‘The Returned Season Two’ Arrives Oct. 15

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“The Returned”

Season Two

The Dead Have Returned in the Peabody Award-Winning International Television Series ‘Les Revenants’

Created by Fabrice Gobert

VOD, DVD & Blu-ray Debuts October 15, 2019

“Eerie, tense, and highly addictive.” – Entertainment Weekly

“4 STARS. Mesmerizingly eerie.” – People Magazine

 “You’re hooked right back in.”  –  RogerEbert.com


The second season of the highly acclaimed French television series THE RETURNED (winner of a 2014 Peabody Award, an 2013 International Emmy Award, and nominated for BAFTA Award in 2014) is slated to haunt American audiences with its DVD and Blu-ray debut this summer. Based on the 2004 feature film Les Revenants by Robin Campillo, the gripping and stylish supernatural drama television series THE RETURNED was created and directed by Fabrice Gobert and made its American debut in 2014 to critical acclaim currently holding a collective 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for seasons one and two.

THE RETURNED tells the gripping story of a group of people returning to their alpine village in a state of confusion. What they do not yet know is that they have been dead for several years, and no one is expecting them back.  The first eight episodes in Season One portray their struggle to reintegrate with their families and past. Buried secrets emerge and new mysteries develop as they grapple with a miraculous and sinister new reality.  Season Two, featuring the conclusion of this 16-part series, picks up six months after season one leaves the village in a state of turmoil and distress.

The original cast is back in THE RETURNED Season Two, directed by Fabrice Gobert and Frédéric Goupil, starring Cesar Nominated actors: Anne Consigny (“Mesrine: Killer Instinct” “The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch”); Frédéric Pierrot (“Polisse” and “Young & Beautiful”); Céline Sallette (“L’Apollonide”); and Cesar Award winner Clotilde Hesme (“Angèle et Tony”).
Music Box Films Home Entertainment will make THE RETURNED Season Two available on 3-disc DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray sets beginning August 13, 2019 [Pre-book date July 9] for the suggested retail price of $29.95 and $34.95. Season one is currently available on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD (Amazon Instant, FandangoNow, YouTube, GooglePlay, and Vudu), making the complete television series available to own this summer.

Brief Synopsis of “THE RETURNED Season Two” by episode: 

EPISODE 1: The Child

Six months after the flooding of the Valley, the population has almost entirely deserted the Town. Certain inhabitants have decided to stay on, in the hope of finding their loved ones taken by the Horde. Still pregnant with Simon’s baby, Adèle has a fainting spell and is taken to hospital where they decide to induce labor and trigger the birth. Richard Berg, an expert missioned with finding the causes of the flood, crosses paths with Toni, returned from among the dead. His resurrection gives newfound hope to the survivors… 

EPISODE 2: Milan

The Returned have been hiding out for months in the Domaine, a zone rendered inaccessible by the flooding. They are still holding Julie, Victor, Camille and Claire, who have more or less got used to their life as refugees. But their everyday is thrown into turmoil by the arrival of a new wave of Returnees. Among them, are Esteban and Audrey – two of Camille’s classmates who also died in the bus crash – and Hélène, Victor’s mother…  

EPISODE 3: Morgane

Since the return of Victor’s mother, Julie feels out of place: she eventually decides to leave the Domaine.Camille grow close to Virgil, a mysterious young Returnee, which is not to her mother’s liking. Adèle begins to get used to her baby – she has no doubt that Simon is watching them on the sly. As for Léna, she finally catches up with Serge, who has however been joined by a new Returnee, his father, Milan, an individual both charismatic and dangerous… 

EPISODE 4: Virgil

Jérôme and Berg have joined forces to take their investigation further: they decide to visit the hamlet where Victor’s family had been murdered. As promised, Serge leads Léna to the Domaine, where she is reunited with her mother and sister. But she also discovers that relations between Camille and Claire have taken a turn for the worse. Following the disappearance of her baby, Adèle comes under suspicion by the police. As for Julie, she sets out to finds Victor’s father, who, it seems, is still alive… 

EPISODE 5: Mrs. Costa

Jérôme and Berg take in Audrey, who has managed to escape to the Town from the Domaine. Jérôme decides to inform her mother Sandrine, who is staying at the Helping Hand. Yet he’s pretty sure that since her arrival she has fallen under the spell of Pierre’s prognostications. Simon tells Adèle that they need to get their baby to a safe place, as the Returned want to take it. Felling that Julie is in imminent danger, Victor decides to leave the Domaine in the company of Mrs. Costa… 

EPISODE 6: Esther 

Sandrine has handed her daughter Audrey over to Pierre’s men, who are holding her in the basement. Having taken refuge in Father Jean-François’s church, Adèle and Simon begin to grow closer. Julie has managed to find Victor’s father, now an old man in a coma, harboring a weighty secret. As for Jérôme and Berg, they now know that the Horde are holed up in the Domaine. They decide to go there via a roundabout route… 

EPISODE 7: Etienne

Jérôme has joined his wife and daughters in the Domaine, but the Returned prevent them from leaving. Thanks to Berg’s research, the military have found a way to lower the water level. They are now in a position to retake the Domaine, which puts Lucy and the Horde on the move anew. Now convinced that Audrey is well and truly her daughter, Sandrine begs Pierre to let her leave. Julie goes to the Helping Hand to find Victor, but Pierre’s men take her prisoner… 

EPISODE 8:  Les Revenants

After the shoot-out in the gymnasium, the Séguret family attempt to flee the Town. But Camille has understood that she cannot stay with her loved ones and that she must go back to the Returned. The policeman, Alcide, has handed Simon and Adèle’s baby over to Lucy, but it’s too late: the Horde has dispersed and Lucy doubts that they can now return to where they came from. As for Victor, he now understands that the only way to save Julie’s life is to abandon her…

The Returned: Season Two
Music Box Films Home Entertainment
SRP:      $29.95 3-disc DVD set                  
$34.95 2-disc Blu-ray set
Directors: Fabrice Gobert (Episodes 1-4, 8), Frédéric Goupil (Episodes 5-8) 
Cast: Anne Consigny, Frédéric Pierrot, Clotilde Hesme, Céline Sallette, Samir Guesmi, Guillaume Gouix, Jean-François Sivadier, Jenna Thiam, Pierre Perrier, Yara Pilartz, Ana Girardot, Swann Nambotin
Running Time: 8 hours
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
Video: 1.77:1
Rating: TV-MA
Country: France
Language: French with English subtitles
Genre: Supernatural Drama 


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