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Close to the MGM Crowd

FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD (1967) Blu-ray Disc. Adapted from Thomas Hardy’s epic pastoral romance, John Schlesinger’s sumptuous cinematic spectacle featuring Nicholas Roeg’s painterly lensing, may now have its hues and humanity fully experienced at home thanks to the glories of high definition. Julie Christie stars as the iconic, independent lass Bathsheba Everdene, the object of the loves and lusts of three very different suitors in late 19th Century England. The rogue soldier Frank Troy (Terence Stamp), the rich, removed landowner William Boldwood (Peter Finch) and the rough-hewn shepherd Gabriel Oak (Alan Bates) all vie for her affection, but only one has the key to her fate. We present the original International Roadshow Version (with Overture, Entr’acte, and Exit Music), which includes 3 minutes of footage not shown in original domestic theatrical release. SPECIAL FEATURES: Vintage featurette “Location: Far From The Madding Crowd” (1080p HD), Original Theatrical Trailer. 16×9 Widescreen

Tracy & Stewart at MGM

THEY GAVE HIM A GUN (1937) Spencer Tracy and Franchot Tone star in this timely-as-ever-tale of the toll of war on those that wage it, on both the frontline and the home front. World War I-era carnival barker and early draftee Fred P. Willis (Tracy, in full, grounding regular mode) takes rural ingenue Jimmy Davis (Franchot Tone, demonstrating his vast range) under his wing after Jimmy’s fears completely overwhelm him. But when the flak is flying fast and furious, Jimmy turns into a demon with a gun, and the former innocent becomes a decorated killer of men. But after armistice breaks out, Jimmy finds Prohibition-era America has little use for yesterday’s heroes and takes up the gun, for self and not for country. When Fred gets wise to Jimmy’s wiseguy ways, his only hope is to tip off the lass he left behind who’s now Jimmy’s wife (Gladys George). Half All Quiet on the Western Front, half Heroes For Sale, They Gave Him A Gun comes loaded for bear, then and now. W.S. Van Dyke directs.

THE MURDER MAN (1935) They call crack homicide reporter Steve Grey (Spencer Tracy, in his first foray as a MGM contract player) “The Murder Man” because he’s gifted with a knack for solving the most impossible of crimes. When Police Department stringer “Shorty” (James Stewart, in his feature debut) calls in the crime of the year – the mysterious murder of crooked tycoon J. Spencer Halford, The Murder Man wastes no time in proving Halford’s partner Henry Mander (Harvey Stephens) was behind the cunning killing. With Mander awaiting execution, Shorty summons Grey from the country to conduct Mander’s death row interview at their editors request. Grey agrees, over the objection of long suffering sweetheart Mary (Virginia Bruce), and leads us into a third act that shocks, while Spencer’s performance effortlessly suspends any disbelief. Directed and co-written by Tim Whelan.

SPEED (1936) James Stewart’s first starrer sees him ably lead a brisk and breezy B picture, loaded with A-talent, verve and swerves. Chief car-tester and mechanic, Terry Martin (Stewart) is charged with putting Emery Motors revolutionary new carburetor through its paces. Complicating matters for Terry and his mechanic pal Gadget (Ted Healey) is know-it-all engineer Frank Lawson (Weldon Heyburn) who proves a romantic rival for the affections of new girl Jane (Wendy Barrie) while running Terry and Gadget into the road, literally. The fast-paced script is enlivened by the pictures innovative use of real life footage from the Indianapolis 500 and a skillful recreation of the

All-Star TV for All Tastes

BRONCO: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON (1960-61) This two-disc, 10 episode collection presents Bronco (Ty Hardin) with some his greatest challenges which spring from friend and foe alike! The season starts with a bang as Bronco finds himself framed for the crimes of a white scalphunter (Mort Mills), then rapidly raises the stakes as he’s forced  to team with a notorious outlaw (Gerald Mohr), revisit Civil War espionage, and join a manhunt alongside a Mountie (Felix Deebank) for his best friend and former commander (Richard Garland). It all comes to a head when Bronco must learn how to tame the tempestuous oratory of the “Yankee Tornado,” a young Teddy Roosevelt (Peter Breck) side by side with Sugarfoot himself, Tom Brewster (Will Hutchins). Other notable guests include Buddy Ebsen, Chad Everett, Shirley Knight, Robert Armstrong, Denver Pyle and Lee Van Cleef.

ROAD ROVERS: THE COMPLETE SERIES (1996) Meet “Cano-sapien” the next, heroic step in the evolution of man’s best friend! After the evil General Parvo unleashes Professor Shepherd’s inventions upon the world, mutating dogs into monsters, Professor Shepherd recruits an international team of canines and “transdogmafies” them into super-heroic, humanoid crime-fighters. From the White House hails Hunter, the leader of the pack; from 10 Downing Street comes high-kicking Colleen; from the German Chancellery bounds hard-biting Blitz; from the Kremlin comes eye-blasting Exile; and from the Swiss Confederation comes devout coward, Shag. And waiting in the wings is Muzzle, their maniac secret weapon, confined to gurney and mask until the chips are down and some savagery is on the menu. The Road Rovers face off against myriad menaces, all across time and space, in this 2-Disc, 13-Episode complete series collection.

First Time in Widescreen

MICHAEL COLLINS (1997) Neil Jordan’s classic biopic of Ireland’s beloved, controversial political leader, street soldier, and martyr for peace, Michael Collins, the way it was meant to be seen in widescreen. One of Liam Neeson’s finest performances, alongside as stellar a cast including Julia Roberts, Alan Rickman,Stephen Rea and Aidan Quinn. 16×9 Widescreen

STAR 80 (1983) Bob Fosse’s final film is a disturbing portrait of madness and murder, based on the life and tragic death of Dorothy Stratten (Mariel Hemingway). Skillfully shot and performed (especially Eric Robert’s harrowing descent into the persona of Stratten’s killer, her husband Paul Snider), the film is a harrowing and haunting experience. 16×9 Widescreen

THE FIRST DEADLY SIN (1980) Frank Sinatra’s final starring role, based on Lawrence Sanders best-seller, sees Ol’ Blue Eyes as a cop at loose ends who can’t let it go. With his wife (Faye Dunaway) near death, Det. Delaney throws out the rule book and orchestrates a desperate manhunt. With James Whitmore and Brenda Vaccaro. Directed by Brian Hutton. 16×9 Widescreen

LOVESICK (1983) Dudley Moore stars as a sad-sack shrink Saul, unlucky in love – he has fallen for his patient Chloe (Downnton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern). Although it will probably cost him his career, the heart wants what it wants… From the wit and wisdom of Marshall Brickman (Annie Hall, Simon). Co-starring  Alec Guinness and Christine Baranski. 16×9 Widescreen

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