‘From Iceland to EDEN’ Travels to VOD, Disc on April 7

‘From Iceland to EDEN’
Two drug-hazed young lovers dream about escaping icy Reykjavik to live carefree in Paradise (aka Eden), in FROM ICELAND TO EDEN.

While escaping from the police, Óliver (Hansel Eagle) accidentally stumbles into a flat and saves Lóa’s (Telma Huld Jóhannesdóttir) life. The pair are both users and dealers but want nothing more than to escape and start a new life. However, the situation becomes much more complicated when they decide to use stolen narcotics from an infamous drug lord to fund their escape plans.

Starring Hansel Eagle whose lifelong friend, writer and director Snævar Sölvason, offered him the lead role in the movie Albatross (2015) which kickstarted his acting career. Since then, he has mainly focused on modeling and acting (commercials, short films and now his second lead role in a full feature currently in production) with a brief hiatus during which he became a World Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher from the Mandala Studio in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Also starring Telma Huld Jóhannesdóttir, who made her debut as a film actress in 2015 with her role in the Icelandic indie flick, Webcam. Since then she has worked primarily in the film industry in Iceland in the areas of producing, casting, writing and directing while also continuing to act. After finishing shooting for the film Eden in early 2017, Telma went on to study acting at the renowned Le Cours Florent in Paris, followed by a course at Prague Film School in the Czech Republic.

Synopsis:  While narrowly escaping a police raid on his home, Oliver (Hansel Eagle) bumps into Loa (Telma Huld Jóhannesdóttir). Recognizing his street name from the club scene of Reykjavik, she says destiny has brought them together. As they desperately seek help from Loa’s colorful acquaintances, the duo become lovers and partners in crime. Running small deals leads to dangerous encounters with an infamous crime syndicate. As Oliver and Loa get sucked deeper into the Icelandic underworld, they dream of escaping to a tropical paradise, but can they pull off just one last heist?

Written & Directed by:   Snævar Sölvason
Producers:                       Snævar Sölvason, Guðgeir Arngrímsson, Logi Ingimarsson,
Starring:                           Telma Huld Jóhannesdóttir, Hansel Eagle, Arnar Jónsson,
Tinna Sverrisdóttir, Gunnar Maris og Einar Viðar G. Thoroddsen.
Run Time:                        88 minutes
Language:                        Icelandic w/English Subtitles
Rating:                             NR (violence, drug use, some sexuality and language)

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