‘Eyeless in Gaza’ Looks at War Media Coverage


International media coverage dictated how the world saw the Gazan War in 2014.
That coverage was flawed. “Eyeless in Gaza” sets out to discover how skewed coverage
of the conflict informed international public opinion, and why the media failed to tell
both sides of the story.

“They’re calling it a massacre.” “Children and civilians comprised the vast majority of
the 200 killed.” “Israel is targeting… hospitals.” These quotes come directly from
international media reports on the 2014 Gaza War. All of them are incorrect, yet they
were used to create the narrative that the world, to a great extent, accepted. A
narrative that saw Israel as the aggressor. Interviewing Israeli and Palestinian
combatants, administrators and civilians, along with analysts, journalists and aid
agency officials on the ground, “Eyeless in Gaza” sets out to find out how this narrative
arose… and arrives at a very troubling conclusion.

The film has its national multi-platform VOD release on Feb 28  (iTunes, Amazon, Google and Vimeo).

Brought to you by Polaris Films
Distributed by Indievillage – indievillage.org


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