Lovers Find ‘Hope’ on VOD, Disc Nov. 9

Lovers Find 'Hope' on VOD, Disc Nov. 9

Lovers Find 'Hope' on VOD, Disc Nov. 9

Based on the filmmaker’s real life experience

The relationship between artist-partners Tomas (Stellan Skarsgård) and Anja (Andrea Bræin Hovig) is put to the test after Anja gets a life-threatening diagnosis, in this probing and affecting film from Maria Sødah

Critic’s Pick! “A Brave Movie!”
—New York Times

“Miraculous and moving!”
—Los Angeles Times

“Superb!! One of the year’s richest and most rewarding contemporary dramas.”

“Brimming with human life and feeling!  ‘Hope’ earns its title, in every hard-won, emotionally honest sense of the word.”
—Washington Post

“Unwraps gorgeous feelings and difficult truths with marvelous dexterity
or two masterfully staged hours.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“Stunningly Acted!
A modern family portrait deserving of its accolades.”

2019 | Norway, Sweden | 125 min | Norwegian with English Subtitles

What happens with love when a woman in the middle of her life gets three months left to live?

ANJA (43) lives with TOMAS (59) in a large family of biological children and stepchildren.

For a number of years the two adults have grown independent of each other, with creative jobs in parallel worlds. When Anja gets a terminal cancer diagnosis, their modern life breaks down and exposes neglected love. Alone with her grief and her fears, Anja realizes that she needs Tomas’ full help and support. It’s their only chance. How else will their children find the strength once she is gone, if their parents are unable to weather the storm together? Anja and Tomas are thrown into a crash course in mutual trust, and eventually a joint struggle, to deal with this unexpected and premature death. By getting to know each other anew, they unconsciously become the principal characters in a love story where they finally learn to truly love each other after a long life together.

Toronto Film Festival
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Berlin International Film Festival

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