"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Dec 102015

photo for Crimson Peak When her heart is stolen by a seductive stranger, a young woman is swept away to a house atop a mountain of blood-red clay — a place filled with secrets that will haunt her forever. Between desire and darkness, between mystery and madness, lies the truth behind Crimson Peak: a house that breathes, bleeds — and remembers. Vitals: Director: Guillermo del Toro. Stars: Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, Charlie Hunnam. 2015, CC, MPAA rating: R, 119 min.,Gothic Horror, Box office gross: $31.090 million, Universal. Extras: Deleted scenes; “The Light and Dark of Crimson Peak” production featurette; “Beware Of Crimson Peak” walking tour of the many secret spaces in Allerdale Hall; feature commentary with co-writer and director Guillermo Del Toro. Blu-ray adds “I Remember Crimson Peak” interviews with del Toro, Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain; “A Living Thing” set featurette; “A Primer on Gothic Romance”; “Crimson Phantoms” make-up effects featurette; “Hand Tailored Gothic” costume design featurette.

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