‘Black Magic for White Boys’ Conjures Up Trouble on Digital, VOD July 3

Film Synopsis: Larry is an aging performer who desperately wants to save his struggling New York City theater. Oscar is an immature yuppie who accidentally gets his new girlfriend pregnant. Oscar’s best friend Jamie is a real estate developer, who unsuccessfully tries to raise the rent on his obstinate tenants. What they all need is some magic to fix their predicaments. Luckily, Larry has access to real magic spells, and he is no longer afraid to use them…

From the director of Catfight, Onur Tukel’s Black Magic for White Boys is as madcap as it is
touching, as moving as it is uproarious, and as hilarious as it is provocative.


Written and Directed by: Onur Tukel
Country: USA
Language: English/French
Genre: Comedy, Independent
Distributor: MPI Media Group
Produced by: Gigi Graff, Onur Tukel
Cast: Ronald Guttman (The Hunt for Red October), Onur Tukel (Catfight, Applesauce), Lou Jay Taylor, Charlie LaRose (7 Chinese Brothers), Eva Dorrepaal (Catfight),
Leah Shore, Brendan Miller (TNT’s Animal Kingdom), Brian W. Smith (Shwabby Run)
Run Time: 105:21

“Another satisfying idiosyncratic chapter in a singular career that carries forward a trail previously blazed by the likes of Woody Allen, Henry Jaglom and Amerindie types from to Alexandre Rockwell to Joe Swanberg.” – VARIETY
Very relevant and extremely worth your time.” – FILM THREAT
Will appeal to all with its delightfully disturbing take on very present concerns.” – DIS-MEMBER
The humor is witty, often dark, often biting, and very controversial.” – DESTROY THE BRAIN
Performances across the board are nuanced and raw, funny and wild, in your face and effed up.”
“A sharp, emotionally cutting and very funny film.” – THE BLUE LENSES

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