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Arrow Video Announces June Releases

New from Arrow Video US
Mute Witness [Limited Edition]
American Gigolo [Limited Edition]
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Arrow Video Announces June Releases
Arrow Video Announces June Releases
Arrow Video Announces June Releases
Arrow Video Announces June Releases
Arrow’s June Slate Sets the Stage for a Sizzling Summer with
Sir Alec Guinness’ Final Thriller & Richard Gere’s 80’s
Sexy, Star-Making Role
Mute Witness and American Gigolo Newly Restored on 4K UHD!
On June 11th, director Anthony Waller’s cult horror classic Mute Witness arrives in both 4K UHD and Blu-ray Limited Edition sets featuring a 4K restoration approved by Waller himself (An American Werewolf in Paris). The plot revolves around a mute make-up artist named Billy Hughes, who is in Russia working on a low-budget slasher film. Working late one night in the studio, Billy wanders onto an adult film set and witnesses a murder. She goes on the run but quickly realizes that there is nowhere to turn as friends and family cannot protect her against the Russian mob, corrupt police officers, and the KGB. Waller’s audacious thriller is a stylish ode to the work of Hitchcock featuring Sir Alec Guinness (Star Wars) in his final role.

The 4K UHD and Blu-ray editions feature two audio commentaries, two visual essays, archival interviews, original scouting footage, original footage with Alec Guinness, trailers, and an image gallery.

On June 18th, Paul Schrader’s stylish neo-noir crime drama American Gigolo makes its debut on 4K UHD and Blu-ray in Limited Edition sets featuring a brand new 4K remaster from the original negative. Julian (a mesmerizing Richard Gere, in his breakthrough performance), a high-priced male escort, has the perfect car, the perfect wardrobe, the perfect house, and the perfect life. He desires the same lifestyle that his elite clients enjoy, but that desire turns to jealousy and one of his clients ends up dead. The drama builds as Julian realizes he’s being framed for the murder and races to prove his innocence.

American Gigolo was shot by John Bailey (In the Line of Fire, The Big Chill), and features music by Golden Globe nominee for Best Original Score, Giorgio Moroder, who co-wrote “Call Me,” the film’s signature theme song by Blondie. The costuming by Giorgio Armani defined the era of disco and 80s extravagance and is widely credited for establishing the designer’s brand in North America. Featuring performances by Lauren Hutton, Bill Duke, and Héctor Elizondo.

The 4K UHD and Blu-ray editions feature an audio commentary, seven brand new interviews with cast and crew, original trailer, and more.
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