The Best Tech Gifts This Holiday Season

Christmas is around the corner, meaning that the gift-giving season is upon us. In the past few years, technology has served as a great niche not only to do what you enjoy without leaving home, for example, play games at, but to turn to when looking for the perfect gift. If you have a tech-savvy loved one or are looking to make someone’s life more comfortable in the coming year, here are some presents to consider giving them.

  • Apple Watch Series 5

Apple announced its latest edition of the Apple Watch, which is the Apple Watch Series 5, and it is suited for any lover of iOS gadgets. The device features a much sleeker design than its predecessors and is waterproof. The display is entirely a screen that is always on and can serve a range of functions from cellular connectivity to being the ideal health assistant. The item has been praised for its highly accurate readings on things like heart rates and GPS.

  • Tile Pro Tracker

If you happen to know someone who is constantly losing items like keys, then the Tile Pro Tracker is the ideal gift. This item is small enough to fit through key chains and comes in handy when trying to find them. The device can ring to help identify the item’s location as long as it is within four hundred feet. Even when it is further away, one can connect with other Tile users to help locate the item.

  • Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Headset

A decade ago, Virtual Reality was considered a futuristic aspect that only existed in Sci-Fi films. Today, the VR experience is accessible to the public, and you can make the concept a reality for someone this Christmas with the Oculus Quest All-In-One VR Headset. The tool is accompanied by two intuitive controllers with built-in sensors that track movements. With the high-quality imaging used in the VR headset and motion interactions, the experience is bound to be a blast. Android runs the VR headset, and it can be used for a range of missions such as engaging in gameplay in Virtual Reality casinos. SlotsMillion is among the gaming sites dedicated to meeting the needs of gamers using the technology.

  • iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max

Apple released its range of latest smartphones which is the iPhone 11 Series. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are the most feature-packed smartphones by Apple right now, and they are ranked among the highest performing devices of the year. The latter is suited for users who like big screens while the former can be gifted to compact lovers.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

If your gift recipient leans towards Android devices over iOS, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is worth considering. The 6.8-inch gadget is the most powerful instalment by the tech giant Samsung. It features the staple S Pen stylus found in all other Note options, and it carries a 12GB RAM that allows it to rival PCs. Such intense features make it a high performer and an ideal platform to visit online casinos to indulge in free and real money gameplay. The fact that the Note 10+ runs on Android OS makes it a target by many slot developers and casino operators.

  • Mophie Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is the new technological wave for smartphones which allows users to ditch cable chargers. The Mophie Wireless Charger Stand suits users that like a touch of elegance in their functional tools. The device features a suede finish that not only makes it look stylish but also allows it to grip the smartphone device better. The charger is compatible with Android and iOS platforms, and it delivers charge as either a stand or a flat base.

  • Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon has come hard for smart home devices this year, and the Amazon Smart Plug is for the lovers of intelligent things in their house. The device is plugged into the ordinary plug before connecting an electrical device. With this item, one can easily give Alexa commands to turn lights on and off or set specific timers for home functions.

  • Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

This Philips gadget has been dubbed the future of lamps for bringing technological elegance to a device often associated only with functionality. The sleep and wake-up light serves especially those that have a hard time going to sleep and waking in the morning. The device simulates natural sunlight that can be lit in ten different levels and also plays a range of soothing natural sounds that make it easy to slip between slumberland and reality. The lamp also functions as a smartphone charger thanks to the inclusion of a USB port. The lamp functions are adjusted on a smart screen that is sensitive to touch.

Parting Shot

Some of these gifts, like the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, are on the pricier side and can reach up to 1000 dollars. Others like Tile Pro Tracker are cheaper options. Regardless of the budget you are working with, you can find something for your tech-loving loved one to find information on what to do on festive days.

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