‘Reckless Summer’ Comes to Digital & VOD on March 19

'Reckless Summer' Comes to Digital & VOD on March 19


Solange, a 15 year old girl living near the French Alps, experiences a sexual awkening one summer after her parents separate. Her father leaves to be with his new girlfriend and her mother spirals into depression. After meeting the intellectually curious Arnaud at a party, she falls for him just before he moves away. Left with the company of her neighbor and long-time baby-sitter, Guillaume, Solange starts to realize the power of her sexuality. Unsure where to get the affection she seeks, both Arnaud and Guillaume become the sexual targets of her awakening. But when these worlds collide, Solange must face the consequences.


Directed & Written by: Rodolphe Tissot

Produced by: Caroline Bonmarchand

Language: English dubbed

Genre: Drama, Coming of Age

Distributor: MPI Media Group/Capelight Pictures

Run Time: 106 minutes

Starring: Louisiane Gouverneur, Vincent Deniard, Sarah Suco, Aymeric Fougeron, Alexandre Steiger, Marie Dompnier, Camille Beaurain, & Noémie Moncel

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