Russian ‘Student’ Dances Way to Digital, VOD Feb. 7


Available on VOD & Digital

February 7, 2023


By day, Lera is a seemingly innocuous sociology student, entranced by and hoping to discover the meaning and purpose of the human soul. But at night, she dances at a local strip club under the stage name Gerda in an effort to support herself and her ailing mother. As Lera ventures further into the darkest corners of the human psyche, her own academic curiosity begins to meld with the hard-living reality of her stage persona, merging both Lera and Gerda into a force of nature that just may discover what it means to truly be ‘human


Directed & Written by: Natalya Kudryashova

Produced by: Dmitry Davidenko, Rafael Minasbekyan, and Vadim Vereschagin

Country of Origin: Russia

Language: English Dubbed

Genre: Drama

Distributor: Capelight Pictures

Run Time: 116minutes

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