‘Adrift in Soho’ Lands on Digital, VOD on June 2

Filmed on location, veteran filmmaker Pablo Behrens crafts a fascinating story through the eyes of a Bolex camera, a typewriter and some local lifers, of youth coming to terms with the world in freewheeling London, circa 1958 – capturing a slice in the ‘beat’ generation that gave way to the turbulent 60s.  ADRIFT IN SOHO releases on Digital and VOD worldwide, beginning June 2, from Random Media

SOHO, 1950s.

Music, dreams, realities and desires to change the world.

A philosopher with a typewriter meets a group of filmmakers with a Bolex camera and together they begin a new era.

It was in Soho in the 1950s where the seeds of the 1960s were sown. Where the morals and lifestyles that would change the world were first put into practice. On the quiet.

ADRIFT IN SOHO takes an uncompromising look at what really happened in the decade where it all began.

ADRIFT IN SOHO is based on the novel of the same name published in 1961 by Colin Wilson (hortly after his more recognized work, the philosophical treatise ‘The Outsider’) as a first-hand account of the period. Of course, the author didn’t know what was to come: a worldwide social revolution.

Harry Preston (Owen Drake), a young writer from the provinces, arrives at a surreal neighbourhood in London inhabited by unconventional characters loitering with intent.

As he dissects and analyses an unusual world that seems divorced from the rest of the city, he becomes Soho’s resident philosopher of sorts.

In the pubs, cafes and dark foggy streets of the area Harry meets some of the locals. Among them, is actor James Compton-Street (Chris Wellington) with whom he strikes a friendship.

Through the philosophical eyes of Harry Preston and the camera lens of a Bolex the audience discovers the Soho milieu that changed everything.


Adrift in Soho
Logline: London’s Soho district, the Fifties. Through the eyes of a Bolex camera, a typewriter and some local lifers a group of friends set out to produce a revolution. Will they succeed? You bet.
Running Time: 108 Minutes
Rating: N/R
Writer/Director: Pablo Behrens
Produder: Owen Drake and Pablo Behrens
Starring: Owen Drake, Chris Wellington, Caitlin Harris, Lauren Harris and Emily Seale-Jones
Release Platforms include: Amazon, iTunes and ROKU 


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