Kino Lorber Studio Classics Announces June Releases

Kino Lorber Studio Classics
Announces its June 2019 Home Video Releases

Bright Angel (1990)
Brand New 2K Master!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 4, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Drama / 93 min / R / Color

Director: Michael Fields
Starring: Dermot Mulroney, Lili Taylor, Sam Shepard, Bill Pullman, Burt Young, Valerie Perrine, Benjamin Bratt, Mary Kay Place, Delroy Lindo, Kevin Tighe, Sheila McCarthy

Synopsis: George Russell (Dermot Mulroney, Career Opportunities) is about to be swept up by his own destiny and carried into a future he never planned. A teenager stuck in a broken home in smalltown Montana, George longs for something beyond the prairie. The vivacious Lucy (Lili Taylor, I Shot Andy Warhol) becomes his ticket to freedom. Both have their own reasons for driving to Casper, Wyoming: Lucy to free her imprisoned brother; George to grasp some sense of personal direction by catching up with his estranged mother. The ride south promises more than just family reunions, as George and Lucy’s mutual curiosity blossoms into something resembling love. The colorful cast of this unique road-movie odyssey includes Sam Shepard (Country), Valerie Perrine (The Border), Burt Young (Rocky), Bill Pullman (Lost Highway), Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality), Mary Kay Place (The Big Chill), Delroy Lindo (Crooklyn), Kevin Tighe (Road House) and Sheila McCarthy (Die Hard 2).

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary by director Michael Fields | Theatrical Trailer

Money for Nothing (1993)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 4, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $19.95
DVD SRP: $14.95

Comedy-Drama / 100 min / R / Color

Director: Ramón Menéndez
Starring: John Cusack, Michael Madsen, Benicio Del Toro, James Gandolfini, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Debi Mazar, Michael Rapaport, Maury Chaykin, Fionnula Flanagan, Frankie Faison

Synopsis: John Cusack (Better Off Dead…) stars in the hilarious comedy for everyone who’s ever dreamt of instant millions. After finding a bagful of unmarked $100 bills, there were a million reasons for unemployed dockworker Joey Coyle to give the money back, but he couldn’t think of one. The lucky find launches a buying spree and a series of uproarious events leading to Joey’s outrageous attempt at sneaking out of the country-past the media, the mob and the cops. Money for Nothing is an action-comedy packed with priceless laughs, directed by Ramón Menéndez (Stand and Deliver) and co-starring Debi Mazar (Empire Records), Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight), Benicio Del Toro (Sicario), James Gandolfini (TV’s The Sopranos), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote), Michael Rapaport (True Romance), Maury Chaykin (Unstrung Heroes), Fionnula Flanagan (The Others) and Frankie Faison (Hannibal).

Bonus Features: Theatrical Trailer

Veronica Guerin (2003)
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 4, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $24.95
DVD SRP: $14.95

Drama / 98 min / R / Color

Director: Joel Schumacher
Starring: Cate Blanchett, Ciarán Hinds , Colin Farrell, Brenda Fricker, Gerald McSorley, Niall Toibin

Synopsis: Based on a True Story! Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) stars as Veronica Guerin in this action-packed, critically-acclaimed film about the real-life journalist who risked everything in search of the truth. In the mid-1990s, Dublin was nothing short of a war zone as the most powerful drug lords battled for absolute control. But their most fearsome opponent wasn’t the police, it was the courageous Sunday Independent reporter Veronica Guerin. Investigating the criminal underworld meant risking her life… and the lives of her family. Joel Schumacher (Flatliners, Falling Down) directed this crackling suspense-filled drama with a top-notch cast including Ciarán Hinds (Munich), Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot), Gerald McSorley (TV’s Omagh) and Colin Farrell (In Bruges).

