Cloud Video Services: Create the Ultimate Movie Library


Technology and innovation have always been a driving force behind the film industry, from the introduction of sound to black and white pictures to the integration of 3D special effects in movies. The cloud is one of the newest innovations to revolutionize the modern film industry, with services such as Ultraviolet and Disney Movies Anywhere allowing you to watch content whenever and wherever you want.

Cloud storage is impacting how movies are made by providing vast amounts of affordable computing power that speeds up and improves processes such as 3D rendering. This not only helps Hollywood giants such as Disney and Paramount to create more realistic special effects but also allows smaller movie makers to compete. The cloud can handle massive file sizes that digital filmmaking entails, allowing filmmakers to store and manipulate vast amounts of raw footage without having to spend a fortune on computing power.

While the cloud has been an important driving factor in how movies are produced, it’s also been changing how the public consumes visual media. Using cloud-based services, you can access your favorite movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere. You can also build and store a media library that’s as big as you like without having to worry about shelf space. Check out some of our favorite cloud video services that allow you to turn your TV, laptop, or even mobile phone into your own home theater.


Stream or download your favorite movies on-demand with either UltraViolet or Disney Movies Anywhere. With low prices and thousands of titles to choose from, you’re bound to find something perfect for your next movie night.

  • Access regular sales
  • Select free movies with ads
  • See same-day DVD releases
  • Use disc to digital conversion software


Film enthusiasts can join this thriving community to learn about new movies, meet other movie buffs, and share their thoughts on the latest Hollywood hits. Users share film reviews and ratings, helping you to decide which movie or TV show to watch next.

  • Instantly see Rotten Tomatoes scores
  • Find tickets and showtimes near you
  • Compatible with UltraViolet
  • Available for iOS or Android


Purchase movies to add to your home collection or rent from a huge collection of new and classic films, all without a subscription. You can watch your favorite movies on almost any screen, from mobile devices to gaming systems.

  • Take advantage of bundle deals and regular sales
  • Rent recent releases for just $1.99
  • Choose from more than 50,000 movies and TV shows
  • Available on over a dozen platforms

Sony Picturessony-post

Buy or redeem UltraViolet movies and TV shows, watching your favorite films both online and offline. Your library will be available on several devices, including TV, tablet, computer, and smartphone.

  • Share your library with up to five people
  • Download television and movies or play games and apps
  • See trailers and visit sites of upcoming movies
  • Register five eligible Blu-ray discs or DVDs and get a free movie

Universal Pictures Home EntertainmentUniversal-logo-post

Enjoy thousands of movies in digital HD through this premium service, buying and renting movies or redeeming UltraViolet movies. You can build your movie library up in a number of ways, including both physical and digital copies.

  • Buy Blu-ray or DVD discs through your account
  • See movies in 4K Ultra HD
  • Connect with other movie lovers through popular social media channels
  • Get access to exclusive content and cool giveaways


This international provider of on-demand videos offers seamless playback of movies and TV shows from the cloud. You can rent new releases, or see the latest episode of your favorite shows the next day.

  • Use on hundreds of devices
  • Pre-order the hottest upcoming releases
  • Choose from a library of approximately 55,000 titles
  • Access an average of 150 new releases each week

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