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photo for Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog

(2021) As middle schooler Emily Elizabeth struggles to fit in at home and at school, she discovers a small red puppy -- who is destined to become her best friend -- from a magical animal rescuer. When Clifford becomes a gigantic red dog in her New York City apartment and attracts the attention of a genetics company who wish to supersize animals, Emily and her clueless Uncle Casey have to fight the forces of greed as they go on the run across New York City and take a bite out of the Big Apple. Along the way, Clifford affects the lives of everyone around him and teaches Emily and her uncle the true meaning of acceptance and unconditional love. Based on the beloved Scholastic character. Vitals: Director: Walt Becker. Stars: Darby Camp, Jack Whitehall, Izaac Wang, John Cleese, Sienna Guillory, Tony Hale, David Alan Grier, Paul Rodriguez. 2021, MPAA rating: PG, 96 minutes, Family, North American boxoffice: $47.686, worldwide boxoffice: $61.986, Paramount. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray + Digital Code, VOD, Digital. Blu-ray extras: "Part of the Pack" behind-the-scenes look at Clifford’s big movie with interviews from cast and crew; "Acting Is for the Dogs" featurette on the puppeteers who brought the giant red pup to life; "The Magic of Bridwell"; "Tips & Tricks for Taking Care of a 10-Foot Dog"; deleted scenes. Read more here



(2021) Patrick Muldoon, Bruce Willis. Willis stars as Ron Whitlock, a wanted criminal leading a team of mercenaries on a mission of vengeance. Convinced that the government is working against them, the merciless group brutally seizes an energy plant and holds everyone inside hostage. With a nearby town on the brink of massive flooding and destruction, it’s up to retired elite army ranger Mack Karr (Muldoon) to save thousands of innocent lives before it’s too late. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Paramount).

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

photo for Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather, an original Ghostbuster, left behind. Vitals: Director: Jason Reitman. Stars: Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Annie Potts, Ernie Hudson, Paul Rudd, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, J.K. Simmons. 2021, CC, MPAA rating: PG, 124 min., Comedy, North American box office gross: $120.450 million, worldwide $176.850 million, Sony. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Code, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo + Digital Code, VOD, Digital. Extras: "Summoning the Spirit: Making Ghostbusters: Afterlife." Blu-ray adds "We Got One! Easter Eggs Revealed," "Ghostbusters: A Look Back," "A Look Ahead," "Bringing Ecto-1 Back to Life," "The Gearhead’s Guide to Ghostbusters Gadgets," Special Effects: The Ghosts of Afterlife," deleted scene. Read more here 2 stars

Little Girl

(2020 -- France) The touching portrait of eight-year-old Sasha, who questions her gender and in doing so, evokes the sometimes disturbing reactions of a society that is still invested in a biological boy-girl way of thinking. Sasha’s family has recently accepted her gender identity, embracing their daughter for who she truly is while working to confront outdated norms and find affirmation in a small community of rural France. Realized with delicacy and intimacy, Sébastien Lifshitz’s documentary poetically explores the emotional challenges, everyday feats, and small moments in Sasha’s life. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. (Music Box Films). Read more here
photo for Sesame Street - Elmo’s World: All Around the Neighborhood

Sesame Street - Elmo’s World: All Around the Neighborhood

(2021) Join Elmo and his friends as they learn about the wonderful people, places, and things on Sesame Street. With over two hours of Elmo’s World shorts, preschoolers will find joy in everything their neighborhood holds. Learn all about doctors, newspapers, machines, factories, ramps, sports, getting dressed, bowling, veterinarians, nighttime, maps, blocks, transportation, measuring and photographers. Formats: DVD, Digital. Extras: "Grover’s Jobs Through the Years Mash-Up." (Sesame Workshop/Shout! Kids).

Slumber Party Massacre (2021)

(2021) Hannah Gonera, Frances Sholto-Douglas, Alex McGregor, Schelaine Bennett, Rob van Vuuren. Dana, daughter of the only survivor of a bloody massacre in 1993, is going on a weekend trip with her friends. After their car breaks down in the very same town where her mother once fought the Driller Killer, Dana and her friends must come face-to-face with the psychotic serial killer who has haunted her mother’s life for the past 30 years. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. Extras: Audio commentary with director Danishka Esterhazy, alternate ending, trailer. (Universal).

The Spine of Night

(2021) Richard E. Grant, Lucy Lawless, Patton Oswalt, Joe Manganiello. Fantasy tale about the history of a land that never was begins when an ambitious young man steals forbidden knowledge from a sacred plant. He falls to its darker temptations and in so doing, unleashes ages of suffering onto mankind. As his power grows over the years, it falls to people of different ilk and culture to attempt to stop him. Among those who stand against him are a daring tomb-robber, star-crossed lovers, a maniacal necromancer, winged assassins, and an undying guardian. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo. (RLJE Films).


(2021) Sara Canning, Osric Chau, Gracie Gillam, Barbara Crampton. Teddy and Claire are travel vloggers who run a channel called “SUPERHOST” where they travel and share their experiences in and around vacation homes, and until recently, had become successful doing it. With a dwindling subscriber count, they find the perfect opportunity to create popular content when they meet Rebecca, the host of their most recent trip. Slowly they start to realize that something isn’t right with Rebecca, and as they investigate it further, they unlock a horrifying truth. She doesn’t just want a great review, she wants something far worse. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. Extras: Director's commentary, "Behind-the-Scenes of Superhost," "Shooting in a Pandemic," bloopers, "Superhost" Visual FX, behind-the-scenes photo gallery. (RLJE Films).

Written on the Wind

(1956) Douglas Sirk’s Technicolor expressionism reached a fever pitch with this operatic tragedy, which finds the director pushing his florid visuals and his critiques of American culture to their subversive extremes. Alcoholism, nymphomania, impotence, and deadly jealousy -- these are just some of the toxins coursing through a massively wealthy, degenerate Texan photo for Written on the Windoil family. When a sensible secretary (Lauren Bacall) has the misfortune of marrying the clan’s neurotic scion (Robert Stack), it drives a wedge between him and his lifelong best friend (Rock Hudson) that unleashes a maelstrom of psychosexual angst and fury. Featuring an unforgettably debauched, Oscar-winning supporting performance by Dorothy Malone and some of Sirk’s most eye-popping mise-en-scène, "Written on the Wind" is as perverse a family portrait as has ever been splashed across the screen. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray; on the Blu-ray: New 2K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack; on the DVD: Widescreen digital transfer, enhanced for 16x9 televisions. Extras: "Acting for Douglas Sirk," a 2008 documentary featuring archival interviews with Sirk, actors Rock Hudson, Robert Stack, and Dorothy Malone, and producer Albert Zugsmith (Blu-ray only); new interview with film scholar Patricia White about the film and melodrama (Blu-ray only); trailer; trailer for "All That Heaven Allows" (DVD only); "The Melodrama Archive," an annotated filmography of director Douglas Sirk with hundreds of behind-the-scenes and production photos, plus vintage lobby cards (DVD only); an essay by filmmaker and critic Blair McClendon (Blu-ray only); an essay by film theorist Laura Mulvey (DVD only). (The Criterion Collection).

