Home Cinema vs Cinema

Movies have always been one of the most enjoyable forms of human expression. Much like how paintings can elicit visceral reactions from people, the same is true for movies as the art form allows the camera to capture human emotions and experiences and invoke the same feelings artificially from the audience. Anything captivating enough to do that is going to be popular with most of the population. This is true for movies, which are, of course, very popular; the industry has increased much in recent years. Even the recent pandemic could not stop the industry for long, and new blockbusters have already been released that are defying expectations and allowing the industry to bounce back. Despite this, it is facing a real problem in the form of the home cinema experiences.

The pandemic and the lock-downs it brought with it meant that many were confined to their homes and in search of activities that they could do in place of traditional entertainment venues being closed. Things such as shopping or online gambling on sites like maximumcasinos.com proved to be popular, though some people decided to invest in more ambitious purchases that would be useful during the lock-down and in general life too. Much like a gym-goer who may have opted to build a home gym setup, some film enthusiasts decided to recreate the experience of the cinema at home by investing in speakers, projectors, and a range of streaming services. This essentially allowed families to have the same experience of watching a film in the cinema but from the comfort of their homes.

This has clear problems for the film industry, as they rely on ticket sales for profit. The problem is that it makes more sense for consumers to go the home cinema route as it can prove more enjoyable and cheaper than going to a cinema, where tickets can be high and snacks and drinks are, quite simply, extortionate. The initial investment for setting up a home cinema can be high, but investors can expect to see this back when they compare how much they would spend on average over a year of going to the cinema. The amount may surprise some people and is a clear reason why a home setup is proving popular with many people.

A home cinema is also infinitely more convenient than going to a traditional cinema. One way this can be seen is that there is no more panicking to get to the cinema on time before the movie starts. Film enthusiasts will know the frustrating feeling of missing the first 10 minutes of an anticipated movie because traffic was heavy. Getting snacks or having a bathroom break is something that is carefully debated in the cinema, as important parts of the film may be missed. At home, this notion is not a problem as it can simply be paused and resumed later.

Looking at the advantages a home cinema has, for some it is hard to justify ever going to the cinema again. This represents a clear problem for the industry, which will need to change if it hopes to keep people coming into cinemas in crowds. The experience of going to a cinema opening night for a big movie is still hard to match, and some people are sure to continue the activity for years to come.

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