Kino Lorber’s December Releases

Kino Lorber Announces its December 2019 Home Video Releases

George: The Story of George Maciunas and Fluxus (Kino Lorber, DVD)
DVD Street Date: December 3, 2019
DVD SRP: $29.95

Director: Jeffrey Perkins
Starring: Yoko Ono, Jonas Mekas, Nam June Paik

Documentary / 128 min / Color / NR

Synopsis: George: The Story of George Maciunas and Fluxus is a feature documentary as mercurial as its subject, George Maciunas, impresario of the international avant garde art movement Fluxus (1962-78). Fascinatingly contradictory interviews with artists including Yoko Ono, Jonas Mekas, and Nam June Paik, and inventive sound and screen design, shape this rich portrait of a visionary artist. Dedicated to cooperative methods and expanded processes, everything could be Fluxus: kits, shops, festivals, islands, weddings, food, or Flux Lofts – the first network of artist-owned lofts in SoHo, New York. The iconoclastic Maciunas and the spirit of Fluxus provoke questions still critical to artists working today.

Bonus Features: Theatrical trailer

Noon Wine (1985 American Playhouse) (Kino Classics, DVD)

DVD Street Date: December 3, 2019
DVD SRP: $19.95

Director: Michael Fields
Starring: Fred Ward, Stellan Skarsgard, Pat Hingle, Lise Hilboldt

Western / Color / 83 min / NR

Synopsis: Originally broadcast on PBS as part of its American Playhouse series, Noon Wine is a hauntingly rich and mysterious tale of the old West. Adapted from Katherine Anne Porter’s short novel, it is set on a small Texas farm at the turn of the century, where a Swedish immigrant (Stellan Skarsgard, Mamma Mia!) asks for work and begins a new life. Through no fault of his own, he causes the downfall of his new employer, Royal (Fred Ward, Tremors), when a suspicious visitor comes to call (Pat Hingle, Batman). Written and directed by Michael Fields (Bright Angel) and produced by Ismail Merchant and James Ivory (Howards End), Noon Wine is a brilliantly tense and moody Western.

Bonus Features: Audio commentary by writer/director Michael Fields

Glorifying the American Girl (1929)
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: December 3, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Director: Millard Webb
Starring: Mary Eaton, Eddie Cantor, Helen Morgan, Rudy Vallee

Musical Comedy / 95 min / Color and B&W / NR

Synopsis: At the dawn of the talkies, Paramount Pictures poured its resources into a lavish movie intended to plant their flag in the American musical, even as it was evolving. Mary Eaton stars as an aspiring showgirl who must choose between her on-stage career and the love of a young musician (Edward Crandall). Having licensed the name of Broadway’s most extravagant showman, producer Monta Bell recruited costume designer John W. Harkrider to stage elaborate musical tableaux worthy of the Ziegfeld name, and filmed them in Technicolor. The filmmakers further stacked the deck by inserting musical and comedy numbers featuring the biggest names of the Great White Way: Eddie Cantor, Rudy Vallee, and Helen Morgan (who performs her timeless torch song “What Wouldn’t I Do for That Man?”)

Bonus Features:
2K Master derived from the UCLA Film & Television Archive’s photochemical 35mm restoration | Audio commentary by Richard Barrios, author of A Song in the Dark: The Birth of the Musical Film | Hollywood: City of Celluloid (7 min. travelogue) | Hearst Metrotone News (2 min. excerpt): backstage footage of Florenz Ziegfeld rehearsing dancers for a new stage production | La Cucaracha (1934 Technicolor musical short)

Camille Claudel (Kino Classics, Blu-ray & DVD)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: December 3, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Director: Bruno Nuytten
Starring: Isabelle Adjani, Gerard Depardieu, Madeleine Robinson, Laurent Grevill, Philippe Clevenot

Drama / Color / 173 min / NR

Synopsis: Nominated for the 1989 Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film, Camille Claudel is a lush depiction of the legendary romance between sculptor Auguste Rodin (Gérard Depardieu, Green Card) and his young pupil Camille (Isabelle Adjani, Possession). This is the true story of their passionate obsession with art-and with each other. Both an inspiring saga of artistic vision and the haunting portrayal of a doomed romance that would drive them to the brink of madness, Camille Claudel is an unforgettable drama with two stunning lead performances. The incandescent Isabelle Adjani was deservedly nominated for the Academy Award® for Best Actress.

