‘Campton Manor’ Terrifies on VOD May 7

Award-Winning Horror Campton Manor Released on Vudu May 7

Director Cat Hostick’s horror thriller Campton Manor is set for TVOD release
'Campton Manor' Terrifies on VOD May 7

Campton Manor is a terrifying psychological thriller about Teddy, an author/spiritualist who specializes in the horror genre. The film weaves a chilling tale of a writer trapped within his own ghost story. Directed by Cat Hostick, known for ‘Murdock Mysteries,’ and penned by Stephin Wallis of ‘The Performance’ fame, this psychological thriller invites viewers into a maze of mystery and suspense. The film stars Shawn Roberts, Jason London, and Kenneth Welsh, who bring to life a story about Teddy, an author and spiritualist with a penchant for the paranormal. Teddy’s exploration into the enigmatic and deadly ‘Campton Ball’ incident, which claimed lives under mysterious circumstances decades ago, drives the narrative into dark, uncharted territories. On the anniversary of this tragedy, Teddy’s decision to spend the night at the now-abandoned Campton Manor spirals into an eerie night of revelations. His unique ability to communicate with the dead not only immerses him in the historical horror but threatens to unravel his sanity as he edges closer to solving the long-standing mystery—or losing himself entirely.

Campton Manor is Directed by Cat Hostick (Murdock Mysteries) and Written by Stephin Wallis (The Performance), and stars Shawn Roberts (Xmen, Resident Evil), Jason London (The Rage: Carrie 2), Kenneth Welsh (The Day After Tomorrow, The Void).

Campton Manor has won numerous film awards, including:

Florence International Film Festival  – Best Thriller
Carpe Diem Festival – Best Horror Film
Madrid Fiesta Film Award – Best Supernatural Feature
Atlantic Film Festival – Best Director, Cinematography
Atlantic Film Festival  – Best Actor  – Shawn Roberts
Milan Independent Awards – Best Thriller, Ensemble Cast

Campton Manor releases on Vudu TVOD on 7 May 2024.

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