FilmRise Celebrates Mantovani With VOD Programs Nov. 15






Coinciding with what would have been Mantovani’s 115th birthday, FilmRise is showcasing the genius of the legendary performer by releasing 24 digitally restored 30-minute episodes of “Mantovani And His Orchestra: The Television Series” with a digital debut on AVOD platforms and by making the documentary feature “Mantovani: The King Of Strings” available digitally for the first time on TVOD platforms in the U.S., both beginning November 15, 2019.

Mantovani was the most successful orchestra leader of his time, selling over 60 million albums in his career, and touring the world for nearly twenty years during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Known for his unmistakable cascading strings and recordings such as Charmaine, Mantovani enthralled the world with his sublime arrangements.  He almost single handedly ushered in the Hi-Fi Stereophonic era with his unique sound.   His records were regularly used for demonstration purposes in stores selling hi-fi stereo equipment, as they were produced and arranged for stereo reproduction. He became the first person to sell a million stereophonic records.

In addition to his Decca recordings and world tours, Mantovani also recorded over thirty half-hour TV specials in 1958 that were previously thought lost until discovered in 2013 in a discarded film vault. “Mantovani And His Orchestra: The Television Series” (episode list below) features the full Mantovani Orchestra, along with special guest stars from both sides of the Atlantic including Connie Francis, Vic Damone, Petula Clark and more.  Not seen or available since their original air dates in the 1950s and 60s, twenty-four episodes will be now be available to stream on AVOD platforms including FilmRise.

“Mantovani: The King of Strings” documentary is the story of the man and his music.  Featuring exclusive footage from the original Mantovani TV show, new interviews and material, this documentary tells the story of Monty’s arrival in England from his home city of Venice and his struggle to become one of the most successful easy listening artists ever.

Including contributions from DJs Ken Bruce and Ed Stewart, Mantovani orchestra musicians Gavin Sutherland, Franck Le Prince and Paul Barrett, plus official biographer Colin Mackenzie; and contributions from guest artists such as Petula Clark, and Edmund Hockridge, this is the definitive story of Mantovani – The King of Strings.  Seen on public television in the U.S., the film will now be available on TVOD formats for the first-time including iTunes, Prime Video, Google Play and more.  The program has a total run time of 73 minutes.



Mantovani – Answers Your Questions

Mantovani – Film Encores

Mantovani – Forever Favorites

Mantovani – Music for Lovely Ladies

Mantovani – Music from Around the World

Mantovani – Music of Christmas

Mantovani – Music of Dreams

Mantovani – Music of Italy

Mantovani – Music of Many Lands

Mantovani – Music of Vienna

Mantovani – Musical Holiday

Mantovani – Plays Music for Latinas

Mantovani – Plays Music for Strings

Mantovani – Plays the Music of Cole Porter

Mantovani – Plays the Music of Irving Berlin

Mantovani – Plays the Music of the Great Masters

Mantovani – Plays the Music of the Modern Composers

Mantovani – Plays the Music of Victor Herbert

Mantovani – Plays Your Music Requests

Mantovani – Record Encores

Mantovani – Rogers and Hammerstein

Mantovani – Salute to the Stars

Mantovani – Silver Screen

Mantovani – Tribute to France


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