Save the Seals on Jan. 17 With ‘Huntwatch’

Available on Digital HD January 17

Witness the trailblazing effort to defend and save the seals from the hunting industry in Huntwatch, available on Digital HD January 17 from Lionsgate. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds and in the tradition of gripping films such as The Cove and Racing Extinction comes the story of brave activists who risk their lives to expose the business of commercial seal hunting. Produced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), this enlightening film has sparked a worldwide animal welfare movement to protect baby seals from eradication. Huntwatch premiered on Discovery Channel September 22 as a part of Discovery Impact, a series of documentaries focused on environmental issues. Huntwatch will be available on Digital HD for the suggested retail price of $7.99.SYNOPSIS
Violent confrontation boils over on the ice floes of Canada as activists, fishermen, and politicians battle over the fate of baby seals. Today, the war rages on. All sides are fighting dirty. The future hangs in the balance. Davies hopes that he will live to see a victory for his seals, while the sealing industry is scrambling to keep the hunt alive.

Huntwatch highlights the tumultuous history that is the East Coast Canadian commercial seal hunt. Forty-plus years of ongoing activism, which included filming the hunt with an unblinking eye, brought images of the bloody ice floes to people’s television sets and into their homes around the world. In 1969, a charismatic young activist named Brian Davies set out on a personal crusade to save the seals. Little did he know the fight would last the rest of his life. Garnering international headlines and sparking what some believe to be the start of the modern animal welfare movement, the hunt was almost brought to an end in the eighties. But trends in the fishing industry in many parts of the world, and the current demands for fur in the Far East have unfortunately reignited the battle. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds.

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