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February 8

After We Fell

photo for After We Fell (2021) Just as Tessa makes the biggest decision of her life, everything changes. Revelations about her family, and then Hardin's, throw everything they knew before in doubt and makes their hard-won future together more difficult to claim. Third film in the series. Based on the novels by Anna Todd. Vitals: Director: Castille Landon. Stars: Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Louise Lombard. 2021, CC, MPAA rating: R, 91 min., Romance, US box office gross: $2.170 million, worldwide $21.781 million, Vertical Entertainment. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. 2 stars


(2021) Neal McDonough, Bruce Willis, Lochlyn Munro, Megan Peta Hill, Trevor Gretzk. Serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, ex-cop Thomas Malone (Willis) is offered a chance at freedom if he can survive a deadly game of Apex. Six hunters pay for the pleasure of hunting another human on a remote island, but once Malone arrives all hell breaks loose. Laying traps and playing mind games, Malone tries to turn the tables and fight for his life and his future. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. (RLJE Films).

The Beatles: Get Back

(2021) Directed by three-time Oscar-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson, this six-hour Disney+ photo for The Beatles: Get Backdocuseries takes audiences back in time to the band’s January 1969 recording sessions, which became a pivotal moment in music history. The docuseries showcases The Beatles’ creative process as they attempt to write 14 new songs in preparation for their first live concert in over two years. Faced with a nearly impossible deadline, the strong bonds of friendship shared by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are put to the test. The docuseries is compiled from nearly 60 hours of unseen footage shot over 21 days, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969, and from more than 150 hours of unheard audio, most of which has been locked in a vault for over half a century. Jackson is the only person in 50 years to have been given access to this Beatles treasure trove, all of which has now been brilliantly restored. What emerges is an unbelievably intimate portrait of The Beatles, showing how, with their backs against the wall, they could still rely on their friendship, good humor, and creative genius. While plans derail and relationships are put to the test, some of the world’s most iconic songs are composed and performed. The docuseries features – for the first time in its entirety – The Beatles’ last live performance as a group, the unforgettable rooftop concert on London’s Savile Row, as well as other songs and classic compositions featured on the band’s final two albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be. The three-part docuseries includes never-before-seen, restored footage. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. (Disney). Read more here

DC's Stargirl: The Complete Second Season

(2021) Three-disc set with all 13 episodes. Series follows high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore and her stepfather Pat Dugan as she leads an unlikely group of young heroes to take on the legacy of DC’s very first Super Hero team, the Justice Society of America. In the second season, Courtney and her friends take on one of the most frightening adversaries in DC’s mythology – the dark entity of corruption known as Eclipso. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray + Digital Code, Digital. Extras: Gag reel, "Never Alone: Heroes and Allies" featurette. (Warner).


(2021) Animated family adventure tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal -- every child photo for Encantoexcept one, Mirabel. But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family's last hope. With new songs by award-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda. Vitals: Director: Jared Bush and Byron Howard. Stars: Voices of Stephanie Beatriz, María Cecilia Botero, John Leguizamo, Mauro Castillo, Jessica Darrow, Angie Cepeda, Carolina Gaitán, Diane Guerrero, Wilmer Valderrama. 2021, CC, MPAA rating: PG, 102 min., Animated Family, North American box office gross: $93.005 million, worldwide $222.505 million, Disney. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Code, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo + Digital Code, VOD, Digital. Extras: "Sing Along With the Movie;" "Familia Lo Es Todo" exploration of the lovable Madrigal family; "Discover Colombia"; "A Journey Through Music"; "Let’s Talk About Bruno" and how the song was created; "Our Casita" featurette on La Casa Madrigal; outtakes; "Journey to Colombia"; "An Introduction to Far From the Tree" Walt Disney Animation Studios short film; "Far From the Tree" short; deleted scenes; song selection. Read more here 3 stars
photo for The Flag of Iron

The Flag of Iron

(1980 -- Hong Kong) Another cult classic from the Shaw Brothers Studio, "The Flag of Iron" is a quintessential Hong Kong tale of rivals, betrayal and family feuds. When the master of the Iron Flag clan is killed by a mysterious assassin known only as Spearman, it sets off an explosive chain of events which pits two brothers against each other in an action-packed adventure of fist flying fury. Directed by Cheh Chang ("The One-Armed Swordsman," "Five Venoms"), this kinetic and highly influential Kung Fu picture mixes traditional storytelling with more modern presentation techniques, layering acrobatics, the use of exotic weaponry and quick as lightening fight sequences to produce a sure fire entertaining hit. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Audio commentary by Mike Leeder and Arne Venema; includes first run slipcase, booklet and poster. (88 Films).

Ghost Riders

(1988) Bill Shaw, Jim Peters, Mike Ammons, Arland Bishop. Revenge is a hearty meal for phantoms of the prairie. On a dark and haunting night, all that is visible by the campfire light is the breath of vicious lawmen. The local preacher and townspeople gather on a lonesome prairie as the lawless career of desperado Frank Clements is about to end. Just as the hangman’s noose tightens around his neck, the most feared outlaw of 1888 shouts a curse of revenge on the town preacher – a curse which will haunt the preacher’s family through generations. One hundred years later, unsuspecting of the events in 1888, the photo for Ghost Riderstown is prospering. Frank Clements and his gang return from hell to seek revenge against the preacher’s grandson and his family. The fight against the phantoms from the past proves futile, and they become unwilling victims of bloodthirsty outlaws. Weapons are defenseless against the phantom cowboys – you can’t kill what’s already dead. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: New audio commentary with director of photography-producer Thomas L. Calloway, writer-producer James Desmarais and moderator Steve Latshaw; new “Bringing Out the Ghosts: The Making of Ghost Riders” documentary; “Low Budget Films: On the Set of Ghost Riders” vintage documentary; movie stills and behind the scenes photo gallery; original theatrical trailer; new reissue trailer. (Verdugo Entertainment/MVD Entertainment Group).

Gintama The Very Final

(2021 -- Japan) The third and concluding action-packed film of the popular Gintama anime franchise, created by Hideaki Sorachi, based on the manga. The Earth is facing its darkest days, and the members of the Odd Jobs must come together to save it from this otherworldly menace. Old allies Gintoki, Takasugi, and Katsura strive their hardest for their own ideals, but standing in their way is someone with whom they share a sad history: Utsuro, an alternate personality of their former teacher and mentor Shoyo. Two versions: English voice cast and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. Formats: Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: 16-page booklet packed with character art and storyboards. (Eleven Arts/Shout! Factory).

Gold Diggers of 1933 BLU-RAY DEBUT

(1933) A Broadway producer has the talent, the tunes, the theater, and everything else he needs to put on a show – except the dough. Not to worry, say Ginger Rogers and the other leggy chorines decked out in giant coins. Everyone will soon be singing “We’re in the Money.” Soon after 42nd Street, the brothers Warner again kicked the Depression blues out the stage door and into a back alley. Mervyn Le Roy directs the snappy non-musical portions involving three wonderfully silly love matches (including Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler). And Busby Berkeley brings his peerless magic to the production numbers, his camera swooping and gliding to showstoppers that are naughty (“Pettin’ in the Park”), neon-lit (“The Shadow Waltz”) and soul-searing (“Remember My Forgotten Man”). Solid cinema gold. Extras: Featurette “F.D.R.’s New Deal: Broadway Bound”; vintage Warner Bros. cartoons “I’ve Got to Sing a Torch Song,” “Pettin’ in the Park,” “We’re In the Money”; vintage Warner Bros. shorts “Rambling Round Radio Row,” “The 42nd St. Special” and “Seasoned Greetings. ”(Warner Archive).

