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Mar 162019

Top 10 Underrated Reality TV Shows

Reality shows have long been in the league of the most sought-after and profitable TV projects. And it is not surprising, since we like to watch how much other people are willing to do anything just to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Here are the world’s top 10 underrated reality TV shows.

  1. Dadagiri

Dadagiri ran for four seasons and was called the meanest show on Indian television. Described as a competition that required physical strength, brains, and raw courage, the show took four ex-students and brought them metaphorically back to their first day of college. The show was complete with bullies who would torment students and ridicule them for being dumb, insult their appearance and personalities, and even physically attack them every round. Some of them would be eliminated and then forced to eat disgusting meals like maggots. It’s just ugly.

  1. Something About Miriam

Something About Miriam was a dating show labeled by critics as the cruelest reality show idea. The program had six men competing to be chosen by Miriam — a 21-year-old Mexican model. Sounds great, except that the men didn’t know that Miriam was a transwoman. At the end of the season, the winner learned the truth about Miriam and that he’d been lied to. After the debunking, he denied the prize and filed a joint suit against the producers with the five other men. The lawsuit cited a series of crimes committed against the contestants. These included psychological damage, defamation, breach of contract, and sexual assault. The network that aired this show opted to settle the matter out of court for an unknown amount of money and went ahead with airing the show anyway after its delay.

  1. Married at First Sight

This is another show about love relationships. Married at First Sight originally aired on July 8, 2004. The participants were six single people pairs who meet literally on their wedding day. Without any time to know a thing about each other, the couples say “I do” and become legally married. Next, each couple spends their first night in a hotel, goes on a honeymoon, and then spends six weeks living together. At the end of the bizarre journey, they get to decide if they want to stay married or get divorced. Do you want to find your soulmate? It’s not necessary to take part in reality shows; you can simply visit this Ukrainian dating site.

  1. I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

This reality show was filmed in the best traditions of American MTV. It was based on the premise that many women do not always know that one of the spermatozoids has reached its goal, and they’re unaware of pregnancy for some time. As a rule, this situation disappears after a pregnancy test or a visit to the doctor. But wait, how is it possible not to know about what is happening with your body for nine months!? Exactly! This series is not for the faint-hearted.

  1. My Cat From Hell

All social networks and some TV channels often prove that cats are such cute creatures that are just waiting for people to smother them with caresses. Fat chance! The famous rocker Jackson Galaxy takes on the most difficult cases related to the furry devils in his show My Cat From Hell. He deals with cats with the nastiest tempers.

  1. Extreme Couponing

Most people use savings coupons at least once in their life. If your apartment is filled with rolls of toilet paper that were bought at a bargain price, and your closets are full of unnecessary things that were bought at a discount with coupons, then this show is definitely for you.

  1. Doomsday Preppers

This show is for you if:

1) You are sure that one day zombies will rise from their graves;

2) You are afraid that you will get lost in a forest, and when you return, you’ll be the last person in the world;

3) It seems to you that very soon there will be no food/water/electricity left on earth; in other words, the end of the world will come one day (very soon!).

This show gives advice on how to prepare for the apocalypse.

  1. The Arrangement

This is the first of its kind flower design competition. Ten very talented designers enter into a series of competitions where they need to use flowers in the most unexpected ways. After a couple of seasons, you’ll realize that all these games and machinations with roses and tulips are not just a job: they’re art.

  1. My Strange Addiction

If you think that addiction is limited to drugs, sex, and alcohol, you are mistaken. This show demonstrates some of the most unusual addictions that people have. Some are just so weird: people eat toilet paper, bullets, glass … or marry a doll. But the most important thing is that many of these people have very interesting personalities.

  1. Born in the Wild

The women in this show give birth in the wild without any help. It’s hard to imagine, but some couples did agree to take part in such a weird project and gave birth amidst the wild without the participation of doctors. Such a bold idea has been repeatedly criticized and condemned.

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