"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jul 282016

THE DEADLY TRACKERS (1973) on Blu-ray Richard Harris takes on Rod Taylor in this tale of a peace-loving Irish-American sheriff turned vengeance crazed killer. A band of outlaws, consisting of Frank Brand (Rod Taylor), Choo Choo (Neville Brand), Schoolboy (William Smith) and Jacob (Paul Benjamin), ride into town and rob the bank. As Sheriff Kilpatrick (Harris) and his deputy (Bill Bryant) attempt to apprehend them, the outlaws find themselves boxed in an alley. With three of his men at bay, Brand seeks refuge in the schoolhouse – with tragic consequences. Soon the law man has abandoned the law, relentlessly tracking his quarry over the border into Mexico, where he is as much an outlaw as they, and the Federale shadowing him (Al Lettieri) is the remaining moral force on the road of vengeance. Director Barry Shears, ably aided by Taylor and Harris, crafts a classic chase Western that is anything but conventional and the sweeping vistas captured by cinematographer Gabriel Torres scene-steal in sparkling 1080p HD! Script by Lukas Haller (The Dirty Dozen), from a story by the legendary Sam Fuller. 16×9 Widescreen Newly Remastered

Classic Warner Bros.

ABOUT FACE (1952) Warner Bros.’ classic cadet comedy Brother Rat gets the musical treatment in this Roy Del Ruth charmer. Gordon MacRae and Dick Wesson take on the Ronald Reagan and Wayne Morris roles, while Eddie Bracken takes on the fulcrum role of Eddie Albert. Three boisterous naval academy cadets are doing their best to stay ship-shape with graduation on the horizon when one of their numbers sensational secret threatens to expose the lads – and the commandant’s daughter – to scandal and expulsion. Also starring Virginia Gibson and Phyllis Kirk. Newly Remastered

STOP YOU’RE KILLING ME (1952) Broderick Crawford takes a rare crooning turn as Damon Runyon and Howard Lindsay’s A Slight Case of Murder goes musical. Broderick delivers as bootlegger-turned-brewmaster Remy Marco, whose plans to step into high society hit a lethal snag when a roomful of deceased wise guys is discovered in his summer rental. Claire Trevor delights in her lighter-side role as Remy’s devoted wife and a top-notch crew of character actors insures we know we are in Runyon Country. Roy Del Ruth directs. Newly Remastered

A CRY IN THE NIGHT (1956) Natalie Wood gets her first grown-up role in this tense thriller courtesy of Alan Ladd’s Jaguar Productions. Ms. Wood plays 18-year-old ingénue Liz Taggart whose mostly innocent “Lover’s Loop” rendezvous with secret fiancé Owen Clark (Richard Anderson) takes a terrifying turn when she is abducted by voyeur man-child Harold Loftus (a thoroughly chilling Raymond Burr). So it’s up to a pair of precinct shift captains (Edmond O’Brien, Brian Donlevy) to race the clock and secure Liz’s safety before Harold loses all control. But one of the cops is Liz’s dad… and he’s facing control issues of his own. Directed by Frank Tuttle. 16×9 Widescreen Newly Remastered

MANHUNT IN THE JUNGLE (1958) This historical travelogue follows George Dyott’s daring Amazon expedition in search of the fate of famed vanished explorer Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett. In 1925 Fawcett’s journeyed into the unexplored regions of the Amazon in search of a fabled lost city described in an 18th century manuscript, only to utterly vanish. In 1928, Dyott undertook the mission to uncover what secrets the green hell of the Amazon contained. Shot entirely on location, this adventure-travelogue plays out like a Fitzpatrick TravelTalk dosed with testosterone. Directed by Tom McGowan. 16×9 Widescreen Newly Remastered

ACT ONE (1963) George Hamilton stars as Broadway legend Moss Hart in this screen version of Hart’s bestselling autobiography that was written, directed and produced by Dore Shary. After his fourth play faces rejection, Eugene O’Neill wannabe Moss Hart is advised to try his hand at comedy. Initially bristling, the young scribe has a change of heart thanks to a flash of inspiration. And much like a Kaufman and Hart creation, a coterie of unforgettable kooks and characters – good and bad – conspire to place him on the path that leads to a fruitful and frustrating partnership with George S. Kaufman (Jason Robards, Jr.). Also starring Jack Klugman, Eli Wallach and George Segal. 16×9 Widescreen Newly Remastered

STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF (1966) Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley ground-breaking musical was a true continental crossover sensation. Presented as a three-ring circus clown-show, Littlechap journeys through a musical gristmill of mid-century middle class English existence. When it came time to make the film,  the musical’s very nature presented many challenges. Challenges met and surmounted by director Philp Saville’s innovative filmed performance approach – preserving the theatrical while still delivering the cinematic. Includes mega-hit songs such as “What Kind of Fool Am I?”, “Gonna Build a Mountain”, and “Once in Lifetime”. Starring Tony Tanner and Millicent Martin. 16×9 Widescreen Newly Remastered

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection, WB Shop.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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