Bonus Features: Audio commentary by film historian Samm Deighan | Booklet essay by film critic Abbey Bender (Blu-ray only) | Theatrical trailer

Inside Moves (1980) (Scorpion Releasing, Blu-ray & DVD)
NEW 2019 HD Master
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: December 10, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Director: Richard Donner
Starring John Savage, David Morse, Diana Scarwid, Amy Wright, Tony Burton

Drama / 113 min / Color / PG

Directed by Richard Donner (Superman, Lethal Weapon, Ladyhawke, The Goonies, The Omen) and featuring an Oscar-nominated performance by Diana Scarwid, (Psycho 3, Strange Invaders), Inside Moves tells the inspiring story of Roary (John Savage, Hotel Colonial, The Deer Hunter, Hair), a former sports star left crippled by a failed suicide attempt. Hanging out in a neighborhood bar full of colorful misfits, Roary forges an unforgettable bond with the bartender, Jerry (David Morse, The Indian Runner, St. Elsewhere, Desperate Hours), an injured basketball player. Together with the rest of the bar regulars, Roary sets out to help Jerry triumph over adversity and fulfill his potential, in this powerful celebration of the human spirit. Also starring Academy Award winner Harold Russell, now watch this great drama from a brand new HD master.

Bonus Features:
NEW On-camera Interview with Director Richard Donner | NEW On-camera Interview with Star John Savage | Theatrical Trailer

Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection (5 Films) (1927-1931)

2-Disc Blu-ray and 3-Disc DVD
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: December 10, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $49.95
DVD SRP: $39.95

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: Carl Brisson, Jameson Thomas, Betty Balfour, Edmund Gwenn

Drama/Comedy / B&W / 502 min / NR

Synopsis: Before he became known as the Master of Suspense in Hollywood, Alfred Hitchcock had already established himself as a precociously talented filmmaker in England. Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection brings together five features he directed for the production company that first displayed his talents. Four of them are visually dynamic silent films: atmospheric boxing drama The Ring, sprightly comedies The Farmer’s Wife and Champagne, and a love triangle set on the Isle of Man, The Manxman. Also included is the 1931 sound feature The Skin Game, a rousing melodrama about feuding families. These features display Hitchcock’s command of visual language long before his Hollywood sojourn, proving he was a master from the beginning.

Bonus Features:
New scores by Meg Morley (The Ring), Jon Mirsalis (The Farmer’s Wife), Ben Model (Champagne), and Andrew Earle Simpson (The Manxman) | Hitchcock/Truffaut: Icon interviews Icon (Archival Audio) | Audio commentary on The Ring by film critic Nick Pinkerton | Audio commentaries on Champagne and The Manxman by film historian Farran Smith Nehme

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (Greenwich Entertainment, Blu-ray & DVD)
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: December 10, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $34.95
DVD SRP: $29.95

Directors: Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman
Starring: Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne

Documentary / Color / 93 min / NR

Synopsis: Linda Ronstadt has been an icon for more than 50 years. Her extraordinary vocal range and ambition created unforgettable songs across rock, pop, country, folk ballads, American standards, classic Mexican music and soul. As the most popular female recording artist of the 1970s, Ronstadt filled huge arenas like no one had ever done and produced an astounding eleven platinum albums. Ronstadt was the first artist to top the Pop, Country, and R&B charts simultaneously, she won 10 Grammy® Awards on 26 nominations and attained a level of stardom the Tucson native never could have fathomed.

In Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice, Ronstadt is our guide through her early years of singing Mexican canciones with her family; her folk days with the Stone Poneys; and her reign as the “rock queen” of the ’70s and early ’80s. She was a pioneer for women in the male-dominated music industry; an early advocate for human rights, and had a high-profile romance with California governor Jerry Brown. Ultimately, her incredible voice was lost to Parkinson’s disease, but her music and influence remain as timeless as ever. With moving performance footage and appearances by collaborators including Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice celebrates an artist whose desire to share the music she loved made generations of fans fall in love with her – and the sound of her voice.

Bonus Features:
Additional Interviews | Theatrical Trailer

The Great Mystical Circus (Kino Lorber, DVD)

DVD Street Date: December 10, 2019
DVD SRP: $29.95

Director: Carlos Diegues
Starring: Vincent Cassel, Jesuita Barbosa, Mariana Ximenes, Antonio Fagundes

Drama / Color / 105 min / NR

Synopsis: Reality and fantasy collide in The Great Mystical Circus, the spectacular story of a family-owned circus that spans five generations of adventure, decadence, love and loss, as told by Cinema Novo master director Carlos Diegues (Bye Bye Brazil, Quilombo). This rousing, sensational tale of magical realism stars Vincent Cassel (Black Swan), is based on a poem by Jorge de Lima, and features a score by one of Brazil’s most renowned songwriters, Chico Buarque.

Bonus Features: Making-of Documentary | Trailer

Water & Sugar: Carlo Di Palma, the Colours of Life (Kino Lorber, DVD)
DVD Street Date: December 10, 2019
DVD SRP: $29.95

Director: Fariborz Kamkari
Starring: Woody Allen, Abel Ferrara, Wim Wenders, Bernardo Bertolucci, Lina Wertmuller

Documentary / Color / 94 min / NR

Synopsis: Fariborz Kamkari’s documentary about the life and career of Carlo Di Palma is as much a portrait of the late cinematographer — known for his inventive work with such directors as Woody Allen, Michelangelo Antonioni and Elio Petri — as it is a journey through the last 70 years of world cinema. From Di Palma’s early credits under Luchino Visconti, Vittorio De Sica, and Roberto Rossellini, to his trailblazing work on Red Desert and Blow-Up, to his 11-year collaboration with Woody Allen, Water and Sugar amounts to an illuminating celebration of a great artist. Featuring reflections and commentary by iconic filmmakers including Woody Allen, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ken Loach, Volker Schlöndorff, Wim Wenders, and more. – Film at Lincoln Center