Hiruko the Goblin

(1990 -- Japan) Kenji Sawada, Masaki Kudo, Megumi Ueno, Naoto Takenaka. Hieda is an eccentric archaeologist, disgraced among his peers for his theories on the supernatural. One day he receives a letter from his brother-in-law, Yabe, telling him of an ancient burial mound he has discovered in the grounds of the local high school, a discovery that might help prove Hieda’s theories to be true. When Hieda arrives at the school, which is now closed for summer vacation, he discovers that Yabe has gone missing, along with one of the school’s female pupils. Teaming up with Yabe’s son, Masao, Hieda searches for the ancient tomb, convinced that it might be the burial place of Hiruko, a fearsome demon from ancient legends. This was director Shinya Tsukamoto’s second feature film, after the surprise success of "Tetsuo: The Iron Man." Based on a Japanese manga series, the film is an astonishing melding of Lovecraftian cosmic terror, cyberpunk splatter and Spielberg-style adventure. Brand new 2k restoration from original negative. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: New interview with director Shinya Tsukamoto, archival interview with director Tsukamoto, intro to the film by Tsukamoto, archival interview with the special effects creator, SFX featurette, audio commentary from author Tom Mes. (Mondo Macabro).

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

(2020 -- Japan) Anime. Tsuneo is a university student and Josee is a young girl who has rarely gone out of the house by herself due to her being unable to walk. The two meet when Tsuneo finds Josee's grandmother taking her out for a evening walk. With dreams of diving abroad, Tsuneo gets a job assisting Josee, whose art takes her far beyond her home. But when the tide turns against them, they push each other to places they never thought possible and inspire a love fit for a storybook. Includes original Japanese soundtrack by Evan Call. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: Interiews, promos. (Funimation).

King Richard

photo for King Richard (2021) For Richard Williams (Will Smith), life has been a challenging game. He knows just how hard it is to get ahead, but he also has a feeling that his two daughters may become two of the most famous athletes in the world. It's not easy getting Venus and Serena started in tennis. It seems as though the insular and bigoted tennis courts might never accept two Black girls from Compton. But the one thing the sports world can't argue with is the immense talent showcased by these two prodigies. Vitals: Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green. Stars: Will Smith, Jon Bernthal, Tony Goldwyn, Dylan McDermott, Susie Abromeit, Erin Cummings, Noah Bean, Aunjanue Ellis, Sophia Bui, Saniyya Sidney. 2021, CC, MPAA rating: PG-13, 136 min., Sports Drama, North American box office gross: $14.681 million, worldwide $26.781 million, Warner. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray + Digital Code, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo + Digital Code, VOD, Digital. Extras: "Following the Plan - The Making of King Richard," "Becoming Richard," "Champions on Screen," deleted scenes. Read more here 2 stars
photo for La dolce vita

La dolce vita

(1960) Federico Fellini had his biggest hit with this exquisite meditation on personal morality, wealth and fame, societal decay, and the perpetual search for meaning. Both a critique of the culture of stardom and a look at the darkness beneath the seductive lifestyles of Rome’s rich, the film follows a notorious celebrity journalist over one crazy week. Starring Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Anouk Aimée, and Yvonne Furneaux, the film is lauded for its complicated and rich story wrapped in extravagant visuals that have become as iconic as the film itself. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: New introduction by Martin Scorsese, who shares his thoughts on the film and its indelible impact on cinema. (Paramount).

The Laughing Woman

(1969 -- Italy) Philippe Leroy, Dagmar Lassander, Lorensa Guerrieri, Varo Soleri, Maria Cumani Quasimodo, Mirelle Pamphili. In this deliciously twisted pop art extravaganza, Lassander plays Maria, a woman employed in the press office of a large philanthropic organization run by the stern Dr Sayer. One Friday she visits his house to collect some journals. She accepts a drink from him and the next thing she knows she is chained to a metal frame in a room bathed in a sickly red light. Sayer tells her she is now his prisoner and he can do anything he likes with her – even kill her. What follows is an astonishing game of cat and mouse, as Maria uses all her skills to stay alive, while secretly exploring Sayer’s weaknesses. Brand new 4k transfer from film negative, digitally restored. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Interview with writer-director Piero Schivazappa, audio commentary from Kat Ellinger, video essay on the film’s production design from Rachael Nisbet, animated photo-novel by Jacques Spohr, trailers. (Mondo Macabro).
photo for Legendary Weapons of China

Legendary Weapons of China

(1982 -- Hong Kong) When the former member of a failing magical kung fu order threatens to destroy the remaining group's reputation through his loud mouth insults and defamatory behavior, an elite band of killers is dispatched to silence him forever. Though perhaps the golden age of martial cinema had come and gone, this late entry wuxia style film from The Shaw Brothers house of dreams was still able to pack a powerful punch. Written, directed and starring Chia-Liang Liu ("The Spiritual Boxer," "Spiritual Boxer II"), this gloriously fast-paced drama which entertainingly mixes swordplay with hand to hand combat in a fabulously furious rollicking adventure weaves its own special kind of magic. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Audio commentary with Asian cinema experts Mike Leeder and Arne Venema; audio commentary with Asian cinema expert Frank Djeng; "Eighteen Weapons": David West on legendary weapons of China; "Gordon at Shaw" interview with actor Gordon Lui; "Titus at Shaw" interview with producer Titus Ho; original Theatrical Trailer. (88 Films).

Live or Let Die

(2021 -- Germany) Jan Bohlenschmidt, Manuel Urbaneck, Steven Mooers, Alona Hertha, Michael Valentin. In the deadly wake of a viral outbreak, the human race is on the brink of extinction. Zombies walk the earth and hunt the living. Among the chaos, lone wolf Nick (Bohlenschmidt) discovers an old diary that contains a map indicating a sanctuary that might be his last chance at peace. Teaming up with another survivor, the reckless John (Urbaneck), Nick journeys through the ruins of society in search of refuge — but they quickly realize that even in a dead world, the ominous threats that walk amongst the living are every bit as terrifying as those posed by the dead. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. (Scream Factory). Read more here
photo for Marionette Land

Marionette Land

(2021) Documentary takes you behind the curtain of the Lancaster Marionette Theatre and its eccentric owner Robert Brock, who lives above the tiny theatre with his 85-year-old mother, Mary Lou. Brock has created his own world where he is in total control. He adapts and performs classic family shows like "Peter Pan" and "Thr Wizard of Oz" but at the age of 62 he decides to bring back his grown-up cabaret show, "Divas and Dames." The grown-up show features Brock dressing up and performing as Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Carol Channing, and other famous Hollywood stars of the past alongside a few marionettes. The film chronicles Brock's unique relationship with his mother and the revival of his grown-up show while trying to prepare for the puppet theatre's big 30th anniversary. But unforeseen circumstances threaten the charismatic puppeteer's plans. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. Extras: Deleted scenes, two Q&A sessions from the Philadelphia Film Festival and Omaha Film Festival, audio commentary with director Alexander Monelli and star Robert Brock. (MVD Visual). Read more here
photo for Miller’s Crossing