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary with Director Joel Schumacher | Audio Commentary with Writers Carol Doyle and Mary Agnes Donoghue | Public Mask, Private Fears: The Making of Veronica Guerin | A Conversation with Producer Jerry Bruckheimer | Deleted Scene: Veronica Guerin Speaks at the Committee to Protect Journalists | The Real Veronica Guerin Speaks at the Committee to Protect Journalists | Producer’s Photo Diary with Jerry Bruckheimer | Theatrical Trailer

South Pacific (2001 TV Movie)

DVD Street Date: June 4, 2019
DVD SRP: $14.95

Musical / 135 min / NR / Color

Director: Richard Pearce
Starring: Glenn Close, Harry Connick Jr., Rade Serbedzija , Jack Thompson, Lori Tan Chinn, Ilene Graff, Robert Pastorelli

Synopsis: Three-time Tony Award winner Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction), two-time Grammy Award winner Harry Connick Jr. (Hope Floats) and Rade Serbedzija (Snatch) lead a sensational cast in this rousing version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s beloved musical South Pacific. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by James A. Michener (Sayonara), and featuring some of the finest music ever written for the stage (Some Enchanted Evening, Younger Than Springtime and I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair), South Pacific spins a romantic tale of love and loss on a tropical island naval base during the Second World War. Enjoy the fun and adventure of this breathtaking production with a star-studded cast, timeless songs and a story that has enchanted audiences for years. Directed by veteran filmmaker Richard Pearce (Country, Heartland, No Mercy) and co-starring Jack Thompson (The Earthling).

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Lee Gambin | NEW – Lee Gambin interviews actress Ilene Graff (Audio) | A Deleted Scene That Includes “My Girl Back Home” Performed by Harry Connick, Jr. and Glenn Close | On Location with Glenn Close, A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Making Of The Movie | Trailer

Huckleberry Finn (1975)
DVD Street Date: June 11, 2019
DVD SRP: $14.95

Drama / 77 min / NR / Color

Director: Robert Totten
Starring: Ron Howard, Donny Most, Jack Elam, Antonio Fargas, Merle Haggard, Clint Howard, Rance Howard, Jean Howard, Royal Dano

Synopsis: Always in a bind, Huckleberry Finn (Ron Howard, American Graffiti) has learned to think on his feet. When his drunken father (Ron’s real dad, Rance Howard, Nebraska) kidnaps him, Huck fakes his own death and escapes down the wild Mississippi. While on the run, Huck teams up with his old friend Jim (Antonio Fargas, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka), a slave headed for free territory. Together they encounter every kind of adventure imaginable-from a hoax involving a pair of lying crooks, to hunters looking for the runaway Jim, and even a dangerous escapade with Huckleberry’s pal, Tom Sawyer (Donny Most, TV’s Happy Days). Hollywood and television veteran Robert Totten (TV’s The Sacketts) directed this charming TV movie based on Mark Twain’s novel. The wonderful cast includes Jack Elam (Support Your Local Sheriff), country music legend Merle Haggard (Killers Three), Ron Howard’s mom Jean Howard (Scrooged) and brother Clint Howard (Ice Cream Man), and Royal Dano (The Outlaw Josey Wales) as Mark Twain.

Kidnapped (1971)

Brand New 2K Master!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 11, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Adventure / 107 min / G / Color

Director: Delbert Mann
Starring: Michael Caine, Donald Pleasence, Trevor Howard, Jack Hawkins, Gordon Jackson, Freddie Jones, Jack Watson, Lawrence Douglas

Synopsis: In this Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island) adventure story, the battlefield of Culloden is awash with the blood of Scottish Highlanders making their last stand against the Hanoverian forces. Against this wartorn backdrop of the Jacobite Rebellion, the young orphan David Balfour seeks to claim his inheritance from his uncle Ebenezer (Donald Pleasence, The Great Escape), who in turn shanghais David into slavery. A prisoner at sea, David finds a swashbuckling companion in fugitive Jacobite rebel Alan Breck (played with panache by Michael Caine, The Black Windmill). Veteran Hollywood filmmaker Delbert Mann (Marty, Separate Tables) directed this old-fashioned classic adventure yarn co-starring Trevor Howard (Von Ryan’s Express) and Jack Hawkins (The Bridge on the River Kwai).

