"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Feb 202016

May Criterion Titles_3This May, the Criterion Collection casts a big spotlight on one of their favorite filmmakers: Wim Wenders. In a new collector’s set, they gather three of his greatest films from the 1970s — “Alice in the Cities,” “Wrong Move” and “Kings of the Road” — all of them concerning people setting out on road trips to discover themselves. These are beautifully shot, emotionally stirring journeys, available for the first time on Blu-ray or DVD in the U.S. And Wenders isn’t the only great auteur Criterion is celebrating with new releases: They’re bringing into the collection Robert Altman’s stinging, Oscar-nominated Hollywood satire “The Player,” starring Tim Robbins; Nicholas Ray’s darkly romantic noir “In a Lonely Place,” starring Humphrey Bogart; and “The Naked Island,” the ravishing tale of an island farming family’s daily toil from Kaneto Shindo, director of the cult classics “Onibaba” and “Kuroneko.” Finally, another classic road trip: the Dennis Hopper phenomenon “Easy Rider,” available for the first time in stand-alone Blu-ray and DVD Criterion editions.

May 3: Easy Rider
May 10: In a Lonely Place
May 17: The Naked Island
May 24: The Player
May 24: Wim Wenders: The Road Trilogy

May Criterion Titles_1

May Criterion Titles_2

May Criterion Titles_3

May Criterion Titles_4

May Criterion Titles_5

May Criterion Titles_6

May Criterion Titles_7

May Criterion Titles_8

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May Criterion Titles_10

May Criterion Titles_11

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