Bonus Feature: Theatrical trailer

Long Day’s Journey into Night (Kino Lorber, DVD & 3-D Blu-ray [2 Discs])
3-D Blu-ray (2 Discs) and DVD Street Date: December 17, 2019
3-D Blu-ray (2 Discs) SRP: $34.95

DVD SRP: $29.95

Drama / 140 min / NR / Color

Director: Bi Gan

Starring: Tang Wei, Huang Jue, Sylvia Chang, Lee Hong-chi, Chen Yongzhong

Synopsis: Long Day’s Journey Into Night is a noirish stunner about a lost soul (Huang Jue) on a quest to find a missing woman from his past (Tang Wei, Lust, Caution). Following leads across Guizhou province, the man crosses paths with a series of colorful characters, among them a prickly hairdresser played by Taiwanese superstar Sylvia Chang. When the search leads him to a dingy movie theater, the film launches into an hour-long, gravity-defying 3D sequence shot that plunges its protagonist-and us-into a dreamlike, labyrinthine cityscape. A monumental accomplishment from director Bi Gan (Kaili Blues), it is China’s biggest arthouse hit of all time, and has already become a modern cinematic landmark.

2-Disc Blu-ray Bonus Features:
Disc 1: 2D Feature
Interview with director Bi Gan
Interview with star Huang Jue
Making-of documentary
Disc 2: 3D Feature

Booklet interview with Bi Gan by writer Aaron Stewart-Ahn

DVD Bonus Features:
Interview with director Bi Gan
Interview with star Huang Jue
Making-of Documentary
Theatrical trailer

Eldorado (Kino Lorber, DVD)
DVD Street Date: December 17, 2019
DVD SRP: $29.95

Director: Markus Imhoof

Documentary / Color / 95 min / NR

Synopsis: Eldorado draws inspiration from Academy Award® nominee Markus Imhoof’s (The Boat is Full, More Than Honey) personal childhood relationship with a young Italian girl during the aftermath of World War II. His Swiss family took her in as a refugee, but she was ultimately sent back to Italy. Imhoof delves into this life-changing experience of personal loss, and highlights parallels with the today’s refugee crisis – the largest mass displacement of people since WWII. With extraordinary access, he takes audiences through the Italian warships of Operation Mare Nostrum, refugee camps in Southern Italy, and asylum hearings with Swiss authorities, which reject refugees at all levels.

What emerges is a stark picture of an absurd and inhuman process that fails to address a human tragedy: a crisis caused by economic imbalances turning the rich countries of the North into the “Eldorado” that so many of the less fortunate try to reach at all costs.

Bonus Features: Theatrical trailer

The Boat is Full (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray and DVD)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: December 17, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Director: Markus Imhoof
Starring: Tina Engel, Hans Diehl, Martin Walz, Curt Bois, Ilse Bahrs

Drama / Color / 103 min / NR

Synopsis: Nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film (1981), The Boat is Full is a tense and heartbreaking drama that captures the plight of refugees during WWII. A ragtag band of exiles from Germany sneak into Switzerland seeking asylum. They are allowed to stay at an isolated inn as long as they pretend to be a family. In order to maintain this deception they must communicate with a young French-speaking boy, who cannot understand the rest of the German-speaking refugees. They must impress upon him the importance of remaining silent, or else their plan, and their lives, could fall apart. Director Markus Imhoof (More Than Honey, Eldorado) keeps tightening the suspense until the final, breathtaking minutes. Pointedly relevant and nailbitingly tense, The Boat is Full is a WWII film for the ages.

Bonus Features: Interview with director Markus Imhoof | Trailers

A Sunday in the Country (Kino Classics, Blu-ray and DVD)
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: December 17, 2019
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Director: Bertrand Tavernier
Starring: Sabine Azema, Louis Ducreux, Michel Aumont

Drama / Color / 94 min / NR

Synopsis: A Sunday in the Country is a lovingly photographed and exquisitely acted portrait of French family life on the brink of WWI. Monsieur Ladmiral (Louis Ducreux) is a widowed painter in his twilight years who welcomes his bourgeois son Gonzague (Michel Aumont) and free-spirited daughter Irene (Sabine Azema) (and their families) to his home for a lazy afternoon lunch. Over the course of the day buried resentments come to the surface – the passage of time has left no family member unscathed. Based on the novel by Pierre Bost and directed by the great Bertrand Tavernier (Coup de Torchon, ‘Round Midnight), A Sunday in the Country is a moving picture of the hopes, disappointments, and small joys of family as a father’s life reaches its autumn season.

Bonus Features: New audio commentary by director Bertrand Tavernier | Theatrical trailer.

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