Pursuit (1972)
Brand New 2K Master!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 11, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $24.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Drama / 74 min / NR / Color

Director: Michael Crichton
Starring: Ben Gazzara, Martin Sheen, E.G. Marshall, Joseph Wiseman, William Windom, Jim McMullan

Synopsis: The Ultimate Weapon is about to be Unleashed! What begins as a routine investigation quickly escalates into a heart-stopping race to save millions from certain death in this taut and gripping thriller from the creator of Westworld, Coma and Jurassic Park. Michael Crichton (The Great Train Robbery, Looker, Runaway) makes an impressive directorial debut in this deadly cat-and-mouse game in which the stakes couldn’t get any higher. When government agent Steven Graves (Ben Gazzara, The Neptune Factor) investigates political extremist James Wright (E.G. Marshall, Nixon), he uncovers a diabolical plot to blast lethal nerve gas into San Diego during the Republican Convention. What’s worse, a computer hacker (Martin Sheen, Loophole) has provided Wright with a psychological profile to help him outwit Graves. Can Graves find a way to stop Wright before the ultimate nightmare begins? Co-starring Joseph Wiseman (Dr. No) and William Windom (The Detective).

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Lee Gambin and Comic Artist/Writer Tristan Jones

The Girl Most Likely To… (1973)

Brand New 2K Master!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 11, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $24.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Comedy-Drama / 74 min / NR / Color

Director: Lee Philips
Starring: Stockard Channing, Ed Asner, Jim Backus, Joe Flynn, Chuck McCann, Fred Grandy, Larry Wilcox, Reb Brown

Synopsis: Stockard Channing (Grease) is Miriam Knight, an “ugly duckling” college girl who is mistreated by everyone, including her bubble-headed roommate and the callous campus jock. But after an accident causes her to undergo reconstructive surgery, Miriam emerges from behind the bandages a ravishing beauty. It’s payback time when she uses her new attractiveness to exact revenge on all those who wronged her. Ed Asner (TV’s Lou Grant) plays the police inspector who’s hot on the trail of the femme fatale. A dark comedy written by comedy legend Joan Rivers (Rabbit Test) and directed by TV veteran Lee Philips (On the Right Track), The Girl Most Likely to… will leave you in stitches. The strong supporting cast includes Jim Backus (TV’s Gilligan’s Island), Joe Flynn (The Strongest Man in the World), Chuck McCann (C.H.O.M.P.S.), Fred Grandy (TV’s The Love Boat), Larry Wilcox (TV’s CHiPs) and Reb Brown (Uncommon Valor).

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian/Author Amanda Reyes and Film Historian/Author Kier-La Janisse

They Might Be Giants (1971)
Blu-ray Street Date: June 11, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95

Comedy-Drama / 91 min / G / Color

Director: Anthony Harvey
Starring: George C. Scott, Joanne Woodward, Jack Gilford, Al Lewsi, Rue McClanahan, Kitty Winn, M. Emmet Walsh, F. Murray Abraham, James Tolkan, Eugene Roche

Synopsis: Wealthy, retired judge Justin Playfair (George C. Scott, The Day of the Dolphin, The Hustler) has a most peculiar eccentricity: he believes he is Sherlock Holmes. Betrayed by his scheming brother, “Holmes” comes under the care of psychiatrist Dr. Mildred Watson (Joanne Woodward, The Three Faces of Eve, Paris Blues). As Watson follows Holmes through Manhattan on a search for his elusive nemesis Moriarty, the unlikely pair are drawn into a world of danger and intrigue. Together, they discover an uncommon reality-and a most magical love. Three years after the film The Lion in Winter, director Anthony Harvey (Grace Quigley) and screenwriter/playwright James Goldman (Robin and Marian) reunited for this classic romantic comedy. The amazing cast includes Jack Gilford (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum), Al Lewis (TV’s The Munsters), Rue McClanahan (TV’s The Golden Girls), Kitty Winn (The Panic in Needle Park), F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus) and M. Emmet Walsh (Blood Simple). They Might Be Giants is presented in a special expanded version, featuring additional footage not seen in the original theatrical release.