Miller’s Crossing

(1990) A Roaring Twenties gangster saga that only the Coen brothers could concoct, "Miller’s Crossing" marries the hard-boiled sensibility of classic noir fiction with the filmmakers’ trademark savory dialogue, colorful characters, and finely calibrated set pieces. Gabriel Byrne brings a wry gravitas to the role of Tom Reagan, the quick-thinking right-hand man to a powerful crime boss (Albert Finney), whose unflappable cool is tested when he begins offering his services to a rival outfit -- setting off a cascade of betrayals, reprisals, and increasingly berserk violence. The Hopperesque visuals of cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld, majestically elegiac score by Carter Burwell, and vivid supporting performances from John Turturro and Marcia Gay Harden come together in an intricately constructed slice of pulp perfection that crackles with sardonic wit while plumbing existential questions about free will and our own terrifying capacity for evil. Formats: Blu-ray, with a 2K digital restoration, approved by director of photography Barry Sonnenfeld and filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen, with new 5.1 surround soundtrack mix presented in DTS-HD Master Audio. Extras: New conversation between author Megan Abbott and the Coens about film noir and hard-boiled crime fiction; new interviews with Sonnenfeld, composer Carter Burwell, music editor Todd Kasow, and production designer Dennis Gassner; new and archival interviews with actors Gabriel Byrne, Marcia Gay Harden, Jon Polito, and John Turturro; an essay by film critic Glenn Kenny. (The Criterion Collection).

Miss Willoughby & The Haunted Bookshop

(2021 -- UK) Nathalie Cox, Kelsey Grammer, Louise Bangay, Tara Fitzgerald, Steven Elder. Meet Miss Willoughby (Cox). Orphaned as a child, raised by a family friend (Grammer), and skilled in strategy, literature, and martial arts, there's no case she can't solve. But even she is baffled when a longtime friend tells her that a ghost is haunting the bookstore she runs. Is someone playing a trick on the poor woman? Is it a hallucination? Or is something more sinister going on? Formats: DVD. (Lionsgate).

Paranoiac (Collector’s Edition)

(1963) Janette Scott, Alexander Davion, Oliver Reed. Nothing is quite what it seems in this riveting, complex tale of greed, dementia and deceit from Hammer Films. Rescued from a suicide attempt by a man claiming to be her long-dead brother, a young heiress finds a new reason to live. But her relatives have doubts. They think “Tony” is an imposter who’s trying to get his hands on the family fortune. Everyone has their own secret reasons to suspect Tony, as well as their own designs on his vast inheritance – especially brother Simon, a magnetic but devastatingly cruel wretch who’ll stop at nothing to thwart the supposed pretender. New 2K scan from the interpositive. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: New audio commentary with film historian Bruce Hallenbeck; new "Drink to Deception" interview with author/film historian Kim Newman; new "A Toast to Terror" interview with author/film historian Jonathan Rigby; "The Making of Hammer’s Paranoiac," hosted by author Wayne Kinsey; theatrical trailer; still gallery. (Scream Factory).

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

photo for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) Returning to the origins of the massively popular franchise, fan and filmmaker Johannes Roberts brings the games to life for a whole new generation of fans. Once the booming home of pharmaceutical giant Umbrella Corporation, Raccoon City is now a dying Midwestern town. The company's exodus left the city a wasteland ... with great evil brewing below the surface. When that evil is unleashed, a group of survivors must work together to uncover the truth behind Umbrella and make it through the night. Vitals: Director: Johannes Roberts. Stars: Kaya Scodelario, Hannah John-Kamen, Neal McDonough, Robbie Amell, Donal Logue, Tom Hopper, Avan Jogia, Stephannie Hawkins. 2021, CC, MPAA rating: R, 107 min., Sci-Fi Horror, US box office gross: $16.937 million, worldwide $31.837 million, Screen Gems/Sony. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray + Digital Code, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo + Digital Code, VOD, Digital. Extras: "Replicating the DNA," "Cops, Corpses and Chaos," "Zombies, Lickers and the Horrors of Resident Evil." Read more here 3 stars

School of Death

(1974 -- Spain) Dean Selmier, Sandra Mozarowsky, Norma Kastel, Carlos Mendy, Victoria Vera. The outwardly respectable St. Elizabeth’s Refuge in Victorian London is a place where young orphans and other female waifs and strays are trained to be good servants, destined for employment in the houses of upstanding citizens. One by one the girls are sent out into the world, never to be seen again. One of the most rebellious students, Leonore, played by Spanish actress Sandra Mozarowsky, is determined to find out what happened to her friend Sylvia, who died after being sent to a rich man’s house one night. What she discovers is more horrifying and twisted than she could ever have imagined. First time ever on disc; new 4k transfer from film negative. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Audio commentary by Kat Ellinger, double-sided sleeve featuring original art work. (Mondo Macabro).


(1989 - West Germany) Peter Simonischek, Giovanni Früh, Andy Voß, Pamela Prati. A Swiss legend tells of three herdsmen who invoked the forces of evil and were punished terribly for their sacrilege. This film is based on a gruesome and ancient story, much retold by people who live in the Alps. In the summer three herdsmen, two adults and a young apprentice, take their cattle high up on the mountains where the pastures are richer. One day the boy finds a peculiar tree root shaped like a face. He brings it back to the hut and makes a kind of wig for it out of old straw. That night the two older men get drunk and, seeing the strange root, they decide to use it to make a life-sized female doll, using bits of old clothing, straw and wood. They baptize their creation with strong liquor and even offer it food. And then, to their shock, the doll comes to life in the form of a beautiful woman. And that’s where their nightmare really starts. Resisting their abuse of her body, the demonic doll hunts them down one by one and takes a terrible revenge. Brand new 4k transfer from film negative, digitally restored. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Interview with actor Peter Simonischek, original trailer, new cover art from Justin Coffee. (Mondo Macabro).
photo for Surf Nazis Must Die!

Surf Nazis Must Die!

(1987) Gail Neely, Barry Brenner, Michael Sonye, Dawn Wildsmith. The cult classic newly restored in high definition. When an earthquake leaves the California coastline in ruins and reduces the beaches to a state of chaos, a group of neo-Nazis led by Adolf (Brenner), the self-proclaimed "Führer of the new beach," takes advantage of the resulting chaos by fighting off several rival surfer gangs to seize control of the sand. Meanwhile, an African American oil well worker named Leroy is killed by the Surf Nazis while jogging on the beach. Leroy's mother, "Mama" Washington (Neely), devastated by the loss of her son, vows revenge. After arming herself with a handgun and grenades, she breaks out of her retirement home and exacts vengeance on the Surf Nazis. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: New wave intro by Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment and creator of "The Toxic Avenger!"; exclusive interview with director Peter George; "Hang 10 on Set!" interview with producer Robin Tinnell; deleted scenes; "The Projection Booth Podcast" (featuring special guest, Peter George); "Scenes From the Tromaville Café!"; "The Soul of Troma." (Troma Films).

