Family SciFi Comedy ‘Invaders from Proxima B’ Beams onto VOD May 31

Invaders from Proxima B Beams onto VOD May 31st

Sci-Fi Comedy Starring Midnight Mass’ Samantha Sloyan

Invading Screens Across the United States and Canada

Exclusively on Fandango at Home

Buffalo 8 is excited to slide into summer with the North American VOD release of Invaders from Proxima B, a family friendly science fiction comedy from writer/director/star Ward Roberts (Westworld, Agents of SHIELD) and Samantha Sloyan (The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass). Invaders from Proxima B debuts exclusively on Fandango at Home May 31, 2024.

Invaders from Proxima B was directed by Roberts from his own script. Roberts produced under his DrexelBox Films outfit alongside Mike C. Nelson. The film had its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival. The cast is rounded out by Sloyan, Mike C. Nelson (Shrinking, Black-ish), Richard Riehle (Office Space, Casino), Jeremiah Birkett (Black Cake, Euphoria), and Sarah Lassez (Nowhere, Lo).

Family SciFi Comedy 'Invaders from Proxima B' Beams onto VOD May 31
Family SciFi Comedy 'Invaders from Proxima B' Beams onto VOD May 31
After a wise-cracking alien named Chuck (Roberts) crashes in the backyard, the Jankins family (Roberts, Sloyan) teams up with their new otherworldly friend to battle a dangerous array of weirdos that show up in hot pursuit.

Invaders from Proxima B: 93 minutes / USA

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