Bonus Features: Expanded Edition – Featuring additional footage not seen in the original theatrical release | Audio Commentary with Director Anthony Harvey and Film Archivist Robert A. Harris | Madness… It’s Beautiful – Featurette | Theatrical Trailer

Mississippi Burning (1988)

Brand New HD Master – From a 4K Scan of the Original Camera Negative!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 18, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Drama / 127 min / R / Color

Director: Alan Parker
Starring: Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe, Frances McDormand, Michael Rooker, R. Lee Ermey, Brad Dourif, Gailard Sartain, Stephen Tobolowsky, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Badja Djola, Kevin Dunn, Frankie Faison

Synopsis: Screen greats Gene Hackman (Unforgiven, The Package) and Willem Dafoe (Platoon, To Live and Die in L.A.) co-star in this masterpiece directed by legendary filmmaker Alan Parker (Midnight Express, Angel Heart). Mississippi Burning ranks as one of the most potent and insightful views of racial turmoil ever filmed. Nominated for six Oscars®* and winner of an Academy Award® for Best Cinematography (Peter Biziou, The Truman Show), this emotionally charged film vividly captures a crucial chapter in American history. In Jessup County, 1964, as three civil rights activists drive down a desolate stretch of highway, headlights ominously draw near. Telling each other to stay calm, they have no way of knowing that in minutes they will disappear into the night and spark one of the most explosive murder investigations in history. Enter straight-laced Ward (Dafoe) and deceptively easy-going Anderson (Hackman). Can these two philosophically opposed FBI agents overcome their differences and uncover the chilling mystery of a small Ku Klux Klan-ridden community before it tears itself apart? The amazing cast includes Frances McDormand (Fargo), R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket), Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) and Michael Rooker (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer).

Bonus Features: Audio Commentary by Director Alan Parker | Theatrical Trailer

Thirst (2009)
Blu-ray Street Date: June 18, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95

Horror / 135 min / R / Color

Director: Chan-wook Park
Starring: Kang-ho Song, Dong-soo Seo, Hee-jin Choi, Hwa-ryong Lee, In-hwan Park, Ok-bin Kim, Mi-ran Ra, Eriq Ebouaney

Synopsis: From Chan-wook Park, the director of Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, Lady Vengeance and Stoker, comes a shockingly original vampire story with a chilling, erotic style. A blood transfusion saves the life of a priest (Kang-ho Song, Memories of Murder, The Host, Snowpiercer), but also transforms him into a vampire. He struggles to control his insatiable thirst for blood until a love affair unleashes his darkest desires in deadly new ways. Daring and operatic, Thirst is a truly wicked love story that takes classic vampire lore to twisted new heights. “A MAD LOVE STORY! Director Park Chan-wook’s richest, craziest, most mature work yet!” – Richard Corliss, TIME

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary by Entertainment Journalist and Author Bryan Reesman | Theatrical Trailer

The Silent Partner (1978)
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 18, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Thriller / 106 min / R / Color

Director: Daryl Duke
Starring: Elliott Gould, Christopher Plummer, Susannah York, John Candy, Céline Lomez, Michael Kirby, Ken Pogue

Synopsis: A masterpiece of cunning and suspense… Miles Cullen (Elliott Gould, The Long Goodbye) discovers how interesting life can be when he is transformed from mild-mannered bank teller into daring, ingenious bank robber in a matter of seconds. Held up at the bank by the criminal Reikle (Christopher Plummer, Ordeal by Innocence), Miles manages to stash most of the money in a deposit box first. When Reikle realizes he’s been shortchanged, he plans to take revenge-and a great battle of wits ensues. To keep the money, Miles reaches new heights of courage, seducing the robber’s girlfriend (Céline Lomez, Plague) and his boss’s mistress (Susannah York, The Killing of Sister George). Filled with equal parts intrigue, romance and unexpected twists, this chilling psychological thriller also features comedy legend John Candy (Delirious) in an early film role. The screenplay by future filmmaker extraordinaire Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential) was based on the book Think of a Number by Anders Bodelsen. Wonderfully directed by Daryl Duke (Payday).

