LGBTQ+ Drama ‘Girls on Film’ Arrives Nov. 7

LGBTQ+ Drama 'Girls on Film' Arrives Nov. 7

Breaking Glass Pictures Presents Girls on Film

From the Acclaimed Director of the Girl Lost Films

Desire, Power and Toxic Relationships …

Provocative LGBTQ+ Drama Premiering on VOD, Nov. 7th

Renowned independent film distribution company Breaking Glass Pictures is thrilled to announce the release of Girls on Film, a daring and compelling LGBTQ+ drama from acclaimed writer-director Robin Bain (Girl Lost, Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story), premiering on VOD, Nov. 7.

Girls on Film fearlessly explores the complexities of desire, power and toxic relationships. Thought-provoking and exhilarating, it’s an intimate, compelling and daring look at the transformative impact of encounters that shape our lives forever.

In Girls on Film, Jenna Thayer, AKA Rain, is an aspiring nurse struggling to put herself through school by filming erotic content for an adult website. When Rain’s landlord discovers her illicit occupation, she faces eviction until a chance encounter leads her to a luxurious, desert mansion owned by a glamorous young heiress, Blake. Immediately intrigued by Rain, Blake invites her to move into the estate … A move that will be life altering for both young women.

Bonding over their broken pasts, Blake looks to further integrate herself into Rain’s world by suggesting that she join Rain’s online live streams, proposing that the two women create sensual, girl-on-girl content. Desire soon sparks an intimate romance between them until Rain’s uncertain feelings about their relationship triggers Blake’s demons from her past. When the disturbed heiress’ erratic behavior turns dark, Rain and Blake find themselves trapped in a painful and toxic downward spiral.

Produced by LesLin Films and distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures, Girls on Film was written and directed by Robin Bain and stars Dare Taylor (Jenna Thayer aka Rain), Willow Grey (Blake), Donnie Marhefka (Sterling), Mark Slater (Dan) and Liz Bash (Lisa). Produced by Robin Bain and Donnie Marhefka.

Said Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass Pictures, “Working with Robin Bain is an absolute pleasure and we are thrilled to collaborate with her for the second time on her new movie, Girls on Film. Her unique vision and storytelling prowess shine through in this captivating and daring film. Girls on Film fearlessly explores the complexities of desire, power and toxic relationships, making it a thought-provoking and exhilarating cinematic experience. Robin’s ability to delve into provocative themes with depth and sensitivity sets her apart as a talented writer and director. We are excited to bring this audacious film to our audience, knowing it will leave a lasting impression.”

Shares Bain, “Along the journey of life, we will inevitably encounter situations and people who will turn our world upside down and alter the trajectory of our existence forever. With Girls on Film, I wanted to explore the notion that everyone we meet, every experience we have, whether good or bad, happens for a reason and teaches us important life lessons that shape our persona to the core. I am honored to have the opportunity to team up with Rich Wolff and the team at Breaking Glass Pictures for the second time. Rich understands and supports my vision surrounding the sensitive subjects I write about and allows my voice to be heard with unwavering advocacy.”

Breaking Glass Pictures is a leading independent film distribution company specializing in releasing unique and thought-provoking independent films and documentaries. With a vast library of compelling content, Breaking Glass Pictures aims to provide audiences with diverse and memorable cinematic experiences that challenge perceptions and inspire conversation.

 Girls on Film
Release Date: 11/7/23
Genre: Drama, Romance, LGBTQ
Not Rated

Production Year: 2023
Language: English
Production Country: US
Runtime: 1:37:15

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio: 5.1

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