Top Tips for Making a Professional Corporate Video

In any business, regardless of its size or sector of operations, promotional activities are vitally important. They can help to foster business growth, improve brand recognition, and help convince customers to become loyal to the firm. Millions of businesses undertake promotional activities every year, ranging from product placement to bespoke advertising campaigns. This article focuses on creating a professionally produced corporate video that will help stakeholders and customers form an attachment to your brand, be educated on a specific subject, or be notified of the product you wish to promote. Some key top tips will be explored, and these will ensure that your video production is completed to the highest levels of quality whilst reaching out to the largest possible target audience.

Work with specialists

Firstly, it is important to recognize that your company may not have dedicated video production specialists. Few firms (other than those specializing in promotional activities) will have an in-house audio and video production team as their services will only be required occasionally. Therefore, It is paramount that your organization searches for a professional team of specialist video producers. If your business is located in Missouri, America, search online for corporate video production services in Kansas City. This will give you a list of professional firms with experience working with businesses to deliver their promotional activities via video. Ideally, you will want to make a shortlist of such firms and contact them to see how they would collaborate with you to create your ideal project. They should be receptive to the overall message that you are trying to convey in your production and should be able to understand the target audience that you intend to reach.

Be natural

You will likely be using some of your staff members in the corporate video. Remember that they will not be exceptional actors and may not have prior media experience. A common pitfall when making a corporate video is to over-rehearse the production or work to an exact script. This should be avoided as it can make your video sound forced and artificial in delivery. It is far better to have a brief idea of the themes that you will be exploring and some of the key points you wish to raise. Ideally, your production will tell a story as the human aspects of storytelling help to captivate the interest of the viewer and build an emotional connection.

Promote on different platforms

When you have completed the video production and finalized any editing work, it is time to consider promoting the video. Remember that free publicity for your video can be gained by posting on social media sites where you have a presence. Sites such as LinkedIn are ideal for reaching a business-minded audience, which is key if you have made a B2B production. In addition, YouTube is another excellent platform for business messages, and you can build a catalog of corporate promotions on this site once you have built your company webpage on the channel. If you have created a short-form promotion that is aimed at the consumer market, sites such as TikTok may be ideal as they specialize in shorter promotions.

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