"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Apr 022020

With the COVID-19 Pandemic turning millions of filmlovers into stay-at-home viewers, audiences may soon run out of new titles to watch. Amazon has made the effort with a host of new titles, but with new productions being postoponed all the time, and zillions of content-hungry clients locked in for who knows how long, the situation is not rosy. The new Prime Video Cinema hub, that allows you to rent or buy in-theater movies, has just nine new titles to offer right now: Onward, Birds of Prey, I Still Believe, The Invisible Man, Emma, Bloodshot, The Call of the Wild, The Way Back and The Hunt. Have you already watched them all? You can make a pause and take a tour on dafabet, for a change, but what can you do when you get hungry for movies again?

Tour the world, go to Bollywood. Get a taste of a different world. Your wallet will thank you too, because while Prime Video Cinema’s titles at the moment rent/buy for a lofty 19.99 $, the Indian blockbusters are free with a Prime membership or can be rented for 2-3 dollars. If you never tried Bollywood before, apart from being entertained, you will have your attention diverted from black thoughts by the novelty of the whole experience. Here are three suggestions of recent Indian movies inspired by three different historic periods.

Veeran (Courage)

The story of “the Macbeth of Kerala,” in a trilingual version, Hindi, English and Malayalam. Film maker Jayaraj’s dream was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play to a 13th century North Malabar context. Bollywood’s heart robber Kunal Kapoor was chosen to portray Chandu Chekavar, a warrior who wants to be king. “It’s an interesting story about bravery, lust, greed and power,” Kapoor explained after accepting the role. The basis for the plot is taken from the Vaddakkan Pattukal (Northern Ballads) of North Malabar, and revives a traditional combat technique. “We have in front of us a cultural treasure in the form of Kalari, probably one of the first and the oldest martial arts in the world. Chinese and Japanese martial arts are said to have originated from it,” director Jayraj explained. “Veeran” is a rich and ambitious production resulting in one hour and forty five minutes of aestethically impressive screen experience.

Kalank (Stigma)

Bollywood at its best, with all the melodrama, kitsch, complicated plot full of intrigue and convoluted love affairs that can fit into an endless two hours and forty five minutes. “In pre-independence India, six individuals from different families experience the throes of love, betrayal, revenge and depression,” runs the official press presentation. Follow the heartbreak of beautiful Roop through her marriage of convenience with Dev Chaudhry and her unhappy love for Zafar, the blacksmith who seduces her out of revenge against her father in law. In the background, the partition of India is already looming and providing a further storyline, just a touch of politics to add to the tragic finale.

Section 375

“Law is a fact, Justice is abstract,” quips criminal barrister Tarun Saluja confronting his opponent and former trainee Hiral Gandhi on a steaming hot rape case. The plot sees a famous film director, by the name of Rohan Khurana, arrested and convicted by a sessions court upon the accusation of costume designer Anjali Dangle, who reported him for a purported violent sexual assault. The case disputes the legal provisions of the penal code 375 that defines conditions under which a sexual offense can be defined as rape. A classical court movie on a burning hot current issue, very much praised by critics.

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