Ontiva: Download and Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 Formats

Finding an online platform that lets you convert YouTube videos to your desired format easily is tasking. We all want to enjoy our favorite videos offline without having to go through the YouTube platform. Ontiva has sought to solve this issue by providing a genuine platform that lets you do all your YouTube video conversion in simple steps and at no cost.

What is Ontiva all about?

Ontiva is a free online media conversion platform that allows users all over the world to download and convert YouTube videos to Mp3 formats. This online platform also enables you to convert to any other common format of your choice, including Mp4, wav, etc. This makes it very easy to watch and listen to your favorite YouTube music and videos offline without stress. It is a modern and innovative converter that has several features that makes it better than most other platforms.

Features of Ontiva

This online-based YouTube video converter platform is user friendly. You can navigate through the entire contents of their landing page easily without stress or needing extra help. It is a well-detailed platform that even a newbie in the internet world would find accommodating. It features a simple web page design, nothing elaborate or extravagant.

You are granted access to an infinite number of downloads and conversions using this platform, no restrictions. Ontiva has guaranteed that – provided you have enough storage space on your device – you are open to a world of endless downloads and file conversion. Currently, this platform has a record of over 7.5 million files converted and still counting. These files have summed up to a total size of over 344 terabytes. Why not add your downloads and conversion to the rising number?

One key feature that makes the Ontiva online platform stand out from other file conversion platforms is that it does not require any form of charge. You just head right to the business you are there for without having to pay a single cent to get the job done. This is the edge Ontiva has over other platforms. They believe that the best things in life should be for free. Why shouldn’t your favorite YouTube videos in other formats also come to you freely? When they say their services are free, they mean ZERO CHARGE, COMPLETELY FREE. Yes, you read right: no charges; zero, rien, nil, null, zilch, nada.

This platform also saves you time by letting you download and convert files from YouTube to Mp3 and other formats at lightning speed. And the beauty is that the steps taken are easy, which is suitable for internet newbies. Some sites would go as far as redirecting you to several pages, which can be annoying, especially if, in the end, the aim is defeated, but not Ontiva. Ontiva saves you much time and downloads your files in a matter of seconds, before you could even yell, Jack Robinson! Voila! It’s done!

Another of Ontiva’s standout features is that it does not require you to complete a registration process. You download and convert your files instantly, no email requirements, no filling of document forms, no need to meet a single criterion or demand. Ontiva sees you as anonymous, and it erases your data from the server as soon as you complete your task. This anonymous feature does not, in any way, breach any legal binding.

What formats does Ontiva Support?

Ontiva is a platform that offers you several output selections. This means you are not just restricted to convert YouTube to only Mp3 or wav format. It gives you the option to convert to other supported formats like Ogg, Mp2, Flv, MOV, WMA, Mkv, aac, FLAC, avi, f4v, 3gp, etc. This variety of features gives Ontiva’s YouTube Converter an edge over other online converter sites.

How safe and efficient is Ontiva’s web platform?

Ontiva’s YouTube file converter does not bundle malware or Trojans in your downloadable and downloaded files. It upholds strict privacy policy, and it does not disclose any of your personal information unless on grounds specified in the provided and agreed terms and conditions.

The entire platform works to make it easier for you to listen to music or watch YouTube videos anytime, anywhere, and at your convenience. It captures the exact quality of the files and enables you to share from your PC to your Mp3 player or music library. It is optimized in such a way that you can use and access it on any device, whether PC, tablets, or mobile phones, etc. altering none of its functions.

Ontiva is currently working on mobile apps on IOS and Android. For now, enjoy this wonderful user-friendly platform on any browser. You may also check Evano for an audio converter online.

One thought on “Ontiva: Download and Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 Formats

  • July 19, 2020 at 8:18 am

    Is really nice tool, but unfortunatelly does not allow to convert more than 2 videos.

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