Summer of Soul

(2021) In his acclaimed debut as a filmmaker, Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson presents a powerful and transporting documentary — part music film, part historical record — created around an epic event that celebrated Black history, culture and fashion. Over the course of six weeks in the summer of 1969, just one hundred miles south of Woodstock, The Harlem Cultural Festival was filmed in Mount Morris Park (now Marcus Garvey Park). The footage was largely forgotten — until now. The feature includes concert performances by Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Sly & the Family Stone, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Mahalia Jackson, B.B. King, The 5th Dimension and more. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. Extras: (Fox).
photo for A Walk In The Sun: The Definitive Restoration

A Walk In The Sun: The Definitive Restoration

(1945) Lewis Milestone, Academy Award Best Director winner for "All Quiet on the Western Front" (1930) directs this compelling drama of American soldiers in combat during the Allied invasion of Italy in September 1943. Dana Andrews, Richard Conte, John Ireland, Lloyd Bridges, and Norman Lloyd head a stellar ensemble cast comprising the lead platoon of Texas Division of the U.S. Fifth Army. This eclectic group of citizen-soldiers are thrust into a life-or-death mission to blow up an enemy bridge while attempting to capture a strategic farmhouse heavily garrisoned by German troops. The dilemma of the common soldier trudging to an unknown fate under a blazing Italian sun is captured by the different thoughts and personalities of a disparate group of men under arduous stress. Who will rise to the occasion or crumble under pressure? Robert Rossen's literate script dramatizes the narrative from the perspective of the infantryman whose mundane routine of service-related ennui is interspersed with heart-pulsing action amid the ever-present specter of sudden death. Once seen, it is never to be forgotten. The superb camera work by six-time Academy Award nominee Russell Harlan is supported by the titular ballad written by Millard Lampell and Earl Robinson and performed by renowned African-American operatic singer Kenneth Spencer. "A Walk in the Sun" was named as one of the year's top films by the National Board of Review, was nominated for Best Film by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and was added to the National Film Registry in 2016 for its cultural, historical and aesthetic significance. Once seen, it is never to be forgotten. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: 4K Master from the UCLA Film & Television Archive’s 35mm photochemical restoration, commentary by Alan K. Rode, "Zanuck Goes to War: The WWII Films of Fox," "Living History: Norman Lloyd on Saboteur and A Walk in the Sun" (2014), "The Battle of San Pietro" un-cut version from the Academy Film Archive preservation negative; WWII Fox Movietone Newsreels, theatrical trailer. (Kit Parkr Films/MVD Visual).

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February 15

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn

(2021 -- Romania) Katia Pascariu, Claudia Ieremia, Olimpia Malai, Nicodim Ungureanu, Alexandru Potocean. Emi (Pascariu), a high school teacher, finds her career and reputation under threat after a personal sex tape she filmed with her husband is leaked on the internet. Forced to meet the parents demanding her dismissal at an emergency community meeting, Emi refuses to surrender to their pressure. The Romanian pandemic-era satire widens its focus from the bustling streets of Bucharest, where Emi navigates countless slice-of-life mini-dramas and judging eyes, to a jarring essay-like montage recounting Romania’s complicated history. Director Radu Jude delivers an incendiary mix of unconventional form, irreverent humor, and scathing commentary on hypocrisy and prejudice in society. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Magnolia Home Entertainment). Read more here


photo for Eternals (2021) Marvel adventure follows a group of ancient heroes from beyond the stars who had protected Earth since the dawn of man. When monstrous creatures called Deviants, long thought lost to history, mysteriously return, the Eternals are forced to reunite in order to defend humanity once again. Vitals: Director: Chloe´ Zhao. Stars: Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, Kit Harington. 2021, CC, MPAA rating: PG-13, 157 min., Action, North American box office gross: $163.613 million, worldwide $399.794 million, Disney. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Code, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo + Digital Code, VOD, Digital. Extras: Commentary by Chloé Zhao, Stephane Ceretti, Mårten Larsson; "Immortalized" behind-the-scenes documentary; "Walks of Life" cast featurette; gag reel; deleted scenes. Read more here 3 stars

Heels: The Complete First Season

(2021) Two-disc set with all eight episodes. There are two sides to the pro wrestling character coin: “faces” and “heels” — heroes vs villains. “Heels” is a story about the men and women who chase their dreams in the world of small town pro wrestling. Set in a close-knit Georgia community, it follows a family-owned wrestling promotion as two brothers and rivals, Jack Spade (Stephen Amell) and Ace Space (Alexander Ludwig), war over their late father’s legacy. In the ring, someone must play the good guy (Ludwig) and someone must play their nemesis, the heel (Amell). But in the real world, those characters can be hard to live up to — or hard to leave behind. Formats: DVD. (Lionsgate).


(2021) Documentary brings to life the legendary cookbook author and television superstar who changed the way Americans think about food, television, and even about women. Using never-before-seen archival footage, personal photos, first-person narratives, and cutting-edge, food cinematography, the film traces Julia Child's 12 year struggle to create and publish the revolutionary "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" (1961). which has sold more than 2.5 million copies to date, and her rapid ascent to become the country's most unlikely television star. It's the empowering story of a woman who found her purpose – and her fame – at 50, and took America along on the whole delicious journey. Formats: DVD. (Sony). Read more here

Legacies: Season Three

(2021) Three-disc set with all 20 episodes. Set in The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, "Legacies" tells the story of a new generation of supernatural students as they learn what it means to be special in a world that wouldn’t understand their gifts. In season two, Hope Mikaelson reunited with her former Headmaster, Alaric Saltzman. Working together, Hope and Dr. Saltzman ultimately rejoined The Salvatore School to lead their Super Squad of powerful vampires, witches and werewolves into battle against a dizzying horde of fantastic and deadly monsters. As season three begins, Hope has risked everything to pull her friends back from the brink of a monstrous prophecy that threatened to doom them all. But when a heartbreaking loss shatters her whole world, Hope will be forced to fight fate itself. Formats: DVD. (Warner Archive).
photo for Liar's Moon BLU-RAY DEBUT


(1982) Matt Dillon, Cindy Fisher, Hoyt Axton, Yvonne DeCarlo, Susan Tyrrell, Richard Moll, Broderick Crawford. Dillon stars in this tender tale of love’s first promise… and its enduring strength. Dillon plays Jack Duncan, an athletic, hardworking boy from the small town of Noble, Texas. Jack is happy just enjoying himself with the local boys, until he meets Ginny Peterson (Fisher), the town’s wealthiest young lady. Despite their obviously different backgrounds, Jack and Ginny fall desperately in love. Even though their parents have forbidden them to meet, Jack and Ginny sneak out, and finally elope, hoping to find happiness far from their hometown. But theirs is a love that falls prey to the sins of their elders - as the intrigue of two families reaches out an angry hand to its innocent victim in this touching, tragic story of youth, love and hope. Released theatrically by Crown International Pictures and originally on home video by Vestron Video, the film has been unavailable for decades. (MVD Rewind).
photo for Love Affair

