"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Nov 232015

photo for American Ultra “American Ultra” is an incredible waste of talent, squandering Kristen Stweart and John Leguizamo in a weak-kneed stoner version of the Jason Bourne series. Small-town nerd Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg playing, what else, Jesse Eisenberg) works at a shop ‘n’ go type market, spending his time getting loaded and writing a graphic novel about a superhero monkey. Like Bourne, he doesn’t know that he was trained by the CIA as a lethal killing machine, but when he’s targeted for termination, his latent skills come to the fore and he’s turned into a deadly weapon. Stewart plays his all-forgiving girlfriend and Leguizamo plays the stoner’s best friend. Sounds like fun but the film’s a dud. There’s too many side trips and distractions — whole sequences stick out of place like sore thumbs — and when the film doesn’t pander to the stupid obnoxiousness of a CIA uberagent played by Topher Grace, it lingers on the unbelievable romance (sans any chemistry) between Stewart and Eisenberg. Skip it. Vitals: Director: Nima Nourizadeh. Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Topher Grace, Connie Britton, Walton Goggins, John Leguizamo, Bill Pullman, Tony Hale. 2015, CC, MPAA rating: R, 96 min., Action-Comedy, Box office gross: $14.423 million, Lionsgate. Extras: “Activating American Ultra” documentary, “Assassinating on a Budget” featurette, gag reel, commentary with director Nima Nourizadeh. 2 stars

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