‘Snack Shack’ Sells Its Goodies on VOD, Digital April 2

'Snack Shack' Sells Its Goodies on VOD, Digital April 2

'Snack Shack' Sells Its Goodies on VOD, Digital April 2

Nebraska City, summer of 1991—Inseparable best friends AJ (Conor Sherry – Are You Afraid of the Dark?, The Terminal List) and Moose (Gabriel LaBelle – The Fabelmans) seize the opportunity to run the local pool’s rundown snack shack after their plan to gamble on dog races and sell home-brewed beer goes down the drain. Dreaming of striking it rich, things take an unexpected turn when they meet summer visitor Brooke (Mika Abdalla – Sex Appeal, SWAT ), a effortlessly cool lifeguard who puts their big summer plans, and their friendship, at risk.

Written and directed by Adam Rehmeier (Dinner In America, The Bunny Game) and produced by T-Street Productions, Paperclip Ltd & MRC, SNACK SHACK is a nostalgic journey for those who came of age before the era of cell phones, and a hilarious escape for those who wish they had.

Directed by: Adam Rehmeier

Starring: Conor Sherry, Gabriel LaBelle, Mika Abdalla, Nick Robinson and David Costabile

Rated: R

Running time: 112

Releassed: March 7, 2024


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