‘Trauma Center’ With Bruce Willis Opens on VOD Dec. 6


Bruce Willis stars in the heart-pounding action-thriller Trauma Center arriving in select theaters and everywhere On Demand on Friday, December 6 from Lionsgate. In this non-stop thrill ride, Willis portrays a police detective determined to solve the murder of his partner and an informant, at the same time protect an injured young woman (Nicky Whelan, pictured below) who was witness to the killings. The film also stars Steve Guttenberg.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/bGUFoLX55gc

Genre: Action, Thriller

Rating: R for violence and language

U.S. Release Date: December 6, 2019 (In Select Theaters and On Demand)

Run Time: 87 Minutes

Cast: Nicky Whelan (Madison Taylor), Bruce Willis (Lt. Steve Wakes), Tito Ortiz (Pierce), Texas Battle (Tull), Catherine Davis (Emily), Lala Kent (Renee), Sergio Rizzuto (Marcos), Tyler Jon Olson (Det. Tony Martin), Steve Guttenberg (Dr. Jones)

Directed by: Matt Eskandari

Written by: Paul J. Da Silva

Music by: Nima Fakhrara

Screen legend Bruce Willis plays Lt. Wakes, a vengeful police detective determined to solve the murders of his partner and an informant. Wakes joins forces with Madison (Whelan), a witness injured during the shootings. After the killers pursue Madison across the abandoned floor of a hospital, she confirms Wakes’ worst fears: the two men are actually corrupt vice cops covering up a crime. As Wakes vows revenge, this heart-pounding action-thriller reaches an explosive climax.


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