A Selection of the Best Movie-Based Slot Games

It’s fair to say that the film industry and the video game industry have enjoyed a mixed relationship over the years. While there have been a number of successful and highly-thought-of video games that have been based on their movie counterparts, a fair few movie-based video games have had reviewers and gamers cringing in equal measure, owing to the game departing too far from the original movie plot or simply being unplayable in some capacity. Either way, it appears that the fast-paced and exciting nature of online slot games is better suited to the movie based video game genre — and with that being said, below is a brief rundown of some of the best efforts that will impress even the hardest to please online gamers.

Tomb Raider
Whether you’re a fan of the original Angelina Jolie movies or the more recent effort featuring Alicia Vikander, we can all agree that the “Tomb Raider” franchise has provided us with some memorable big-screen moments. As this article comparing Tomb Raider the slots game to the movie reminds us, the video games came before the movie — nevertheless, the Tomb Raider franchise was one of the first to venture into the online gambling universe and remains one of the most captivating slot games available. With a number of wilds, scatters and various bonus symbols, there are sizable payouts available for players that can amount to 7500 times the original wager if you can land five Tomb Raider wild symbols on the same payline.

The Dark Knight Rises
Although “The Dark Knight” is widely considered to be the best movie in Christopher Nolan’s franchise, “The Dark Knight Rises” is undoubtedly the best online slot to come from the three-part trilogy. There are a number of places to play this slot online and this review of 7 Sultans shows just how many movie-themed slot games there are floating around on the internet, including the one above and Terminator II,  which indicates just how popular they are at the moment. For fans of the movie, there are a number of callbacks as well as innovative graphics and gameplay that will make you think you’re making every move with Alfred and Commissioner Gordon by your side.

Terminator II
Everyone loves Arnie, right? Right. Film buffs will argue until the cows come home about which is the best movie in the Terminator franchise and the fact that the debate still rages on to this day only serves to prove why the franchise is so well thought of. The Terminator II  slot game isn’t too bad either — if you unlock the legendary “hot mode,” you’re almost guaranteed a good payout and that’s without landing any John Connor or T-800 symbols. What really tops this game off, however, is the themed music that plays throughout the whole experience, which really brings back those nostalgic vibes of watching the film in the movie theater on release all those years ago.

Trial and Error Is Your Best Bet
There are themed slots out there based on almost any movie you can think of and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. The only way you’ll find out which ones take your fancy is by scouring the internet and diving head first into the world of movie-themed slot games. So, what are you waiting for?

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