‘Two Ways Home’ Reconnects on VOD Dec. 29


Available on VOD December 29th
from Gravitas Ventures

Ron Vignone

Tanna Frederick

Richard Schinnow

Tanna Frederick, Tom Bower, Joel West, and Rylie Behr


Soul-touching and moving, TWO WAYS HOME compassionately follows Kathy (Tanna Frederick), a woman newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder who is released from prison on good behavior and returns to her country home in Iowa to reconnect with her estranged 12-year-old daughter (Rylie Behr) and her cantankerous elderly grandfather (Tom Bower).  Her return home is turbulent and a rough, unwelcome transition in which Kathy must come to terms with her diagnosis and its implications on her identity, while also realizing that her family was happier when she was gone. Conflict with her family intensifies as she struggles to keep her head above water, putting her self-worth and well-being to the ultimate test.

Director Ron Vignone masterfully showcases Iowa’s small town beauty and sympathetically highlights the importance of mental wellness and self-discovery, while star and producer Tanna Frederick shines as a vulnerable yet independent Kathy, immediately grabbing audiences’ hearts with her gritty persistence.  The film has been officially endorsed by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness):

‘”TWO WAYS HOME makes a valuable contribution to the public understanding of mental health issues and to reduce stigma surrounding them…” 
-Mitzi Wright, National Alliance on Mental Illness (LA, California chapter)

“TWH will make a significant difference in people’s lives and is a powerful tool to further families’ understanding and education about bi-polar illness.”
-Yin Simpson, National Alliance on Mental Illness (Minneapolis, MN chapter)


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