"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jan 152014

Here’s the latest feature film titles from the Sony Pictures Choice Collection manufacture-on-demand program:

Affair in Trinidad
When Steve Emery (Glenn Ford, 3:10 to Yuma (1957)) finds out that his brother is in trouble, he heads to Trinidad immediately, only to find out he’s been murdered. Meeting his brother’s wife, nightclub singer Chris (Rita Hayworth, Gilda), he finds her getting close to Max Fabian trinidad(Alexander Scourby, Ransom!). As Steve starts to question Max’s involvement with his brother’s death, Steve also finds himself falling for Chris. But what does Chris really know, and how far will Steve go to find the truth?

Trail of the Rustlers
The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett, The Mask of Fu Manchu) is framed for the murder of a homesteader by the Mahoney Gang, led by matriarch Mrs. J.G. Mahoney (Mira McKinney, Modern Times). The Kid realizes that the Mahoneys are trying to buy all the land in town, and would resort to murder to do so. It’s up to The Kid to stop the Mahoneys and clear his name in the process.

The Miami Story
The city of Miami finds itself overrun with gambling, vice and murder, and the main man behind it is Tony Brill (Luther Adler, Absence of Malice), a notorious crime boss who rules Miami with an iron fist. Five civic leaders come up with the idea of bringing in Mick Flagg (Barry Sullivan, TV’s “The Tall Man”), an ex-gangster who was framed by Brill for murder. Flagg comes into town and starts his own syndicate to intimidate Brill, and to set him up at his own game. Can Flagg and the police bring down the infamous criminal?

Monsieur Ibrahim
Screen legend Omar Sharif (Hidalgo, and such classics as Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago) is Monsieur Ibrahim, an elderly widower who owns a grocery store in a shabby, working-class section of Paris. His life takes on new meaning when he befriends Momo, a lonely teenage boy (Pierre Boulanger). In Ibrahim, Momo finds the father he never had, a patient man infused with kindness and a wisdomthat he freely shares. And Momo awakens within Ibrahim a taste for grand adventure, which takes them on a journey that will change their lives forever.

The Crimson Kimono
From acclaimed director Samuel Fuller (The Big Red One) comes a compelling murder mystery set in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles. An exotic dancer is shot in cold blood, and detectives Charlie Bancroft (Glenn Corbett, Shenandoah) and Joe Kojaku (James Shigeta,crimson Die Hard) are put on the case. When the two detectives meet Christine Downs (Victoria Shaw, Westworld), a key witness, both cops fall in love with her, making a hard-to-solve murder even more complicated.

Never Take Candy From a Stranger
Two young girls, Jean (Janina Fay, Horror of Dracula) and Lucille (Frances Green), are playing when they decide to go get candy from Clarence Olderberry (Felix Aylmer, Anastasia, 1956), a mysterious old man who lives in a large mansion nearby. When Jean returns from the mansion, she tells her parents, Peter (Patrick Allen, Night Creatures) and Sally (Gwen Watford, Cleopatra, 1963), that the old man had the girls dance in the nude. Peter and Sally try to press charges, but the police are hesitant to follow through on an accusation against one of the most respected people in town. The case does go to trial, however, and it comes down to the word of a little girl against a rich family and their legal team.

The Pirates of Blood River
In the village of Devon, Jonathon Standing (Kerwin Mathews, Jack the Giant Killer) is exiled by his own father after committing adultery with a married woman. Sentenced to a prison camp, Jonathon escapes but is caught by a gang of vicious pirates led by Captain LaRoche (Christopher Lee, The Lord of the Rings series). Jonathon is commanded to lead the crew back to Devon to obtain the village’s rumored great treasure. When the pirates reach Devon, a battle ensues and Jonathon must choose sides. Also featuring Glenn Corbett (Shenandoah) and Oliver Reed (Gladiator), THE PIRATES OF BLOOD RIVER is a swashbuckling adventure! Includes commentary.

Cindy Fralick (Nancy McKeon, TV’s “The Facts of Life”) is determined to become the first female firefighter in Los Angeles County, a feat never accomplished in the organization’s 60-year history. She has to overcome rigorous physical tests, as well as sexism and a failing marriage, to accomplish her goals, but through determination and perseverance, Cindy is ready to break the mold of what a firefighter can be. Newly remastered.

Lady by Choice
Alabam Lee (Carole Lombard, To Be or Not to Be) is a fan dancer whose show is considered too racy, causing her to be convicted of a morals code charge. Alabam’s publicist, in order to improve her image, comes up with the plan of adopting a woman to portray her mother, and Alabam chooses Patsy (May Robson, Bringing Up Baby), a vociferous drunk with a shady past. Patsy’s lawyer, Johnny (Roger Pryor, Sitting on the Moon), meets Alabam and falls in love, but the judge who charged Alabam thinks that she is angling Johnny for his money, causing a strain in their relationship. Newly remastered.

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