That’s a Bingo! The Best Bingo Scenes From the Best Films

Best Bingo Scenes from TV Shows and Films


That’s a Bingo!

Usually, when casino games are shown in a cinema or in TV shows, the game features classics like blackjack, roulette, or maybe even craps. Often, men are seen wearing suave suits or tuxedos while they try their luck at their favorite game, and women might be wearing high heels and a glittering evening dress. These games are seen as exciting and glamorous, an image perpetuated by both online and land-based casinos. However, there’s a whole wide world of casino games out there, and some of the most enjoyable games aren’t often featured in films or TV. You almost never see a character learning how to play slingo, trying out Sic bo, or playing bingo, for example. Well, we’re here to tell you that the world of cinema is missing out on a perfect time!

Bingo is one of the most enjoyable gambling games around. While it’s not often a game you see in brick-and-mortar casinos or even in gambling movies, but in community halls instead. Bingo is so much fun. Despite its reputation, bingo isn’t just for the older generation. In recent years, there’s been a massive surge in bingo across all age groups; this might be thanks to some fun bingo scenes in a number of well-known movies. If you love bingo, or if you’ve never played it before and are going to give it a try, why not start by checking out these fantastic bingo scenes in some of the best films that have come out over the last few decades.

That’s a Bingo! The Best Bingo Scenes From the Best Films
Image by Lisa via Pexels

Hotel Transylvania

We love Hotel Transylvania for several reasons; the animation is incredible, the storyline is entertaining and heartwarming, the cast is truly amazing, and there’s a bingo scene! In the movie, Dracula has created a hotel that is for monsters only. This hotel offers monsters protection from the persecution of humans and a safe space where they can relax and engage in monsterly activities at their leisure. They do things like have breakfast by the pool when the sun goes down, have couples messages, do water aerobics with a fly for an instructor, and even play bingo! Bingo at Hotel Transylvania is a little different from the usual: the numbers are chosen by whispering mini-skulls, tumbled around in a cage, and drawn out by a very softly spoken old lady monster. One of the gremlins playing bingo doesn’t like that she’s lost, so she eats the winner before they can claim their prize.

The Simpsons Movie

A modern classic in and of itself, The Simpsons Movie has plenty of reasons for fans to love it from start to finish. The addition of an entertaining bingo scene is just the icing on the cake! We find one of our favorite daughters, Lisa, at the Springfield Retirement Castle where she meets a new friend called Jasper. Lisa, an old soul, finds joy in things that most people her age might not immediately love, like bingo. She is invited to play a game with Jasper and has her eye on that huge grand prize.

That’s a Bingo! The Best Bingo Scenes From the Best Films
Image by Rudolf Klintsons via Pexels

Big Momma’s House 2

Big Momma’s House 2 is funny from start to finish. In this bingo scene, the titular character is at a bingo hall having a good time playing a game or two while “she” tries to glean a little information from the man sitting next to her. Her chatting is clearly irritating another player; the man turns around to give her an evil look which he hopes will silence her, before returning to his card. Big Momma carries right on chatting to her target, and the irritated player wheels around once more to shush her. She responds by pointing out that the MC is already shouting! But the interruptions have only just begun, as an old nemesis approaches Big Mama and is ready to fight if she needs to. A verbal altercation ensues, and Big Momma never does get to finish her game.

Better Call Saul

Though there isn’t technically an entire episode dedicated to the game of bingo in this 2015 episode of the TV series, we couldn’t leave it off the list. Jimmy McGill, an aspiring criminal lawyer, plays bingo host at his local home for senior citizens. He gets agitated when the machine keeps selecting the same sequence of numbers over and over, so no one can win. It resonates with his own experiences of not winning at anything, causing him to deliver a wonderfully worded rant about his past misadventures to his elderly, much-befuddled audience, who were only really interested in the bingo.

That’s a Bingo! The Best Bingo Scenes From the Best Films
Image by Екатерина Глущенко via Pexels

Wrap Up

These scenes featuring that game called bingo are found in some truly interesting, unique, and exciting films: have you seen any of them yet?


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