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Where Would You Go to Get Home?
Giant Pictures, the digital film distribution division of Giant Interactive, has acquired North American digital rights for director Barry W. Levy’s female-driven cerebral sci-fi/horror movie The Shasta Triangle, in which a young woman returns to her hometown to uncover the truth about her father’s disappearance. Deep in the woods, she and her childhood friends battle ancient and terrifying forces controlling the town. The Shasta Triangle was written by Levy, who also produced the film with his filmmaking partner Helenna Santos under their Mighty Pharaoh Films banner. The trailer is now available.

The Shasta Triangle explores mystical and unsettling phenomena and touches on themes of love, loss, friendship, and sacrifice. The movie is also deeply rooted in unexplained occurrences, conspiracy theories, and fringe science. The five main characters are drawn back together for an adventure that tests the strength of their bonds, and their understanding of the world.

The Shasta Triangle direct YouTube trailer link: https://youtu.be/jI7MlZzipRc

“Never have there been more questions about what’s ‘real’ in our world, as we see in concepts like Simulation Theory, multiple dimensions, the Earth’s ley lines and hot spots, and mysterious ‘Sounds’ heard around the world,” said Levy.

The Shasta Triangle stars Dani Lennon (The Love Witch, FEARnet’s Bite Me),Ayanna Berkshire (Twilight, NBC’s Grimm), Helenna Santos (CW’s The Flash, ABC’s The Good Doctor), Madeline Merritt (The Guest House, Auteur), andDeborah Lee Smith (Here Awhile, Last Three Days).

“I’m a minority female in the industry with a long-time love of sci-fi and horror, specifically shows like The Twilight Zone, Supernatural, and The Magicians. I really wanted to tell a story that could live in a similar world and spotlight a diverse cast of women in a way that hasn’t been seen much in the genre. And with the current hunger for female driven narratives, The Shasta Triangle delivers a complex and compelling story,” said Santos.

Giant Pictures will release The Shasta Triangle on December 3, 2019 on all digital platforms in the US and Canada.

“The Shasta Triangle’s thrilling mix of sci-fi and horror will be irresistible to genre film audiences. We are looking forward to bringing it to digital platforms,” said Courtney Cox, Manager of Content Acquisitions and Marketing at Giant Pictures.

In The Shasta Triangle, Paula, a woman in her 30’s, returns to her hometown of Shasta, California to uncover the truth about her father’s disappearance when she was a child. Her parents were fringe scientists using ancient geometry to figure out what was causing a mysterious horn-like sound happening all over the world. First her mother died suddenly, and then her father disappeared when she was young, and Paula has come back to Shasta to get closure on what happened.

When her childhood friends discover she is back, they join her and travel deep into the Shasta woods. Once they reach the old area they played in as children called the “hide and seek tree”, they are held captive by forces beyond their control forcing them to challenge the very nature of reality.

In a terrifying battle, Paula comes to know the truth of what happened so many years ago, at a cost to herself that she could have never imagined.

“Mt. Shasta was chosen as the epicenter of the story since it is on what’s known as a ley line ‘hot spot’ that is said to create certain magnetic anomalies and other ‘unexplained’ phenomenon, which the characters in the movie experience. We were able to tell a deeply personal story at a heightened level because of this unique setting, which is steeped in so much myth, legend, and conspiracy,” said Levy.

The Shasta Triangle was Produced and Executive Produced by Helenna Santos and Barry W. Levy, with Executive Producers Sean Kojoori, Deborah Lee Smith, Todd Foster, Co-Executive Producer Bill Aylesworth, Co-Producers Jason Satterlund, Deborah Lee Smith, Lex Benedict, Greg Cruser, Brian Confer, with Associate Producer David Roberson. The film was Edited by Barry W. Levy, Cinematography by Richard Galli, with an Original Score by Sean Barrett.
(L to R ) Ayanna Berkshire, Dani Lennon, Deborah Lee Smith, Helenna Santos, and Madeline Merritt


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