Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Stockholm Shocks and RV Rocks

THE PRIZE (1963) New 2018 1080p HD Master

After unexpectedly winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, closet crime novelist Andrew Craig (Paul Newman) finds himself in Sweden to accept the award but is swept up into Cold War intrigue. More comfortable at the bar than at the abacus, affable souse Craig nonetheless sniffs a whiff of wrongdoing when Dr. Max Stratman (Edward G. Robinson), winner of the Physics prize, undergoes a mysterious personality change. A truly Hitchcockian thriller, with a screenplay penned by North by Northwest scribe Ernest Lehman, The Prize comes with fully realized characters, sweeping surprises and danger-filled denouement – not to mention the always delightful Elke Sommer and a masterful score by Jerry Goldsmith! This sweeping saga of espionage and suspense reveals a multitude of hidden delights on this pristine baby blue transfer in high definition. 16×9 Letterbox


JUDGMENT NIGHT (1993) New 2018 1080p HD Master

Noted producer/director Stephen Hopkins (The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, 24, Predator 2) navigates this harrowing journey of four suburban men into the nightmarish neighborhood of Chicago’s crime-infested underworld. On their way to a boxing match, four young men (Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Stephen Dorff, Jeremy Piven) in a state-of-the-art RV take a wrong turn and witness a gang murder. Now, the killer’s boss (Denis Leary) cannot let them live, and starts hunting the friends down through Chicago’s meanest streets…  With a powerhouse cast this edge-of-your-seat thriller takes viewers on a life and death road-trip into terror. This ’90s cult action fan favorite comes roaring to life thanks to this crackling new rendition in 1080p HD. 16×9 Letterbox



MEN MUST FIGHT (1933) New to DVD

In the early days of World War I, nurse Laura Mattson (Diana Wynyard) enjoys a tryst with Lt. Geoffrey Aiken (Robert Young), who promptly is mortally wounded on his first mission. Pregnant and alone, Laura accepts the marriage proposal of soldier Ned Seward (Lewis Stone) who promises to raise her child as his own – a child Laura swears, that will know no war. A generation later, Ned now Secretary of State, desperately tries to negotiate peace with the increasingly belligerent country of Eurasia while Laura’s grown son Bob gets engaged to Peggy Chase (Ruth Selwyn). The forces of history coalesce to tear Laura’s family apart as drawing room differences come up against technological terrors and treachery most foul. An eerily prescient parable of the coming  wars of 1940s, this  makes a number of remarkably accurate predictions including the blitzkrieg, bombing raids, television and video phones!



Doctor Tony Craig (Chester Morris) pursues old flame nurse Ann Grayson (Wendy Barrie) aboard the SS Arcturus, bound from Shanghai to San Francisco. Challenging Craig’s courtship is Crusher McKay (Victor McLaglen), the ship’s chief engineer. The rivalry comes to a sudden halt when a Chinese stowaway unknowingly brings along an unexpected passenger – cholera. As the disease ravages its way from below decks towards the passenger berths, Crusher must maintain control over a terrified, mutinous crew while Craig and Grayson frantically try to keep the disease in check. Initially conceived as the bottom half of a bill, thanks to its A-list cast of players (including Alan Hale and Barry Fitzgerald), Lew Landers’ lean direction, an impressive deco set from Van Nest Polglase, cinematography from the great Nicholas Musuraca and a soaring score from Robert Russell Bennett, Pacific Liner quickly sailed to top-liner status.



Jean-Pierre Aumont (billed as “Pierre Aumont”) makes his American film debut in this war-time espionage thriller adapted from the blockbuster book by the famed “Queen of Spy Novels,” Helen MacInnes. Aumont plays dual roles, Bertrand Corlay, a Breton farmer with Nazi sympathies and Pierre Metard, a captain in the Free French Army. After Corlay ends up in British custody his astonishing resemblance to Captain Metard is recognized and Pierre is tasked with memorizing another man’s life in order to take his place inside Nazi occupied Britanny. His assignment? Locate and sabotage a secret U-boat pen hidden along the coast. His complications? Corlay’s suspicious mother (Margaret Wycherly), Corlay’s collaborative mistress (Signe Hasso) and Corlay’s beautiful, righteous fiancé (Susan Peters). Turncoats, twists and torture are all in the mix under the assured guidance of director Jack Conway culminating in a thrilling commando assault on an underground submarine base.

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection, WB Shop.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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