Love Affair

(1939) Golden-age Hollywood’s humanist master Leo McCarey brings his graceful touch and relaxed naturalism to this sublime romance, one of cinema’s most intoxicating tear-wringers. Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer are chic strangers who meet and fall in love aboard an ocean liner bound for New York. Though they are both involved with other people, they make a pact to reconnect six months later at the top of the Empire State Building -- until the hand of fate throws their star-crossed affair tragically off course. Swooning passion and gentle comedy coexist in perfect harmony in the exquisitely tender film (nominated for six Oscars), a story so timeless that it has been remade by multiple filmmakers over the years -- including McCarey himself, who updated it as the equally beloved "An Affair to Remember." Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, with new 4K digital restoration by The Museum of Modern Art and Lobster Films, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Extras: New interview with film critic Farran Smith Nehme about the movie’s complicated production history; new interview with Serge Bromberg, founder of Lobster Films, about the restoration; two radio adaptations, featuring Irene Dunne, William Powell, and Charles Boyer; two shorts directed by Leo McCarey, both starring silent comedian Charley Chase: "Looking for Sally" (1925) and "Mighty Like a Moose" (1926); an essay by author Megan McGurk. (The Criterion Collection).
photo for Seobok: Project Clone

Seobok: Project Clone

(2021 South Korea) Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, JO Woo Jin. A former special agent is called in for a secret mission: safely escort the world’s first human clone, whose body may hold the key to defeating death itself. But as the enemy closes in, the pair is forced to make an impossible choice. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. (Well Go USA).


(2021) Sofia Boutella, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Brooklynn Prince, Jonny Lee Miller, Nell Tiger Free. Mankind's earliest settlers on the Martian frontier, llsa (Boutella) and Reza (Miller) inhabit a desolate farmstead with their child Remmy. They work the land and shield their daughter from the dangers of the harsh surroundings. When hostile intruders threaten to expel them from the compound the family is forced to fight to survive in this science-fiction thrill ride. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: " Becoming Settlers" featurette. (RLJE Films).
photo for

They Say Nothing Stays the Same

(2019 -- Japan) In the debut directorial feature by actor Joe Odagiri, "They Say Nothing Stays the Same" follows an old ferryman in a remote Meiji-era community. His life is a peaceful, cyclical existence, given meaning by the essential role he plays in transporting people, livestock and goods across the water, connecting villages and lives. When news arrives that a bridge is being built, it's clear that his services will no longer be needed. Meanwhile, his life will be equally transformed by the appearance of a mysterious young woman whom he saves from drowning. Shot by star cinematographer Christopher Doyle and featuring an array of cameos from Japan's top stars, "They Say Nothing Stays the Same" is a refreshingly old-fashioned work of classical cinema, its formal qualities mirroring its thematic concern with those fondly remembered traditions sacrificed in the name of progress. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Film Movement).

The Three Musketeers BLU-RAY DEBUT

(1948) Gene Kelly stars as the swashbuckling young French nobleman D'Artagnan who, possessing nothing more than his title, travels to Paris to join The Three Musketeers. D'Artagnan no sooner arrives in the capital, than he insults Athos (Van Heflin), Porthos (Gig Young) and Aramis (Robert Coote), the most feared of the musketeers. Challenged to a duel by each, D'Artagnan earns their respect with his courage, if not by his fighting prowess. But his courage, skill and wit are quickly needed to help the musketeers thwart a plot by the powerful Prime Minister Richelieu (Vincent Price) to overthrow King Louis XIII (Frank Morgan), save Queen Anne (Angela Lansbury) and win the heart of Lady de Winter (Lana Turner). This all-star frolic was a boxoffice hit as MGM and director George Sidney pulled out the stops to bring together its finest talents, and now it's been restored and remastered for its Blu-ray debut. Extras: Vintage “FitzPatrick Traveltalks” short: “Looking at London”; vintage Tex Avery cartoon “What Price Fleadom”; vintage MGM radio promo with Lana Turner; original theatrical trailer. (Warner Archive).


(2021) George MacKay, Lily-Rose Depp, Paddy Considine, Terry Notary. Jacob, a man who believes he is a wolf trapped in a human body, is sent to a clinic by his family where he is forced to undergo increasingly extreme forms of "curative" therapies at the hands of The Zookeeper. Jacob's only solace is the enigmatic wildcat with whom he roams the hospital in the dead of night. The two form an improbable friendship that develops into infatuation. Formats: DVD. (Universal).

Zombae (aka ZBurbs)

(2017) Ian Alda, Marieh Delfino, Gina Hecht, Gabe Greenspan, Clint Carmichael. When a suburban housewife discovers that her husband has become a zombie with an appetite for human flesh, she must decide whether to stay in the marriage or wade into the dating pool. As she dips her toe in, she soon finds that the men out there are even worse than her zombie husband. With a little help from her best friend, she decides to make it work - no matter what. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Indican Pictures).

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T-Shirts for Adults and Kids (Totes, Cups Too)

February 22

photo for Alligator (Collector's Edition)

Alligator (Collector's Edition)

(1980) Robert Forster, Robin Riker, Michael V. Gazzo, Dean Jagger, Henry Silva. It lives 50 feet beneath the city. It’s 36 feet long. It weighs 2,000 pounds… and it’s about to break out. From director Lewis Teague ("Cujo," "Cat’s Eye") and screenwriter John Sayles ("Piranha," "The Howling") comes an unstoppable thriller with bite. After returning from their Florida vacation, the Kendal family decides their pet baby alligator is too much to take care of and they flush him down the toilet. At the same time, Slade Laboratories is conducting secret experiments with animals and disposing of them in the sewer. The baby alligator, fending for itself, must feed on anything it can … including the dead animals. Now, 12 years later, when several murders happen in the city of Chicago, David Madison (Forster) is put on the case to find out who … or what … is killing people. New 4K scan from the original camera negative. Three-disc set with both the theatrical and TV versions. Formats: 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo. Extras: Audio commentary with director Lewis Teague and actor Robert Forster; featurettes; interviews; trailers; advertising art gallery; still gallery (movie stills, movie posters, lobby cards, and behind-the-scenes photos); additional scenes from the TV version; more. (Scream Factory).
photo for American Underdog

American Underdog

(2021) Zachary Levi, Anna Paquin, Dennis Quaid, Adam Baldwin, Bruce McGill, Ser'Darius Blain. The story of NFL MVP and Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, who went from stocking shelves at a supermarket to becoming an American Football star. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray + Digital Code, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo + Digital Code, VOD, Digital. Extras: Audio commentary with directors Andrew and Jon Erwin, and producer Kevin Downes; “Inspired” featurette; “Making the Cut” featurette; "New to the Scene: Hayden Zaller" featurette; "Meet the Champion" featurette; "Behind the Game" featurette; "American Underdog: Behind the Story" featurette; deleted scenes. Blu-ray adds "A Coach's Faith" featurette, trailer. (Lionsgate). Read more here

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1

(2020-21) Six-disc set with 10 episodes. After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed, young Eren Jaeger vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Formats: Blu-ray/DVD Combo. Extras: Behind-the-scenes footage, promos. (Funimation).

