‘The Test’ Is Positive on DVD Oct. 11

'The Test' Is Positive on DVD Oct. 11
'The Test' Is Positive on DVD Oct. 11

The Castillons seem like the perfect family. Dad, Laurent, is a doctor working from home and mom, Annie, is a happy housewife and mother, whose whole life revolves around their four endearing children: two brilliant and sensitive older sons, Max and César, and a teenage daughter, Poupi, who helps her mother take care of the youngest sibling, Antoine, still a toddler.

One day, Annie discovers a positive pregnancy test in their bathroom. Is it Juliette’s, César’s girlfriend? Poupi’s? Another woman in her husband’s life? Does Max have girlfriends? Whatever the answer, there is no good news… Annie thought she had everything under control but with the discovery of the test, her seemingly perfect life starts unraveling, for better and for worse.



A film by Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud

From Distrib Films • An Icarus Films Release

2021 • France • 80 min • In French with English Subtitles

SRP: $26.98

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