Your Personal Guide for a Successful Binge-Watching Weekend

This weekend why not set yourself up for something epic and convenient? If you haven’t planned anything for yourself then trust us because we have something amazing that’s worth spending your weekend on! Let’s have a binge-watching weekend! Of course, in the midst of the coronavirus situation,where people need social distancing, staying at your place would be a brilliant idea. Therefore, here we have brought together some amazing binge-watching suggestions that will keep you engaged throughout the weekend.

Steven Spielbergs Movies Could be the Top Choice!

Give a try to Steven Spielberg’s movies if you’re a fan of adventure and science fiction. Spielberg’s movies stand out as the best ones because, apart from the entertainment action, these movies refer to grand issues, such as civil rights, slave trade, the Holocaust and war. So, start with E.T the Extra Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Shindler’s List, The War of the Worlds and then explore the list of Spielberg films to find the titles that will keep you engaged during your off time.

War Could be A Fantasy or Choose the Realistic Ones!

If you want to experience some real thrills from action-packed moves, then go ahead and try out some that come under the war categories. You might also note that there are some under the fantasy and war categories that are taken as myths, such as The Hobbit series. However, there are other movies that are based on real-life events, such as Dunkirk, Platoon, Hacksaw Ridge, Zero Dark Thirty and many more. Before choosing war -themed movies, we suggest you look out for your temperament because some people are less tolerant than others towards the destruction and sad endings.

There is More Than Gambling In Casino Movies

Another category is casino movies. These movies are not all about the gambling, but yes, you will be getting a chance to know the people working in the underworld. Everyone there is not a felon, but you will see the heroes working in the dark world to bring the light. Among the casino-themed movies, the best ones include Casino Royale, 21, Croupier, Molly’s Game and the list goes on. We recommend that you opt for these movies because, apart from the hard and sober side of the character’s life, you will also get to see scenes of thrills, parties and dance. And one thing you can do while binge-watching casino-themed movies is that you can also log in to your favorite online casino and try out some of the thrilling games that are offered there. A great source for trusted casinos is On most internet casinos you will find online slot machines, online table games and more. This would be a great way for you to interact with the plot and the characters on some level.

Animated-Fantasy-Comedy is Everyones Favorite

Everyone likes to watch fantasy-themed movies and even the best animation is also available so, then, why not travel to the far way world of fairies, dragons and adventures. Because these movies will definitely bring something beyond the imagination. Recently the Hotel Transylvania series has been a favorite equally among the young ones and adults. You can also live with a highly engaging and thrilling ancient culture while watching the How to Train Your Dragon series. Still, if you want some more wit and humor then do not hesitate to play Kung Fu Panda, which gives you plenty of laughter as well as teaching Chinese wisdom. Watching this series can give you the feeling that nothing is unachievable, and what is better than learning some valuable lessons in your leisure time?

Bottom Line

In short, your binge-watching weekend could be more perfect if you determine what kind of theme and movies you are interested in and then download all the titles what you want to watch. This personal guide for a successful binge-watching weekend also provides some great options.

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