Boat People

(1982 -- Hong Kong) One of the preeminent works of the Hong Kong New Wave, "Boat People" is a shattering look at the circumstances that drove hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees to flee their homeland in the wake of the Vietnam War, told through images of haunting, unforgettable power. Three years after the Communist takeover, a Japanese photojournalist (George Lam) travels to Vietnam to document the country’s seemingly triumphant rebirth. When photo for Boat People he befriends a teenage girl (Season Ma) and her destitute family, however, he begins to discover what the government doesn’t want him to see: the brutal, often shocking reality of life in a country where political repression and poverty have forced many to resort to desperate measures in order to survive. Transcending polemic, renowned director Ann Hui takes a deeply humanistic approach to a harrowing and urgent subject with searing contemporary resonance. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, with a new, restored 4K digital transfer, approved by director Ann Hui, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Extras: New conversation between Hui and filmmaker Stanley Kwan, who was the movie’s assistant director; "Keep Rolling," a 2020 documentary about Hui made by Man Lim-chung, Hui’s longtime production designer and art director; "As Time Goes By," a 1997 documentary and self-portrait by Hui, produced by Peggy Chiao; press conference from the 1983 Cannes International Film Festival; trailer; essays by film critic Justin Chang and scholar Vinh Nguyen. (The Criterion Collection).
photo for Dancing Pirate

Dancing Pirate

(1936) Charles Collins stars as a dance teacher from Boston who is tricked into joining a band of pirates, leading him to be fitted for a noose in California. Compared to “Douglas Fairbanks in his most acrobatic days,” Collins catches a break when the mayor’s daughter (Steffi Duna) demands the hanging be postponed until he teaches her to waltz. "Dancing Pirate" earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Dance Direction and was billed as “the first dancing musical in 100% new Technicolor.” The film features many familiar faces from Hollywood’s Golden Age, including Frank Morgan as the mayor and Rita Hayworth in an early performance as a specialty dancer. This special edition release features a dazzling new restoration from rare, original, 35mm archival material, with a brand new 4K scan. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. Extras: Audio commentary and original insert essay from author Jennifer Churchill; "Glorious Pioneers: The Birth of Technicolor," an interview with author/historian, David Pierce; "Ambushed by Mediocrity": Remembering the "Dancing Pirate," an interview with film producer/historian, Michael Schlesinger. (The Film Detective/Cinedigm).
photo for Deadly Games

Deadly Games

(1982) Steve Railsback (famed for his unhinged performance as Charles Manson in 1976's TV mini-series "Helter Skelter") is at his sinister best as a troubled Vietnam Vet in 1982's "Deadly Games" - a tale of madness, murder and adultery from writer-director Scott Mansfied. A masked maniac with a penchant for a horror-themed board game is playing his own twisted game with the women of a small American town. Each time the dice is rolled, another victim meets a grisly end. Returning home to mourn the death of her murdered sister, Keegan (Jo Ann Harris) befriends local cop Roger and oddball cinema projectionist Billy (Railsback) - but soon finds herself in the killer's sights. Originally entitled "Who Fell Asleep," "Deadly Games" is an intriguing early '80s slasher oddity which benefits from focusing as much on the development of its female-led cast as it does on its scenes of stalking and slashing. Available for the first time ever on disc, Arrow Video presents this long-overlooked creepy gem in a brand new restoration from the recently-unearthed camera negative. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Brand new audio commentary with The Hysteria Continues; "Sooty’s a Sh*t" new interview with actor Jere Rae-Mansfield; "Practical Magic" new interview with special effects and stunt co-ordinator John Eggett; extensive image gallery featuring never-before-seen production photos and promotional material; original trailer; original screenplay under the title "Who Fell Asleep" [BD-ROM content] reversible sleeve featuring original and newly-commissioned artwork by Ralf Krause; FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Fully-illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing by film historian-author Amanda Reyes (Arrow Video). Read more here

Delta Space Mission

(1984 -- Romania) Best described as an early 80s Eastern European space-prog album high on sugary breakfast cereal, Heavy Metal magazine, Hanna-Barbera cartoons and 8-bit arcade games like Galaxian and Asteroids -- all of these elements will give you some idea of the otherworldly weirdness of this Romanian animated sci-fi film. In the year 3084, Alma, a Modigliani-esque alien journalist with blue-green skin, boards a state-of-the-art spacecraft named Delta whose highly advanced computer brain develops a mad teenage crush on her with disastrous results. An incredibly strange and strangely beautiful work of galactic eye candy, the film defies all rules of perspective and logic, like M.C. Escher and Moebius teaming up on a Romanian Saturday morning cartoon. New 4K restoration from the original 35mm picture and sound elements by the Arhiva Nationala de Filme - Cinemateca Romana / National Film Archive - Romanian Cinematheque and the Centrul National al Cinematografiei / Romanian Film Centre (CNC). Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo, VOD, Digital. Extras: New interview with co-director Calin Cazan, an essay by acclaimed comic book artist and film historian Stephen R. Bissette, two rare episodes from the "Delta Space Mission" short film series. (Deaf Crocodile Film). Read more here

Edge of Darkness BLU-RAY DEBUT

(1943) In 1930, director Lewis Milestone won an Academy Award for his eloquent anti-war masterpiece, "All Quiet on the Western Front." But with "Edge of Darkness," made in 1943 during the dark days of the German blitzkrieg, Milestone displays no such pacifist sentiments. Indeed, this remarkable drama, set in a small Norwegian village, pays tribute to the heroic spirit of common people taking up arms against the Nazi invaders. Errol Flynn delivers a fine, understated performance as a common fisherman who leads the town’s resistance efforts, while Ann Sheridan’s strong character reflects the strength of all womankind. And featured in the superb ensemble cast are Walter Huston, Ruth Gordon, and Judith Anderson. Extras: Vintage WB short “Gun to Gun”; vintage WB cartoon “To Duck or Not To Duck”; original theatrical trailer. (Warner Archive).


(2021) Andrea Zirio, Ortensia Fioravanti, Fabio Tarditi, Daniel McVicar. Father Abraham was ready to save the world from an evil menace using exorcism -- until tragedy struck. Years later, he lives on a remote farm with his daughter, haunted by the faces of those he saved and those he could not. After finding a pale humanoid creature lurking in the woods one night, he shoots and cremates the monster. But all too soon he discovers that the beast was not alone, and that his troubles have only just begun. Formats: DVD. (Lionsgate).

Give or Take

(2020) Norbert Leo Butz, Jamie Effros, Joanne Tucker, Cheri Oteri. When a disillusioned New Yorker's father dies, he goes home to Cape Cod and prepares the house for sale while sharing it with his father's temperamental live-in boyfriend. Grieving, they circle each other, butt heads, and negotiate how to remember the man they both loved, and the significance of what he left behind. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Breaking Glass Pictures).