Bonus Features: NEW Interview with star Elliott Gould | NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historians Howard S. Berger, Steve Mitchell and Nathaniel Thompson | Radio Spot

Slayground (1984)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 18, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Thriller / 89 min / R / Color

Director: Terry Bedford
Starring: Peter Coyote, Billie Whitelaw, Mel Smith, Kelli Maroney, Ned Eisenberg, Clarence Felder

Synopsis: From Donald E. Westlake, the creator of Point Blank, The Outfit and The Grifters! It should have been a quick and easy heist for Stone (Peter Coyote, Bitter Moon, Heart of Midnight), a cold cash hit on an armored car. But things turn ugly when a young girl is accidentally killed during the getaway and the child’s grieving father hires a sadistic assassin to avenge her death. Now Stone is on the run from a relentless killing machine, a chase that will lead them to a run-down amusement park on the bleak British coast where death is the final contract and vengeance is the ultimate ride. Billie Whitelaw (Frenzy, The Krays) and comedy legend Mel Smith (Brain Donors) co-star in this violent action-thriller with a screenplay by Trevor Preston (I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, The Sweeney) and top-notch direction by veteran cameraman Terry Bedford (Jabberwocky).

Bonus Features: NEW Interview with star Peter Coyote | Theatrical Trailer

Ordeal by Innocence (1984)
Brand New HD Master – From a 2K Scan of the 35mm interpositive!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 18, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Mystery / 90 min / PG-13 / Color

Director: Desmond Davis
Starring: Donald Sutherland, Christopher Plummer, Faye Dunaway, Ian McShane, Sarah Miles, Diana Quick, Michael Elphick, George Innes

Synopsis: Screen greats Donald Sutherland (The Great Train Robbery), Faye Dunaway (The Thomas Crown Affair) and Christopher Plummer (The Silent Partner) co-star in Ordeal by Innocence, a sizzling mystery by Agatha Christie (Death on the Nile). After a two-year expedition into Antarctica, Dr. Arthur Calgary (Sutherland) travels back to England to return his friend Jack Argyle’s address book, which Jack had left in Arthur’s car before his departure. Jack, however, is dead, executed after being framed for murder. Calgary has proof of his innocence; he was with Jack at the time of the murder. But why then does no one wish to reopen the case? Not Jack’s father (Plummer), not his secretary (Diana Quick, TV’s Brideshead Revisited), not his sister (Sarah Miles, White Mischief) or her husband (Ian McShane, Sexy Beast), not even Inspector Huish (Michael Elphick, The Element of Crime), the policeman in charge. Ordeal by Innocence is one ordeal you’re sure to enjoy! Directed by veteran British director Desmond Davis (Girl with Green Eyes, Smashing Time, Clash of the Titans).

Bonus Features: US and International Trailers

The Brink’s Job (1978)

Blu-ray Street Date: June 18, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95

Comedy-Drama / 104 min / PG / Color

Director: William Friedkin
Starring: Peter Falk, Peter Boyle, Warren Oates, Gena Rowlands, Paul Sorvino, Allen Garfield, Sheldon Leonard

Synopsis: The robbery nobody thought could happen by the guys nobody thought could pull it off! The year is 1950, the take is $2.7 million, and the movie is The Brink’s Job, a high-spirited comedy caper which explores the lives of the men who pulled one of the most famous heists in history. Legendary filmmaker William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist, The Boys in the Band, Sorcerer) directs this gritty yet whimsical tale of a gang of smalltime hoods who hit the bigtime jackpot. The fine ensemble cast includes Peter Falk (Pocketful of Miracles), Warren Oates (Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia), Peter Boyle (F.I.S.T.), Paul Sorvino (The Day of the Dolphin), Gena Rowlands (Minnie and Moskowitz) and Allen Garfield (Busting). In short, The Brink’s Job will have you laughing all the way to the bank.

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historians Howard S. Berger, Steve Mitchell and Nathaniel Thompson | Theatrical Trailer

The Border (1982)
Blu-ray Street Date: June 18, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95

Crime Drama / 108 min / R / Color

Director: Tony Richardson
Starring: Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, Warren Oates, Valerie Perrine, Lonny Chapman, Elpidia Carrillo, Shannon Wilcox, William Russ

Synopsis: At the edge of risk… on the other side of reason! Screen legend Jack Nicholson (The Shining, Prizzi’s Honor, Chinatown) stars in this gripping story of a man torn between his career and his conscience. As a border guard involved in drug smuggling along the Rio Grande, Charlie Smith (Nicholson) has crossed the line many times. But when he decides to clean up his act and help unite an “illegal” woman with her baby, he runs afoul of his corrupt department, his greedy wife (Valerie Perrine, Superman: The Movie) and a ruthless neighbor (Harvey Keitel, Blue Collar) in this action-packed suspense-thriller. Veteran filmmaker Tony Richardson (Tom Jones, The Hotel New Hampshire) directed this tension-filled crime-drama co-starring the great Warren Oates (The Brink’s Job).

