Criterion Collection October Releases

High Sierra CriterionThis October, the Safdie brothers will join the Criterion Collection with their acclaimed adrenaline rush of a thriller Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler in a manically brilliant dramatic role. Humphrey Bogart gives a star-making turn alongside Ida Lupino in the gritty crime picture High Sierra, directed by action-movie master Raoul Walsh. A highlight from the early career of Satyajit Ray, Devi stages the clash between faith and reason as a sublime and shattering fable. Pulp master Jack Arnold’s existential sci-fi classic The Incredible Shrinking Man deploys ingenious special effects to ask what it means to be human. And that’s not all: Kaneto Shindo’s chilling erotic folktale Onibaba and Lynne Ramsay’s hauntingly beautiful coming-of-age tale Ratcatcher will make their Blu-ray debuts.

October 5: Onibaba
October 12: High Sierra
October 19: The Incredible Shrinking Man
October 19: Ratcatcher
October 26: Devi

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