‘Peel’ Unspools on Digital May 7

Peel is the best American film of this year’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival…”

There’s No Roadmap to Finding Your True Family


Debuting on Digital May 7th and at Redbox May 14th

Witness a transformative tale full of deep emotional truths in PEEL, debuting on Digital May 7 and at Redbox May 14 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Emile Hirsch stars in this quirky, coming-of-age story about a young man’s journey to find and rebuild his broken family and the eclectic collection of misfits he meets along the way. This unique dramatic comedy explores how the power of innocence can cut through the cynicism and betrayals of our world.

PEEL also stars Amy Brenneman (TV’s “The Leftovers,” “Private Practice,” “Judging Amy”), Jack Kesy (Baywatch, TV’s “The Strain,” “Claws”), Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead; The East), Yaya DaCosta (The Butler, TV’s “Chicago Med”) and Jacob Vargas (TV’s “Luke Cage,” “Sons of Anarchy”).

Directed by Rafael Monserrate and written by Lee Karaim, PEEL was produced by David Hillary, Jeffrey Thal and Rafael Monserrate; with Timothy Wayne Peternel, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, David Vaccari and Ray Bouderau as executive producers.

PEEL has a run time of approximately 101 minutes and is rated R for language including sexual references, and for some drug content.

Abandoned by his father at the age of five and raised in near isolation by a loving yet emotionally unstable and over-protective mother, the only life Peel Munter has ever known is within the confines of his childhood home. Upon his mama’s sudden and unexpected death, 30-year-old Peel is left, lost and utterly alone. With no job, family, or friends, he must make a choice; live and die as his mother did, lonely and unsettled, or change the course of his impending fate by breaking out into the unknown to face the trials and tribulations of an outside world he does not understand.

Unable to make the house payments, Peel decides to take in a couple of drifters as roommates. After forging what seems to be a burgeoning new family and brotherhood, one of the roommates betrays Peel’s trust compelling Peel to suddenly venture out, in search of his long lost brothers who had been taken away from him decades ago. Along the way, Peel’s lack of cynicism and innocence has an inadvertent, yet powerful effect on those he meets, as he brings a group of marginalized misfits closer to their true home.


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