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary by Film Critic and Author Simon Abrams | Theatrical Trailer

Gone to Earth (1950) | The Wild Heart (1953)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: June 25, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Drama / 86/111min / NR / COlor

Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Starring: Jennifer Jones, David Farrar, Cyril Cusack, Sybil Thorndike, Hugh Griffith, Esmond Knight

Synopsis: Screen legend Jennifer Jones (Portrait of Jennie) stars as the young, beguiling Hazel Woodus in 1897 Shropshire, England. More than the people around her, she loves and understands the wild animals of the countryside, especially her pet fox. Whenever she has problems, she turns to the book of spells and charms left to her by her gypsy mother. When dashing local squire Jack Reddin (David Farrar, Hour of Glory) begins to pursue Hazel-despite her marriage to Baptist minister Edward Marston (Cyril Cusack, Fahrenheit 451)-a struggle for her body and soul ensues. This special edition includes both the original 1950 film, Gone to Earth, and the Roadshow Edition of producer David O. Selznick’s (Duel in the Sun) 1952 re-edit, The Wild Heart. Produced, written and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (The Red Shoes) and stunningly shot in color by Christopher Challis (A Shot in the Dark).

Bonus Features: Includes the Roadshow Edition of THE WILD HEART and the Original Longer Cut, GONE TO EARTH | NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Samm Deighan GONE TO EARTH | NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Troy Howarth THE WILD HEART | Jennifer Jones Trailers

Thunder Bay (1953)
Blu-ray Street Date: June 25, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95

Drama / 103 min / NR / Color

Director: Anthony Mann
Starring: James Stewart, Joanne Dru, Gilbert Roland, Dan Duryea, Jay C. Flippen, Harry Morgan

Synopsis: A storm of excitement swirls around James Stewart (Broken Arrow, Rear Window) in this dynamic tale of adventurous wildcatters searching for black gold in the Gulf of Mexico. Dan Duryea (Foxfire) teams with Stewart as a pair of oil prospectors who must stand up to devastating hurricanes, dangerous love affairs and a hostile town of Cajun fishermen to strike pay dirt. The alluring Joanne Dru (Red River) co-stars as a Louisiana firebrand who fears Stewart’s exploration will destroy her way of life, but can’t help the attraction she feels for the magnetic fortune seeker. The great Anthony Mann (Bend of the River, Man of the West) directed this explosive adventure yarn with top-notch cinematography by William H. Daniels (Woman in Hiding). The sterling cast includes Gilbert Roland (The Bullfighter and the Lady), Jay C. Flippen (Man Without a Star) and Harry Morgan (The Ox-Bow Incident).

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Toby Roan | Theatrical Trailer

Midnight Lace (1960)

Blu-ray Street Date: June 25, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95

Mystery / 103 min / NR / Color

Director: David Miller
Starring: Doris Day, Rex Harrison, John Gavin, Myrna Loy, Roddy McDowall, Herbert Marshall, John Williams, Anthony Dawson, Rhys Williams

Synopsis: Target for Temptation… or Terror! Screen legends Doris Day (Love Me or Leave Me) and Rex Harrison (My Fair Lady) star in this shocking Hitchcockian thriller wonderfully directed by David Miller (Sudden Fear). Kit Preston (Day) is the elegant newlywed wife of British financier Anthony Preston (Harrison). Shortly after moving to one of London’s wealthiest neighborhoods, Kit is threatened by an unknown party. The tension mounts as the menacing phone calls continue and her husband shows little concern, until Kit begins to doubt her own sanity and the motives of everyone around her. This nail-biting thriller sports a top-notch supporting cast including Myrna Loy (The Thin Man), John Gavin (Psycho), Roddy McDowall (Lord Love a Duck), Herbert Marshall (The Letter) and Anthony Dawson (Dial M for Murder).

Bonus Features: NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Kat Ellinger | Theatrical Trailer

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