defining your specific aims will help identify the ideal teacher so you can begin your search.

If you are already a casino player, finding a truswrohty video coaching mentor is similar to choosing a safe online gambling platform to play on. For example, the trusted online casinos guide is great way to find tips on finding safe casinos, and many of the principle also apply to doing your due diligence when finding a video coaching mentor.

Proven Experience

Someone with extensive real-world experience who has years of experience playing the casino game or betting on the sport you want to master is a must. Seasoned experts can share helpful wisdom beyond basic playing strategy. They will not only have a grasp on the math driving the odds, but they’ll also help you navigate the culture of the niche.

A Teaching Technique That Suits You

If you go back to your school or college days, you will remember a teacher who engaged you in learning the subject. However, you probably had a classmate that didn’t connect with that same teacher. That’s human nature. We are all different and what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. Therefore, it is important to find a mentor with teaching abilities that engage you. You may even find that the most seasoned player won’t be a good fit if he or she cannot convey their ideas.

If you choose an interactive course, the video mentor should also have the ability to patiently answer your questions and adapt to your style of learning.


First off, the most expensive courses are not always the best. Look for mentors with consistent feedback that confirms the course was worth the money. Next, you have to consider your options versus budget. One-on-one mentoring with a well-known name in the industry is going to be pricey. On the other hand, a mentor with thousands of subscribers, because the course is cheap, might mean you have little interaction with the mentor. Therefore, paying a higher rate might be the better option if you need interactive feedback.


This point overlaps with choosing a video mentor within your budget. You can watch video courses in your own time. However, one-on-one video coaching means you need to arrange a time when you and your coach are available. Before making it official, discuss times your mentor is available to teach.

Here are some perfect examples of mentors with video training for popular casino games and sports betting.

Masterclass With Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is, without a doubt, one of the most successful poker players on the pro circuit, and he has an online video course. The Hall of Fame Poker Pro’s video course keeps things direct and practical with all the traits a top video coaching program should have.

He uses real-life situations so you learn firsthand how players think so you can bet or fold with confidence. Other important parts of the game he teaches are the ranges of hands to bet with. You will learn how and when to bluff by reading your opponents using different strategies, such as how to spot tells and decoding betting patterns. Negreanu also shows you how to avoid tilting. That means keeping cool when the pressure is on and remaining focused.

Most of all we like how honest he is. He emphasizes the fact that mastering each area of the game takes practice. You are not going to walk away from this video mentoring course as a pro, but at the same time, you’ll have a good baseline to work from. With the right mindset, Negreanu sets you up with a winning edge and attitude.

The Player’s Edge

The Player’s Edge stars FanDuel/TVG’s Rich Perloff to give you insights into horse racing. By watching this course, you should gain a deeper understanding of advanced tactics and the mental prep work needed to handle the ups and downs of betting at the races. You are also introduced to a range of pro tipsters, which adds diversity to his coaching programs as you don’t always want to rely on one person’s point of view. Perloff and the experts he calls in to assist him give you a baseline on not only horse racing betting but sports betting in general.

Finding the right mentor takes effort but pays dividends through increased confidence and skill. Defining your goals is step one. Also, bear in mind you should always stay on the ethical side of gambling to avoid issues later down the line. Put all these together after evaluating their teaching skills, and your mentor will become an invaluable asset as you progress.

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