‘Santa Claus (Le Père Noël)’ Is Coming to VOD Dec. 17

Santa Claus (“Le  Père  Noël”) is a touching comedy perfect for this Holiday Season.

One night, a burglar in a Santa Claus costume is surprised by Victor, a young boy who believes he is the real Santa Claus. Victor then follows him, and they embark on an unexpected adventure that will change their lives.

It’s the night before Christmas and six-year-old Antoine wishes more than anything to go on a trip to the sky with Santa Claus and his sleigh… When Santa Claus lands as if by magic on the kid’s balcony, Antoine is far too amazed to see a burglar set on making the most of this very special night. As each are out to seek his own dream, Santa Claus and his new apprentice join forces for a night, scrambling over the rooftops of a sparkling holiday-lit Paris to break into the wealthy, deserted apartments in search of gold.

Directed by: Alexandre Coffre
Running Time: 80 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Not rated
Language: French / with English subtitles

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