Golden Voices

(2019 -- Israel) Maria Belkin, Vladimir Friedman. Raya and Victor built a shared career as the Soviet Union’s most beloved film dubbers, translating the work of Federico Fellini and Stanley Kubrick into Russian over the decades. With the collapse of the USSR in 1990, the Jewish couple immigrates to Israel, but find that opportunities for first-rate vocal performances are few and far between. Raya answers a help wanted ad searching for women with “pleasant voices” and finds herself catering to a lonely Russian community as a phone-sex operator, while Victor falls in with a band of black market film pirates from the VHS underground. A charming comedy about disrupting old dynamics, starting anew, and rediscovering yourself in the most unexpected places. (Music Box Films). Read more here

Hard Hit

(2022 -- South Korea) VIP bank manager Sung-Gyu drives his daughter and son to school one morning. Along the way, a phone rings from the glove-box. It’s an anonymous caller claiming there’s a bomb under Sung-gyu’s seat and if anyone exits the car, it will explode unless Sung-gyu can pay a ransom. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. (Capelight Pictures). Read more here

House of Gucci

photo for House of Gucci (2021)Inspired by the shocking true story of the family behind the Italian fashion empire. When Patrizia Reggiani, (Lady Gaga), an outsider from humble beginnings, marries into the Gucci family, her unbridled ambition begins to unravel the family legacy and triggers a reckless spiral of betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ultimately…murder. Vitals: Director: Ridley Scott. Stars: Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino, Lady Gaga, Jeremy Irons, Madalina Ghenea, Jack Huston, Salma Hayek. 2021, CC, MPAA rating: R, 157 min., Drama, US box office gross: $50.129 million, worldwide $127.583 million, MGM/Universal. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Code, VOD, Digital. Extras: "The Rise of the House of Gucci: Making Of," "The Lady of the House," "Styling House of Gucci." Read more here 3 stars

The King's Man

(2021) Set during WWI, this prequel tells the exhilarating origin story of Kingsman, the world’s very first independent intelligence agency. As a collection of history’s worst photo for The King's Mantyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions across the globe, one man must race against time to stop them. Vitals: Director: Matthew Vaughn. Stars: Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Matthew Goode, Tom Hollander, Harris Dickinson, Daniel Brühl, Djimon Hounsou, Charles Dance. 2021, CC, MPAA rating: R, 131 min., Action, North American box office gross: $31.514, million, worldwide $105.403 million, Disney. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo + Digital, VOD, Digital. Extras: "The King's Man: The Great Game Begins" six-part documentary; "No Man's Land" featurette that explores the creative process behind the harrowing knife battle sequence in several stages: rehearsals, storyboards, interviews and on-set footage, culminating with the atmospheric VFX; "Remembrance and Finding Purpose" featurette on the amazing organizations The Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes, two U.K.-based resources for recovery, well-being and employment for military veterans. Read more here 3 stars
photo for Lies and Deceit: Five Films By Claude Chabrol

Lies and Deceit: Five Films By Claude Chabrol

Too often overlooked and undervalued, Claude Chabrol was the first of the Cahiers du Cinema critics to release a feature film and would be among the most prolific. The sneaky anarchist of the French New Wave, he embraced genre as a means off lifting the lid on human nature. Nothing is sacred and nothing is certain in the films of Claude Chabrol. Anything can be corrupted, and usually will be. Featuring "Cop Au Vin (Poulet au vinaigre)" (1985), "Inspector Lavardin" (1986), "Madame Bovary" (1991), "Betty" (1992) and "Torment (L'enfer)" (1994) this inaugural five-disc collection of Claude Chabrol on Blu-ray brings together a wealth of passionate contributors and archival extras to shed fresh light on the films and the filmmaker. Dark, witty, ruthless, mischievous: if you've never seen Chabrol before, you're in for a treat. If you have, they've never looked better. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: Introductions, commentaries, interviews, featurette. (Arrow Video). Read more here

The Midnight Swim

(2014) Aleksa Palladino, Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Lafleur, Ross Patridge. Spirit Lake is unusually deep. No diver has ever managed to find the bottom, though many have tried. When Dr. Amelia Brooks disappears during a deep-water dive, her three daughters travel home to settle her affairs. They find themselves unable to let go of their mother and become drawn into the mysteries of the lake. Formats: Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. Extras: Commentary with Sarah Adina Smith, Aleksa Palladino, Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Lafleur, and Ross Patridge; Sarah Adina Smith’s 2009 short "The Sirens"; Sarah Adina Smith’s 2007 never-before-seen short "The Phoenix and the Turtle"; "The Three Sisters; A Look Back at the Midnight Swim" with Sarah Adina Smith featurette; limited edition booklet featuring: Never before seen "The Midnight Swim" artwork drawn by Sarah Adina Smith, essay from film critic Justine Smith, essay from culture writer Nicole Cliffe; reversible cover art and slipcover by Aleksander Walijewski; theatrical trailer. (Yellow Veil Pictures). Read more here


(2021) Cameron Monaghan, Frank Grillo, Lilly Krug, Sasha Luss, John Malkovich. After lonely tech millionaire Chris (Monaghan) encounters charming, sexy Sky (Krug), passion grows between them — and when he's injured, she quickly steps in as his nurse. But Sky's odd behavior makes Chris suspect that she has more sinister intentions, especially when Sky's roommate is found dead from mysterious causes. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray. (Lionsgate).

The 355

photo for The 355 (2022) When a top-secret weapon falls into mercenary hands, wild-card CIA agent Mason “Mace” Brown (Jessica Chastain) joins forces with rival German agent Marie (Diane Kruger), former MI6 ally and cutting-edge computer specialist Khadijah (Lupita Nyong’o), and skilled Colombian psychologist Graciela (Penélope Cruz) on a lethal mission to retrieve it. The unlikely team must also stay one step ahead of a mysterious woman, Lin Mi Sheng (Bingbing Fan), who is tracking their every move as the action rockets across the globe. Vitals: Director: Simon Kinberg. Stars: Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Binbing Fan, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, Édgar Ramirez, Sebastian Stan. 2021, CC, MPAA rating: PG-13, 122 min., Action Thriller, North American box office gross: $14.5 million, worldwide $28.6 million, Universal. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Digital. Extras: Deleted scenes; "Chasing Through Paris" behind-the-scenes featurette on the first day of shooting and how the choreographed chase sequence through the Parisian arcade set the tone for the entire production; "Action That Hurts" behind-the-scenes look at the stunts featured in the film’s centerpiece action sequence; "Reconstructing Marrakesh" Moroccan set featurette; "Chaos at the City of Dreams" in which the cast and filmmakers deconstruct the film’s final set piece; VFX breakdowns. Read more here 2 stars

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All listings are based on information from the home video studios. Some release dates may change and titles may come out after a specified date (with no announcement from the studio). Additionally, some titles may be released with little or no advance announcement. And since all DVDs are priced at sell-through and are available for substantial discounts at both online and brick-and-mortar stores, we only list suggested retail prices for some special editions, box sets and collections.

All DVDs are screened on a reference system consisting of a Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player w/SACD & DVD-Audio, a Rotel RSX-972 Surround Sound Receiver, and Phase Technology 1.1 (front), 33.1 (center), and 50 (rear) speakers and Power 10 subwoofer.

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