‘Narcissists’ Roam New York City on VOD Aug. 27

Available on VOD and On-Demand August 27th


Brooklyn filmmaker Oliver (Quincy Rose) has once again found himself at a crossroads, facing troubles with his long-term girlfriend Cassi (Jessica DiGiovanni) and in a rut creatively. While meandering around New York City with his best friend, Oliver explains his latest screenplay, a narrative meditation curiously reflecting his own life, wherein a couple are forced to make a decision: stick together and commit to another year of cohabitation, or call it quits after five years and move out.

In order to gain perspective and clarity, Oliver and Cassi have taken two weeks apart, and with their friends’ help, make what might be the most important decision of their lives. Written and directed by the star of the film, Quincy Rose, The Narcissists is a meta-story about a film, and a film within the film.
US | English | 81mins

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