"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Apr 282021

Are you looking for a new DVD to add to your collection? Consider watching Disney-Pixar’s highly anticipated tear-jerker of a release, Soul.Soul: on digital, Blu-ray and 4K

While Disney-Pixar’s Academy Award nominated Soul might not have had a traditional theatre release, Disney Home Entertainment still released the film on disc and digital on March 23. Fans can enjoy the movie on DVD, Blu-ray and from participating digital providers.

The plot

For starters, audiences and critics around the world have agreed that despite the beautiful animation and bright colors of the movie, Soul, like anime, was certainly not created with children in mind. The content is quite heavy and emotional and while kids will definitely enjoy it, the grit of the film is best suited for adult audiences.

The movie’s main character, Joe Garner (Jamie Foxx), has spent his entire life dreaming about becoming a professional jazz pianist. However, things have never gone quite according to plan and when we meet him, he is feeling trapped in a job and teaching at a public school to pay the bills. Of course, when it finally seems as though he is about to catch a break, a misstep sends his soul into the afterlife.

Trying desperately to escape, we see Joe’s soul end up in “The Great Before.” Here, he is assigned as a mentor to a very reluctant soul named ‘22’ (Tina Fey). She decides to help him try and return to earth, but plenty of trouble, along with a dash of heart-warming moments and existential angst, ensues.

Bonus features

All discs come with an additional hour of bonus features not included in the original digital version of Soul. These features are exclusive to the film’s home video release. There are two extra discs of features, bringing the total number of packaged discs to three.

The first disc of bonus features includes insight into how Joe Gardner was created, as well as an exploration of his character and design. It also includes information on how the world where souls come from was created in a snippet aptly named Astral Taffy. Additionally, director Pete Doctor, producer Dana Murray and writer Kemp Powers provide feature-length commentary on the movie.

The second disc features the making of the music of the movie, which given the lead character’s driving force, is vital to the film. It also features a six-minute, 49 second bonus clip called Soul, Improvised. Here, viewers get a hilarious glimpse into the final six-weeks of the film’s production, which was hampered by the studio’s closing due to the pandemic. The clip documents the hurdles faced by the crew.

Video quality

With so many streaming platforms now available, one would be forgiven for wondering what the point of purchasing Soul on DVD is, especially when you can also play at betbigdollar.com online. Apart from the extensive bonus features, the film’s video quality is markedly better on disc – something which will definitely appeal to major film buffs. For example, on 4K UHD, the earth scenes boast strong, realistic detail which is juxtaposed by the soft focus and intentionally blurry edges created for The Great Before.

However, if you do choose to watch the movie on a digital streaming platform as most viewers will, it is still incredibly beautiful and well worth the effort.

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